It’s not always easy being ‘the new kid’ at school. In an unfamiliar setting with different classes and faces, transitioning as a new student can be, at times, a challenging experience. Trinity-Pawling’s newest club on campus aims to change that.

Started by Tim Colmey ’18 this year, the Mid-Year Mentors Club works to relieve the anxiety that comes with being a new student on campus. It provides a supportive, encouraging network of peers to learn how to navigate each new experience at Trinity-Pawling.

The idea to start the Mid-Year Mentors sparked from Colmey’s personal experience as ‘the new kid’ at Trinity-Pawling, just this year. When beginning the school year, one of Colmey’s classmates made an effort to ease his transition into Trinity-Pawling life. As Colmey explained in his Chapel Talk earlier in the term, he was moved by this classmate’s gesture and quickly realized that a little peer guidance makes a significant impact in the life of a new student.

Using this realization as a springboard, Colmey started the Mid-Year Mentors Club. “The main purpose is to help students that join us during the middle of the school year get acclimated as quickly as possible,” he explained. As a first-year student himself, Colmey knew the club would be an asset to the campus and foster the spirit of mentorship in the community.

“It’s important to mentor new students when they first arrive at T-P,” Colmey started. “They might be anxious because they missed part of the work, and they have to make new friends. The mentors can help with all of it.”

Mentorship is a pillar of the Trinity-Pawling brotherhood and the Mid-Year Mentors are bringing it to life every day. Since Colmey began the club, interest has grown significantly. “The first day when I made an announcement at dinner, I had about 10 kids sign up,” Colmey explained. “I was thrilled to have 10 mentors…and it only got better!” By the end of that same week, the number of mentors had more than doubled. “We currently have about 25 mentors. Originally the plan was to have one mentor for each new student, but because of the interest, we can have two mentors for every new student,” Colmey shared. “It’s great!”

Right now, the main focus of the Mid-Year Mentors is preparing to help the students who will join Trinity-Pawling in the New Year. Colmey is hopeful that 2018 will show even more growth for the club, as it makes such a positive impact on the school community—an impact he knows firsthand. “I’d just like to thank everyone for welcoming me to the School, and helping me have success. Without everyone being there for me, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to start this club in the first place.”