On the stage, on the ice, or behind a DJ booth is where you’re most likely to find Joey Teresi ’16, of Montreal, Canada in his “zone.” As a Trinity-Pawling senior, Teresi has discovered a knack for acting in Patrick Hitschler’s two theater productions – Drop Dead and most recently, Spamalot. Teresi’s first thespian experience was in a preschool Christmas pageant, then again in a middle school play – fast forward six years and Teresi is stealing the spotlight with his acting versatility, playing four different roles in Spamalot. “Being on stage just feels good,” says Teresi. “It’s like a team game when we all work together, and you just know everyone is with you.” Teresi credits his stage success on Hitschler’s ability to perfectly cast the roles. “Mr. Hitschler directs a play like he coaches – he brings us together and builds a trust – that inspired me,” says Teresi.

This year Teresi discovered just how close-knit the T-P brotherhood can be on the varsity hockey team, and attributes this to the coaching style of Robert Ferraris – “he’s second to none!” says Teresi. After a family loss when Teresi was just eight, he found that the one place he could truly be himself was on the ice, so it meant a great deal to find family-like connections and camaraderie with Coach Ferraris and his teammates, playing hockey with the Pride. “There is no one who would not be there for you,” Teresi says.

Teresi’s focus and hard work is evident in the classroom and beyond. For the past three years Teresi has put his passion for music and entrepreneurial ambition to work as a professional DJ. After spending two years to fine-tune his mixing skills on a starter DJ table and learn business skills with a summer internship, Teresi started up his own entertainment company with his best friend, and they now perform at about 100 events a year. Teresi (aka DJ Gazzu) will be performing at the Trinity-Pawling Rock Concert in May.

“From the minute you walk on this campus, you’re welcomed,” says Teresi. “My experience here has been memorable, and the benefits will be seen for years to come, I’m sure.”