Congratulations to Van Metcalf, who was awarded the 2015 Arditti Fellowship on Saturday, October 24, 2015. This endowed fellowship honors a member of our faculty for “teaching excellence”.

The Arditti Fellowship award was established in 2000 by Edward Arditti ’51 and his son Ted ’94 as a way to honor our teachers for their distinguished work and dedication. Criteria for consideration include outstanding knowledge of one’s field, commitment to our students and the educational program at Trinity-Pawling, and inclusion of new techniques and information in one’s teaching. Members of the faculty nominate the individual who best exemplifies these qualities.

Van Metcalf, Academic Technology Coordinator, has been a member of the Trinity-Pawling faculty since 2004. He is responsible for all the technology needs of the academic building, which includes more than 100 computers, over 20 Smart Boards, a 3D printer, and numerous Apple TV’s, printers, projectors, and the Middle School Chromebook initiative. Van maintains all of this while teaching courses from Applied Tech in the middle school to AP Computer Programming. When Van is not busy teaching his classes, he is sought out by students and faculty to solve their immediate IT problems. Van is a true team-player, always doing his best for the Trinity-Pawling Community.

Over the years, students have gravitated to Van, not only for his vast knowledge, but also because of his compassionate nature and his willingness to help. When students show interest in the IT field, Van stokes the fire. He has been the impetus of several IT careers of Trinity-Pawling alumni. Van has been a great role model for the boys and strives to find connections for students, who may not find a fit with other clubs, through courses and clubs such as Robotics and Computer Repair. Van Metcalf truly represents “teaching excellence” at Trinity-Pawling School.