The world is transforming and so are academics at Trinity-Pawling School. Our year is off to a great start with exciting new academic initiatives being rolled out, which embrace experiential learning practices. The Practicum for Civic Leadership is an initiative launched by Headmaster Bill Taylor as a way of challenging students to engage with the world around them while developing essential 21st century skills.

Trinity-Pawling recognizes that involvement in one’s community – at the local, national, and global level – requires certain leadership skills not traditionally taught in the classroom. The Practicum for Civic Leadership is designed to allow students to learn and practice leadership skills ranging from working collaboratively to conducting independent research to publicly presenting work.

The Practicum is a new graduation requirement that culminates in students’ junior and senior years. Students will consider their interests and passions, and through The Practicum will engage with the world in ways that will promote deeper awareness, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

Winter Project – Freshman through Senior Year: Every student works on a Winter Project each year. The students select from a broad range of interdisciplinary course offerings and pair with two teachers (one from each discipline) on a project that requires using the tools from both disciplines. Students are also allowed to design their own projects.

Global Collaborative Challenge – Junior Year: In the spring term the entire junior class is placed into random groups of five. Each group is assigned a global issue and then presents a solution to the issue in a twelve-minute collaborative presentation to a group of faculty. The group is graded on its ability to address the enormity of the global topic, the depth of research, the quality of the presentation, the collaborative nature of the presentation, and the group’s defense of its presentation.

Senior Independent Project (SIP) – Senior Year: During the summer before senior year, each senior will work on an independent area of interest, whereby he is linked with an alumnus or friend of the School with the same area of expertise. With his mentor, he will explore a specific topic in great detail. This project consists of an oral presentation as well as a final presentation to the entire school using an alternative medium such as a chapel talk, newspaper article, or Trinity-Pawling Ted Talk.

SIP Mentors are alumni, parents, and friends of Trinity-Pawling School. Students will be matched with Trinity-Pawling community members across the country and around the world who have similar interests in a student’s intended area of research. Mentors may provide advice and relay personal experience from their own career or avocation to help students hone their own unique set of skills. Every student has the opportunity to develop his own set of questions related to his area of research to help drive the conversation and collaboration with his mentor.

Through the The Practicum, Trinity-Pawling graduates gain a better sense of who they are and where they stand in the midst of an ever-changing world. The Practicum allows students to explore their passions, figure out how they relate to others, and create an artifact of their experience. This program encourages our students to be engaged, interested, and aware citizens of the world.

Watch Headmaster Bill Taylor and Director of College Placement Slade Mead speak about WHY The Practicum has been initiated at Trinity-Pawling.

The Practicum for Civic Leadership


Middle school students recently had the opportunity to work on building leadership skills in an on campus workshop with consultant Mike Weber. The day was designed to empower the Middle School students to plan activities and build community by working together. Weber’s goal was for students to recognize the value and challenge of working together. Ultimately, students’ skills were put to the test as the eighth graders embarked on a three-day, two-night wilderness experience of hiking and camping on the Appalachian Trail September 25-27. The trip was an inaugural event that will hopefully become a component of the Middle School curriculum for years to come. On the outing, students worked to achieve many goals, including class unity, personal development, and care of and appreciation for the environment.

The students set foot to ground as they hiked from Salisbury, Connecticut into the woods to Mount Riga and Sages Ravine. During day hikes, they enjoyed trails of varying difficulties, including the gradual and scenic journey to Bald Knob and conquering the steep rock face of Bear Mountain. “The Appalachian Trail hike was a great success,” says Dean of Students Josh Collins ’95. “The boys even talked about completing the entire 2,190 miles from Georgia to Maine someday.”

A few highlights of the trip included eating freeze dried “boil in the bag” dinners, jumping off rocks on the trail, climbing rock scrambles, and rock jumping in the streams. As part of the education curriculum, students learned about wilderness safety as they pumped creek water through a filter and stored their food and toiletries in a bear box or bag. They carried all of their food in, ate what they brought, and were very careful not to leave any food bits behind.

“The overall goal of this trip was to bond with each other, to learn about being environmentally responsible and safe in the wilderness, and to grow as individuals,” says Collins. “Some felt challenged by the physical exertion of the trip, some were confronted with food they have never eaten before, and others grew in their ability to be positive and productive members of a group. No matter what the obstacle, everyone returned having learned about themselves, growing as individuals, and knowing how to work as a team.”

View a video from the trip here!

Trinity-Pawling Middle School takes learning to the campground


In many ways they grew up together and Trinity-Pawling was their proving ground. Earlier this month the Class of 1966 reunited to celebrate their 50th Reunion. The weekend gathering was coordinated by co-chairs, David Bagdasarian, Jud Hartmann, and Randy Woods who began contacting classmates 24 months prior. Their efforts paid off with 35 registrants and the class was recognized with the John L. McIlwaine Bowl for having 33% of their class in attendance at Reunion Weekend.

Coming from as far away as Hawaii, California, Arizona, and Colorado these men and their wives reconnected, shared stories from their Trinity-Pawling past and updated one another on their individual journeys over the past 50 years. Events planned exclusively for the class included a dedication of THE CREATOR’S GAME, Jud Hartman’s artist’s model of the 16’ monumental bronze sculpture that is permanently installed in front of the Lacrosse Hall of Fame in Maryland. The group was also treated to the tour of a 1966 retro dorm room created by current senior and vintage buff Louis Inghilterra ’17.  Complete with formerly contraband items such as a portable stereo as well as must have items such as a 1964 Olivetti-Underwood Studio 144 typewriter; the room offered a step back in time. Borrowed from the School Archives and hanging on the wall was an original and one of a kind drawing by Eric Holch ’66 on a T-P laundry bag that Eric had left when he graduated. It is a framed treasure that few will have the privilege of seeing.
Boarding school stories of a dog and chipmunks secretly kept as pets, a story of a hidden room, and the dorm room with a trick lock were shared and remembered. We also learned of Trinity-Pawling high school prom dates Betsy L. and Penny B. who married their dance partners, Kurt Jones ’66 and Schuyler Peck ’66, respectively. We know they’re charmers, but who knew that the Fighting Gentlemen were such good dancers?

We hope to see you all back on campus soon and often.

For those of you with Reunions on the horizon: Get here! Bring yourelf and your stories home.

See you October 6 and 7, 2017.

Reunion photos are here.

The Class of ’66 celebrates their 50th Reunion


Competition is fierce among Trinity-Pawling alumni, especially when it comes to the 25th Reunion.

This year, the Reunion co-chairs for the Class of 1991, Michael Burns and Christian Sundahl, set out to beat the Class of 1990’s 25th Reunion attendance record. Rising to the challenge, Burns and Sundahl not only reconnected with former classmates, but found a new way to step up for Trinity-Pawling.

Discussing their Reunion strategy, Burns shared “Tommy Seitz ‘90 and Pat Cooke ‘90 challenged Chris and me to beat their 25th Reunion numbers. We were fortunate enough to be on their class page to see the progress, antics, challenges and hype leading up to their 25th Reunion” which helped Burns and Sundahl devise a plan. Challenge accepted.

Burns and Sundahl created a Facebook page and extended an invitation to alumni in class years that overlapped with the Class of ‘91’s time on campus. To execute their strategy and to reach more people, Burns and Sundahl recruited classmates to make phone calls encouraging guys to attend their 25th Reunion.

“Look, we are all busy with family, work, and sports, but when you contact guys you haven’t talked to in 10 to 20 years, it’s fantastic. Even if they are not able to come, the phone call is worth it to get them involved with the School. Some guys say at first they can’t come, a week later they call and say ‘I can come Friday or only Saturday or both. Can I bring my family? Your son is 13, mine is 14. Maybe they can hang out there during the football game.’ I have renewed friendships with some guys and enhanced them in other cases” Burns noted.

Their efforts paid off. Although they did not outnumber the guys who showed up for ‘90’s Reunion, they did receive the William W. Dunbar Bowl for having the class with the largest number of members registered for Reunion & Homecoming Weekend 2016. The same award the Class of 1990 won the previous year. Burns and Sundahl took this as a victory. But now, they have their sights set on a new goal.

“The Class of ‘90 helped us out big time. Now we have challenged ‘92. You have to call guys out by name, so I challenged Ryan Schell and Matt Deely. They gladly accepted. I dared them to beat us. Next year, I will be at Reunion and I would like to award them with the William W. Dunbar Bowl. Just like stepping up, we pass the School on to the next class for safe keeping.”

Class of ‘92, it’s your turn!

Reunion photos are here.

Michael Burns and Christian Sundahl, Class of ’91


Tim Cary joins the Trinity-Pawling teaching and coaching faculty this year after eleven years in NCAA DI Football, his most recent stint being at Fordham University. Looking for a way to work with young men in a different, and more influential capacity, Cary was drawn to Trinity-Pawling. “Coaching college football is a great career and you have ample opportunity to impact young people’s lives, but balancing my desire to help them grow with the pressure to win football games could sometimes be challenging,” he says.

Cary has seamlessly eased into his transition from coaching at the college level to coaching high school aged boys. The season is off to a strong start for the Pride, having won their first four games. “We have had a number of boys step up in clutch situations and right now we are forcing a lot of turnovers so we need to continue to fan that fire,” Cary says. “I hope that our boys continue to develop both as young men and athletes throughout the rest of the season. We pride ourselves on being physically and mentally prepared and hopefully we will continue to grow in those areas as well.”

Having been at Trinity-Pawling previously for recruiting trips while at Fordham, Cary had a good idea of how great a fit this community would be for his family. “When we visited Trinity-Pawling my wife was so excited about the beauty of the campus and how friendly everyone seemed. Everyone was great to my family from the start. Quickly after moving in we had met many of my new colleagues and they welcomed us with literal “open arms” – there was no shortage of offers to hold our twins at any of the faculty get-togethers. As we settle in to the school year, we really enjoy getting to know the boys and watching them with our twins,” Cary concludes.

Meet Tim Cary


Last year, we rolled out the blue carpet throughout the U.S. and Asia to welcome Headmaster Bill Taylor and Jennifer Taylor back to the Trinity-Pawling community. This year, the Taylors welcome you to partner with the School.

As we move forward into the 2016-2017 school year, the Pride sets out to engage the world through the Trinity-Pawling community by connecting with alumni, parents, and friends out on the road.

Help us celebrate Trinity-Pawling’s transformational academics and learn how you can partner with the School this year.

Join Headmaster Bill Taylor at an event near you to learn more about his inspiring vision for Trinity-Pawling’s future, and how Trinity-Pawling is engaging the world through:

  • The Practicum for Civic Leadership
  • The Power of Mentorship
  • Global Awareness
  • Informed Citizenship

Regional receptions:

Seoul, Korea – November 3, 2016

Beijing, China – November 6, 2016

Shanghai, China – November 8, 2016

Hong Kong – November 11, 2016

Boston, MA – December 7, 2016

New York City – December 14, 2016

Charleston, SC – April 25, 2017

Visit our Alumni page for event details.

Join us for November receptions in Asia – first stop, Seoul!


A new course offering this year at Trinity-Pawling is Broadcast Journalism, a year-long elective open to juniors and seniors aimed at giving students hands-on skills to become effective communicators of the 21st century.  Students apply and use journalistic skills for weekly written and video projects while also managing the live webcasts of on campus athletic events.  Collaborative skills are demonstrated through the student direction and production of these weekly live broadcasts, from camera and sound operation, to pre-game and post-game on-camera interviews, and live play-by-play and color commentary.  With a focus on empowering our boys to be confident communicators, the students will conceive, shoot and edit short documentaries and other video projects in addition to meeting weekly deadlines to be published in the school newspaper.

To see some of the work of the Broadcast Journalism students, check out their YouTube Channel and Twitter Feed @TPPride.

View this sample broadcast! 

Lessons in collaboration & creativity


Each fall, the Trinity-Pawling community eagerly awaits the return of alumni and friends to campus for Reunion & Homecoming Weekend. In this issue of The Quad we want to recognize some of the alumni and friends who made the trip back to Pawling, NY to help make the weekend even more special.

Honor Guard

We were delighted to welcome sixteen alumni back to campus from class years ranging from 1948 to 1961. We were especially excited that these alumni joined us for the weekend since all of them have already celebrated their 50th Reunions. In attendance were: Joe Callo ’48, Peyton Pinkerton ’49, Pete Foster ’51, Brian Woolf ’51, Douglas Daugherty ’52, Dave Coughlin ’56, Miles Hubbard ’57, Bruce Huffine ’58, Bill Cartier ’61, Sumner Dommerich ’61, Paul McCabe ’61, Stephen Sonnett ’61, Bill Stolz ’61, Bob Stroud ’61, Carl Sturcke ’61, and Bob Yunich ’61. Thank you for coming back to campus and helping us celebrate the weekend!

We would also like to give a special shoutout to the Reunion Chairs for the 55th, 60th, and 65th Reunions who went above and beyond for Trinity-Pawling and their classes this year:

Class of 1951:  Pete Foster

Class of 1956:  David Coughlin

Class of 1961:  Carl Sturke and Bob Yunich

Former Faculty

One of the highlights of Reunion & Homecoming Weekend for alumni is getting the chance to reconnect with current and former faculty. We are so grateful for all of the faculty who attended the weekend, but in this issue of The Quad we want to give a special #tpshoutout to Peyton Pinkerton ‘49 and Carol Kneeland.

Peyton Pinkerton ‘49

Peyton not only attended Trinity-Pawling School, but he also worked for the School for 14 years. He joined Trinity-Pawling in 1982 as the Director of the Capital Campaign – the first ever campaign at Trinity-Pawling. During that role Peyton helped raise over $6million for campus improvements. From 1986 to 1996 Peyton served as the Director of Development & Alumni Affairs, increasing alumni involvement with the School and implementing successful fundraising strategies. Thank you, Peyton, for the many ways you have served Trinity-Pawling. It was an honor to have you at Reunion & Homecoming Weekend 2016!

Carol Kneeland

Carol, and her husband Ted, developed the curriculum for the Language Retraining Program, laying the foundation for the LEAD Program at Trinity-Pawling today. Their understanding of learning differences and their personalized approach to helping students succeed in the classroom had a profound impact on many students’ who attended Trinity-Pawling from 1972-2001. Thank you, Carol and Ted Kneeland, for transforming the lives of so many in the Trinity-Pawling community and for helping our students rise to new levels. It was a pleasure to have you, your son Doug, and grandson Teddy join us for the weekend!

Reunion photos are here!




Tie up the cleats and strap on the pads because the 2017 fall athletic season at Trinity-Pawling has officially begun.

Led by a plethora of returning players along with a splattering of new faces, the varsity football team has looked unstoppable on both sides of the ball as they stand 3-0 on the season.

The Pride beat Avon Old Farms in their 2017 premiere, 21-14, but was dominant for the majority of the game over the Winged Beavers. Since then, T-P steamrolled Loomis at home 48-29 followed by an away stuffing of Taft, 51-20.

Quarterback Brandon Harris ’17, returned to the Pride this season as a dual threat QB, now utilizing his passing abilities as well as his running skills. Against Loomis and Taft, Harris threw for three touchdowns and rushed for another in each of the two games.

Harris’ favorite target Jonathon Girard ’17 has had a breakout year with four receiving touchdowns in three games, three of which were from fifty or more yard out of the end zone.

Also returning, Dennis Ilmela ’17 has played nearly every snap this season on the offensive and defensive line, Christian Layne ’17 has been the leader on defense while also contributing on special teams, and Cam Tillman ’18 has led the squad with 28 tackles.

Newcomer, Dakota Harvey ’17, has been an absolute wrecking ball running the pigskin for the Pride. The 6’2” 240 pounder has rushed for six touchdowns in three games with 423 yards on the ground.

Also joining the Blue and Gold, Will Dencker ’17 and Sam Opont ’17 have been huge impacts on both sides of the ball. Dencker is second on the team with 24 tackles, while Opont is a factor on almost every play on the field.

The varsity Cross Country team continues to impress as they stand 3-3 on the season with wins over Berkshire, Taft and Salisbury. Will Estony ’17 has led the way in each and every race for the Pride highlighted by a 16:58 time at Taft on October 1st.

Nate Tanner ’18 has made leaps and bounds this season, as he began as JV runner and now is consistently in the top four runners for the Blue and Gold. Hunter Olstein ’17 and Luke Jorgensen ’17 have been huge assets to the Pride as they both frequently place in the top three.

Soccer stands at 3-4-2 currently with wins over Brunswick, St. Lukes and Hopkins School. Head coach Bill Dunham who was head coach of the Pride for many years before stepping aside seven years ago is back at the helm this year, and his intensity and knowledge has certainly been an asset thus far in the season.

Last week, T-P defeated Hopkins 2-0 on goals from Joe Morley ’17 followed by another by Avery Johnson ’17. New midfielder Osumon Imoro ’17 has taken over as the team’s main distributor of the ball around the field.

Following the defeat of Hopkins, the Pride came away with a nil-nil tie against a very good Choate squad. Zack Mazur ’17 made some huge saves from between the pipes and held onto his second shutout of the week.

JV soccer is 2-3-1 led by Justin Lampert ’17 and David Choi ’18. Third’s soccer is 3-1 with contributors like Logan Morales ’20 and AJ O’Buck ’19. Fourth’s soccer is 1-1-1 with defensive help from Henry Hatfield ’20 and Chad Claderwood ’20, while middle school soccer is 2-0-1 with great play from Aidan Morgan ’21 and goalie Christian Jackowski ’21.

Stay up to date on the schedule & scores here.

Roll Pride!

The Pride shines this fall


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