This fall for my Senior Independent Project, I wanted to supply the student body with reusable water bottles in an effort to reduce plastic waste on campus. The idea started in my AP Environmental Science Class, where I learned that the major problems facing our Earth are a direct result of human activity, and it is our responsibility to fix them.

While I knew that I couldn’t resolve the plastic overuse and pollution issues globally, I knew I could start on a smaller scale: Trinity-Pawling’s campus. Alongside striving to be a more environmentally friendly school, I also wanted the reusable bottles to be a tangible object that could hold together class relationships. With that in mind, I designed four different colored bottles, representing the senior, junior, sophomore, and freshmen classes.

So far, the results of my project have been incredible. I see students carrying their bottles to and from the academic building, the dining hall, and the athletic center. I’ve also noticed that several students have even personalized their bottles and in class, I have seen a drastic drop in the amount of plastic water bottles used. Overall, my project has exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see the long-term impact on campus!

Watch my project video here!

Joe Webber ’18