You’ve lived all over the world. Tell us about that experience.

MC: When I was 5 my family moved to Shanghai for the year and I attended Chinese kindergarten. I wish I spoke Chinese as well now as I did then! Starting in 6th grade my family moved abroad again, living in Paris for a year and Hong Kong for a total of 10 years. Hong Kong was a wonderful place to be a teenager. It’s fun, safe, and incredibly multi-cultural. As an adult, my husband Will and I lived in South India for six years working at an international school there.

How have your experiences helped you in your role as Director of Parent Relations?

MC: I love engaging with people, and learning about the world. It’s inspiring to meet families who are sending their sons sometimes half a world away to attend Trinity-Pawling. Having lived in another country from my family for many years I understand how difficult that can be. I think it gives me an idea of the types of things parents want to know about and how important communication from the School is.

What is it like to raise your family here on campus?

MC: Trinity-Pawling is an amazing place to live with little kids. When we moved here and I wondered what it would be like to raise daughters on campus – a colleague told me how much he valued the fact that his daughter could walk into the dining hall filled with 300 boys and feel confident in herself. Now I know what he means. My husband (Will Taylor ’00) grew up here, with his parents and older brother, so we get to really engage with an important part of who he is. Several of his former teachers are now our colleagues and friends.