Trinity-Pawling Headmaster Bill Taylor

The last stanza of the wonderful hymn, Come Labor On reads:

Come Labor on. No time for rest, till glows the western sky, Till the long shadows oe’r our pathway lie, and a glad sound comes With the setting sun, “Servants, Well Done.”

Indeed, we are all servants to our mission of educating young people. As teachers, we have been “laboring on” since September! As we begin a much appreciated Thanksgiving break, I want to extend my gratitude to my colleagues for their hard work, especially over the past few weeks. Their work is challenging and extremely important. In the life of a school, the fall term can be extremely demanding of time and energy. My colleagues have sacrificed time with family and friends to complete the demands of their many responsibilities. This hard work is greatly appreciated and meaningful to our students and families. Personally, I am grateful to my colleagues and give thanks for their significant work at Trinity-Pawling on behalf of our students.

This week’s setting sun affords us the opportunity to reflect on the meaning and significance of the work of educators. There is tremendous value in the work that they do. Though the days and weeks can be long, the difference that they are making in the lives of young people and this community is a true gift.

Please join me in recognizing their hard work and extending gratitude for the impact that they make each day.

by William W. Taylor