Bryan Cahill ’15, currently a freshman at University Vermont, wrote a profound Chapel Talk for the Trinity-Pawling community.  It was delivered by Dean of Faculty Todd Hoffman on January 28, 2016.

Here’s an excerpt:

I’m currently writing this on my way to visit one of my best friends that I met through Trinity-Pawling, which is enough to show my gratitude towards T-P. I didn’t think life could get better after the day I graduated from Trinity-Pawling. After all the stress and boredom I thought I was facing, after constantly saying “oh my god, this place sucks.” Or, “Why didn’t I go somewhere with girls.” Or, “Wow, I’m being forced to go to dinner where an underclassman literally brings food to me.” Life was tough as a student!

But a couple of days after I graduated…it hit me. It may have been the last time I see the people I call my teammates, my brothers, my family. I can honestly say, after all the tough times and stress I went through, I couldn’t miss T-P more right now. Everything the School did for me, the people I met, and the doors it opened up for me have changed my life. I am forever indebted for the friendships and memories Trinity-Pawling provided me, and that’s all I have tangibly besides a diploma, a broadcast team cup, a hockey puck and a couple of pictures….I have so many more intangibles, like my memories. I could go on and on about how easy I had it at Trinity-Pawling, I was surrounded by a faculty who supported me and had nothing but my best interest at heart and literally, (I know Mr. Reade is smiling right now mouthing “literally” to himself, maybe rolling his eyes,) literally chilled for most of the day with my best friends playing “Chel”, or ordering food, or tickling some twine down at the turf, or dangling some scrubs during pond hockey, but I’ll touch on something that I regret every day while I was at T-P. Attitude.

Click here to read Cahill’s Chapel Talk in its entirety.