Trinity-Pawling School held its 110th Commencement Exercises on Sunday, May 28, 2017, and celebrated the graduation of 98 students. It was a joyful occasion that highlighted the many gifts and talents of the Class of 2017.

Headmaster William W. Taylor introduced the ceremony. “This is a tremendous class. As a class, they excel in all aspects of school life: academically, artistically, athletically, as leaders, and as citizens. They are a fun class and they are a giving class,” Taylor said of the seniors.

In Taylor’s address to the Class of 2017 he asked the graduates, “How do you want to be remembered when you are not there? What impression do you want people to have of you?”

Taylor continued, “During your years at Trinity-Pawling, you have done big things. But, you have also been asked to do many little things. You have been asked to be honest, to show up on time, to take pride in what you do and who you are, to work hard, to be accountable, to be a brother to your fellow students. This is not rocket science; it’s actually more important than rocket science.

Paying attention to the seemingly little things in life means that the big things will most likely fall into place the way that they should. Paying attention to the seemingly little things in life is the stuff of character and it is the key to success. And, this is a big thing, not a little thing.”

“So, if the School has left you with something, I hope that it is an awareness:

  1. That each of you has their own special gifts and talents.
  2. That the seemingly little things in life are an opportunity to exercise your character each and every day.
  3. That with hard work, a positive attitude, and attention to detail you can accomplish just about anything.
  4. And, that friendship is a gift to be treasured.”

Other speakers included Ryan Winn who delivered the Valedictory Address, and Jack Makris who spoke as Head Prefect. The Commencement Speaker was President of Olstein Capital Management, L.P. and Trinity-Pawling Trustee Erik K. Olstein ’86, Parent ’11, ’14, ’17, whose message focused on leadership, community, and effort – the cornerstones of a Trinity-Pawling education.

“Strong, ethical decision making is the key to a successful, well-lived life and it is, I believe, one of the foundations of education here at Trinity-Pawling. It takes but only one individual to stand up for what is right, leading by example, giving back to their community and giving all their effort for a cause, in order to effect change,” Olstein said.

The diplomas were presented by Board President Elizabeth Peale Allen.

We congratulate the Class of 2017 and know that each of them will go on to do great things.



DIPLOMAS AWARDED MAGNA CUM LAUDE  Matthew Gaston Galarza, William Francis Estony, and Kenneth C. McDougal

DIPLOMAS AWARDED CUM LAUDE  Zhou Sun, Yijin Wang, Hitoshi Matsukage, Jeremy Alexander Wilson, and Hunter Brennan Olstein

Dunbar Award for Service

The Dunbar Award for Service is given each year by Bill and Helene Dunbar who spent more than 30 years at Trinity-Pawling as Assistant Headmaster and librarian respectively. Not long after their retirement in 1978, the Dunbar Award for Service was created to honor their service to the School and to recognize those members of the community, be it a student, a faculty member, a spouse, a staff member, or a friend who served the School with the same steadfast devotion.  Louis Sam Inghilterra

Headmaster’s Award for Excellence  Jonathan Isaiah Girard

Tennant Drama Award

The Tennant Drama Award is donated each year by Mrs. John S. Tennant whose sons graduated in 1950 and 1954. Four of her grandsons are also Trinity-Pawling graduates.  Ira Daniel Conklin IV and Hunter Brennan Olstein

Norwood L. Pinder Prize in Journalism

The Norwood L. Pinder Prize for Excellence in Journalism was established in 2006 to recognize at Commencement the outstanding contributions of a student to the journalistic enterprise on campus. Named after the first editor of The Phoenix in 1908, the original literary journal and yearbook of the Pawling School, this prize honors Pinder’s legacy of giving voice to the life of the School.  Hunter Brennan Olstein

Gatchell Sportsmanship Award

The Creighton E. Gatchell Sportsmanship Award, donated in memory of Creighton, class of 1961, by his brother Bill, a member of the class of 1963, is given to a member of the senior class who best exemplifies Creighton’s love for sports and his level of sportsmanship.  Christopher Thomas Taylor

Kenneth B. Weeman Athletic Award

The Kenneth B. Weeman Athletic Award is given by his widow and sons, members of classes in 1959 and 1961, and his grandson, a member of the class of 1991. Factors to be considered are the individual sense of sportsmanship, demonstrated leadership, personal commitment to the athletic program, and to the traditions of Trinity-Pawling School.  Jeffrey Edward Thompson

Senior Citizenship

By vote of the faculty, the Senior Citizenship Award is given to the young man in the class of 2014 who displays exemplary citizenship. Citizenship is like art; it is hard to describe but we all know it when we see it. Citizenship is that ability to be thoughtful, helpful, patient, kind, respectful, and courteous…all in the right amount, at the right time, and with the right amount of sincerity.  Louis Sam Inghilterra

McCollum Award

The McCollum Award is named for the first Head Prefect of Trinity-Pawling, Franklin McCollum, class of 1950. Mr. McCollum never forgot the lasting impact that Trinity-Pawling had on his life and that of his classmates. To be Head Prefect is even more demanding as all of this has to be done with the added burden of knowing what to say and what to do while leading the class of 2015 each day.  Jack Thomas Makris

Wells Award

The Wells Award, named for its donor, a member of the class in 1938, is presented annually to the student who combines outstanding performance and growth in all areas of life at Trinity-Pawling School. Character, a concern for and service to others, loyalty and dedication to the established traditions of the school are among the criteria for determining the award.  Jeffrey Edward Thompson

Matthew E. Dann Award for General Excellence

Dr. Matthew E. Dann was headmaster of Trinity-Pawling School 1946 to 1970. This award is given annually by his family and friends recognize the outstanding boy in the junior class.  Joseph Henry Webber

Eugene O. Colley Award for Leadership

Gene Colley has been involved with Trinity-Pawling School for more than 30 years as a parent of four graduates and since 1978 as a trustee. Long before he had an official role in school, in his typical fashion of “getting the job done”, he commandeered the necessary forces to restore electricity to the campus after the 1969 fire which nearly leveled the south end of Cluett. Without Gene’s leadership, the school would have closed for a year or perhaps longer. “It cannot be done” is not a phrase which he cares to hear.  Jeremy Alexander Wilson

Gamage Award for General Excellence

The Gamage Award, named for Frederick Luther Gamage, founder and first headmaster of the Pawling School, is awarded by vote of the faculty to a member of the senior class whose overall record is one of General Excellence. Ryan M. Winn

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