When Andy Cuello ’08 arrived at Trinity-Pawling in 2005, he immediately embraced the community and found himself involved in many activities. He wrote for the Phoenix, was a lead “prayer guy”, and pitched on the varsity baseball team. “Trinity-Pawling gives boys the chance to broaden their horizons and try new things while meeting all different types of people,” Cuello remarks. “Every single one of your classmates at Trinity-Pawling is a unique and crucial cog in the grand mosaic of your high school experience. That, to me, is the brotherhood of Trinity-Pawling.”

For Cuello, the brotherhood has an even deeper meaning as he was able to share his experience with his younger brother Sam ’10. “It was a blessing to have Sam at the School with me. I was able to watch him grow as my brother, a student, and an athlete for the two years we spent together,” Cuello recalls. “I have fond memories of long bus rides with him, travelling to faraway games in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He and I, still to this day, talk about the spring training trip we took to Disney World.”

After graduating, Cuello enrolled in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, where he finished with a dual degree in Finance and Marketing. He says, “I loved my time at BC, largely because of the Jesuit message upon which the University was built: ‘Men and women for other’ resonated with me, and reinforced many of the principles that were forged at Trinity-Pawling.” Living by these virtues has implored Cuello to give back to his alma mater. “I am compelled to give to Trinity-Pawling because I would not be the person I am today without it, and donating to the Trinity-Pawling Fund is the least that I can do in order to repay the faculty and administration for helping me grow.”