Since graduating from Trinity-Pawling in 2007, Alex Dunn has been busy making waves in the business world. He started and sold his own company, Skyscope, and was recently featured in Worcester Business Journal’s “Top 40 Under 40”. He attributes much of his success to the tenacity he learned while at Trinity-Pawling. “When you start your own business you have to be tenacious,” Dunn says. “To do well at Trinity-Pawling you have to work hard and help others. Those two things are more than half of the puzzle for having a successful company.”

In 2012, he founded his first company. “Skyscope was founded on the belief that technology businesses deserve better video marketing. Our founding team had a lot of passion for tech and video and we thought we could help businesses create polished, edgy, and authentic video for marketing. We bootstrapped the company to a team of ten in a little less than two years.” Last year, Dunn and his co-founders were approached by a national public relations firm to buy Skyscope. “It turned out to be an ideal scenario as it was the perfect exit for our first successful venture,” Dunn says.

Dunn reflects on Skyscope’s success, saying “One of my favorite pieces of advice is that ‘you don’t have to be better, you just have to be different’. Skyscope was not the best video production house, but we had unique style, a defined production process, and a wacky team that customers liked to work with.” He continues, “One thing I learned at Trinity-Pawling was how to interact with and get along with a diverse set of people and cultures, something that has greatly helped in business relations.” What’s next for Dunn? Plans are in the works to relocate to New Orleans this month to begin his next venture.