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Netflix is your go-to TV app. You couldn’t handle the commute without Spotify. Let your gym membership lapse — never! And thank goodness for that Prime account.

Each month you subscribe to dozens of products…why not become a subscriber at Trinity-Pawling and help the School every single day of the year?

It’s easy. A few quick clicks, mark your gift as monthly, and you’re done — you can even do it on your phone.
It’s green. Determine the gift amount that fits your budget. Once it is in place, you won’t receive regular solicitations — we promise!
It’s “good on you!” Your consistent investment, no matter the size, provides ongoing support for the entire Trinity-Pawling community.

Now that’s a subscription you can feel great about!

Better yet, your monthly donation automatically qualifies you for membership in the Sundial Society, our loyalty giving recognition program.

Visit our giving page today and be sure to click the “Monthly” tab.
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