Carrie Rollings-Meynet ’85 and Jean-Charles Meynet ’84 prove it’s never too late to fall in love. The couple first crossed paths in the brief period that Trinity-Pawling opened its doors to girls—little did they know that destiny had planted its seed.

We chatted with the one & only married Trinity-Pawling couple on Valentine’s Day:

T-P: Carrie, what was it like to attend Trinity-Pawling—with it being an all-boys school for so long? 

C: Quite frankly, it felt like a nearly all-boys school when I attended. My first year, there were seven girls, then four, then two. They graduated the girls off to go back to an all boys school.  I wanted a girlfriend so badly and was grateful for Jenny Lynch ’84—she was amazing—a genuine and loyal friend. Trinity-Pawling was an exceptional and unique experience, which gave me huge opportunities to be independent, resilient, and tough skinned. I was truly grateful for the male friendships I had—and have now today. I feel I have many T-P brothers out there. Jean and I are dear friends with some to this day!​


T-P:  Jean, do you remember the first time you met Carrie?

J: I was in Cluett, on the basement level, near the old fireplace, my junior year.  I met Carrie and watched her as she​ walked​ up the stairs in the fall of 1982.​


T-P: Were you high school sweethearts at Trinity-Pawling? 

C: No, we were not.  We were in French Club and Theater Outing Club together, but we were not sweethearts then.


T-P:  What was “your song” in 1984/85?

J:   Billy Idol, “Rebel Yell”

C: Chicago, “You’re The Inspiration”

J & C: We can tell you that our song now, and at our wedding is Bryan Adams, “Heaven” —from 1984.  We love 80’s music​!


T-P:  How did you reunite after 30 years? How many years have you been together?

C: There was a class reunion mentioned on Facebook, and Jean reached out to me—surprised that I was living in Los Angeles. He was living in Santa Barbara. We went out for coffee, and then a date—the rest is history! We have been together six years and married for four this April 18th.

J: We are blessed with three kids—Carrie has one daughter Tatiana (20) and I have two boys Daniel and Charlie (24,26).


T-P: What did you do after graduating from Trinity-Pawling?

C: I did my undergraduate at Lake Forest College (BA in Psych, Fine Arts, Art History) and got my Masters in Education at Louis University.

J: I followed my passion and ​went directly into motorcycle racing ​and went pro in 1987.  And I still compete in motorsports today!


T-P:  Carrie, you are a very successful realtor—what do you like most about the real estate business?

C: I have had three separate careers. I was a teacher after grad school and loved it. I taught at the first inclusion school in Chicago and was a master and mentor teacher when I moved to Los Angeles.   I wrote curriculum for Los Angeles Unified School District,​ and was on the board of our charter school system while I was a full time teacher.  When I had my daughter, I pursued a second career in fashion design.  I actually made many of my clothes that I wore to T-P, loved it then and all the way through today!  I started “​Little T Wear”​—designing and manufacturing children’s apparel.  I loved the design work, pattern making, fabrics, but not crazy about overseas production. 13 years ago I went into real estate. I do both commercial and residential.  Commercial being more male dominated, I feel right at home.  T-P prepared me well.  I love the designs of homes and structures, but what really intrigues me is the process of negotiations​! I love that the most!


T-P:  Jean, how did you get into the auto racing business?

J: I am a fifth generation racer and transitioned from motorcycles to cars in 2005. ​I help out other racers as well.  ​I have been involved in all types of motor sports—it’s​ in my blood, as well as in my sons’.​


T-P:  How do you think Trinity-Pawling laid the foundation for your life together?

J: It took a Colorado girl living in NY and a California boy to go to T-P to find each other.

C: I would say it was fate—we found each other briefly as friends in the 80’s, only to then reconnect in 2012.  We had such an unusual experience at T-P that it bonded us upon our reunion.


T-P: What was your favorite place on the Trinity-Pawling campus?

C: I liked the chapel because I used to sing in the choir and also the volleyball court. We had only one girls’ team—the volleyball team.  All the girls had to play, and we only had one ​extra ​girl to transfer in. After that, the girls graduated off. I was proud of our team—we only lost ONCE!  True miracle!

J: The sports fields—hanging with friends, and the many adventures we had!​


T-P: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

C & J: Traveling, involved with motorsports, being in creative businesses, surrounded by friends, family, and a lot of pets!