BOB LI ’19


Bob Li has been interested in science since his early childhood. Hailing from Beijing, China, Li arrived at Trinity-Pawling after seeking a high school in the U.S. that would challenge him in new ways. Li looked at multiple schools, and decided Trinity-Pawling would afford him the new experiences and style of education that would be most suitable for his learning needs and interest in the sciences.

The Columbia Science Honors Program (SHP) is a highly selective program for high school students who have a strong interest in the sciences and mathematics. The Program was introduced to Li first in chemistry class and again in biology class by his teachers Mr. Gray and Mrs. Keel respectively. Since it fell in line with his interests in science, Li applied to the program and was accepted as the first sophomore from Trinity-Pawling School. “The SHP is a free program, and I completed an entrance exam, which covered all areas in science and math, to become accepted,” Li explains. “Since I was accepted, I am automatically enrolled in the program for the rest of my high school years. I hope that I get to try new classes in my junior and senior years.”

Li travels to Columbia University by train every Saturday for a 2 ½ hour DNA Dynamics course. “In this year’s class, I hope I can learn a general understanding of the different functions and mechanisms of DNA, and also make use of the course to help identify researchers for my science research class at Trinity-Pawling, in which I am looking for researchers on genetics. In the following years, I hope I can get into courses in other areas or an experiment class. This is a chance to gain both knowledge and skills in science.”

Li feels lucky to be able to have the opportunity to participate in this selective program and thinks it will be greatly beneficial to his studies at Trinity-Pawling and college, as well as perhaps lay the foundation for a career in science.