This year Bill Taylor begins his third year as Headmaster of Trinity-Pawling. The transformation that he set in motion upon his arrival in 2015 is seen—and felt—throughout the campus.

Under Taylor’s leadership, the Dann academic building underwent a progressive facelift over the summer. New learning spaces have been specifically designed to allow for maximum creativity and collaboration. The Allen Reading Room is now the epicenter of our Center for Learning Achievement, which includes reading & writing labs, a resource that all students will have the opportunity to utilize. The former “fishbowl” now houses a Mac lab and is being developed with technology intended for students to imagine, explore, experiment, and create.

Trinity-Pawling opens the new 20,000 sq.ft. Smith Field House this fall, and will be the first prep school in the country to incorporate PlaySight technology in their athletic facilities. Playsight is the ultimate technology to make coaching and practicing more efficient at Trinity-Pawling—the addition of this advanced sports video and analytics software will create a connected community of athletes, coaches, and fans. The School strives to be on the leading edge of student performance and athletic development, and our partnership with PlaySight is further proof of that commitment.

Experiential learning is thriving— students and faculty alike are excited to immerse themselves in collaborative and independent projects. The Practicum for Civic Leadership, Trinity-Pawling’s own product-based program, has evolved to be more student-centric. The timing now allows for more concentrated focus, building meaningful mentor relationships, and product development.

The new academic year brings new commitments—to curiosity, conscientiousness, community, communication, and character—which Bill Taylor has pledged, on behalf of the School, to our students and to each other. These focus points are what gives Trinity-Pawling’s culture a distinct depth. They allow students and faculty to be life-long learners, to develop individual self-awareness, and creativity in a community that is supportive and caring. These commitments encourage healthy risk-taking and stepping out of ones comfort zone in order to develop self-reliance. This ethos allows our entire community to communicate openly and build meaningful relationships. And, our attention to detail enables us to recognize and celebrate the gifts and talents in our students and in each other.

As was written in Trinity-Pawling’s founding ideals: “Personal effort and God-given endowment, when properly combined, made personality and only the acquisition of personality could set in motion the beginnings of leadership.”