Headmaster Bill Taylor has been impressively on the move during his first term at Trinity-Pawling. On a mission to meet and share ideas with Trinity-Pawling alumni, families, and friends, Bill and Jennifer Taylor have visited numerous US cities. Their most recent excursion took them eastward, where they were able to connect with our Trinity-Pawling community in Asia.

Aside from the opportunity to see a new part of the world, navigate a different culture, and try exotic new foods, Bill enjoyed his time getting to know our parents in Asia, and learning of their aspirations for their sons and for the School’s future. It was no surprise to find that, as parents, the goals and aspirations for our children are universal. Whether from the United States or Asia, parents want to know that their sons are being cared for – learning, growing, and being challenged at Trinity-Pawling.

“What left me profoundly humbled by this experience is the depth of faith and trust in the School that these families extend to us,” Taylor reflected. “Of course, all of our families extend this trust to the School when they choose Trinity-Pawling for their son. With our families in Asia, however, they are sending their sons halfway around the world knowing that they will be unable to see them personally for months at a time.” Taylor continued, “With many of our families in China, moreover, their son is their only child. Accordingly, I was pleased that I was able to express to each family with whom I met just how honored I am by that trust. This is an honor that I extend, on behalf of the faculty, to all of our Trinity-Pawling families.”

The students who travel across the globe to attend Trinity-Pawling School are modeling the advantages of healthy risk taking. It takes tremendous courage to leave the familiarity of family, language, and culture to pursue the benefits of international education. “While I would like to believe that I would have elected to take such a risk, I am not sure that I would have had the courage to do the same thing when I was in high school. I also think that there is much that we can learn from students who come from different cultures,” said Taylor.

Trinity-Pawling’s Director of International Student Education, Mark Corliss takes great care in building and maintaining strong relationships with our international students and families. “Having someone with as much passion for this work as Mark Corliss is a distinct advantage,” said Taylor. Corliss has coordinated a special meal of traditional Asian food and festivities to celebrate the Lunar New Year, which will be enjoyed by all during the week before spring vacation. “One discovery that I made in Asia was the prominent role that food and meals play in the culture,” said Taylor.

Ms. Michele Carlin also offers an invaluable service to Trinity-Pawling as the dedicated teacher who manages the international travel plans for our students.

Referring to Scott Page’s book, The Difference, which presents a compelling case for the power of diversity and its relationship to productivity, Taylor noted, “When there are a diversity of experiences and perspectives engaged in any activity, the result is more dynamic and richer.” Taylor continued, “I believe this is true in schools as well as in the workplace. Our students will be impacted more than we by the increased globalization of our world. Being able to learn and live with people from different cultures is a benefit to all our students.”

“In the future, many of our students will find themselves in work environments that will depend upon collaborative work spanning various networks, including cross-cultural networks.” Taylor concluded. “Building relationships with students from different cultures during the formative years of adolescence is a distinct preparatory advantage for all Trinity-Pawling students.”