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Please join us in celebrating the opening of the

Smith Field House in honor of former headmasters

Phillips Smith P’79 and Archibald A. Smith III.


Trinity-Pawling is thankful for the generosity of

Marlynn and Bill Scully ’57 whose philanthropic support is

making Phase I of the Smith Field House a reality.


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Trinity-Pawling School held its 110th Commencement Exercises on Sunday, May 28, 2017, and celebrated the graduation of 98 students. It was a joyful occasion that highlighted the many gifts and talents of the Class of 2017.

Headmaster William W. Taylor introduced the ceremony. “This is a tremendous class. As a class, they excel in all aspects of school life: academically, artistically, athletically, as leaders, and as citizens. They are a fun class and they are a giving class,” Taylor said of the seniors.

In Taylor’s address to the Class of 2017 he asked the graduates, “How do you want to be remembered when you are not there? What impression do you want people to have of you?”

Taylor continued, “During your years at Trinity-Pawling, you have done big things. But, you have also been asked to do many little things. You have been asked to be honest, to show up on time, to take pride in what you do and who you are, to work hard, to be accountable, to be a brother to your fellow students. This is not rocket science; it’s actually more important than rocket science.

Paying attention to the seemingly little things in life means that the big things will most likely fall into place the way that they should. Paying attention to the seemingly little things in life is the stuff of character and it is the key to success. And, this is a big thing, not a little thing.”

“So, if the School has left you with something, I hope that it is an awareness:

  1. That each of you has their own special gifts and talents.
  2. That the seemingly little things in life are an opportunity to exercise your character each and every day.
  3. That with hard work, a positive attitude, and attention to detail you can accomplish just about anything.
  4. And, that friendship is a gift to be treasured.”

Other speakers included Ryan Winn who delivered the Valedictory Address, and Jack Makris who spoke as Head Prefect. The Commencement Speaker was President of Olstein Capital Management, L.P. and Trinity-Pawling Trustee Erik K. Olstein ’86, Parent ’11, ’14, ’17, whose message focused on leadership, community, and effort – the cornerstones of a Trinity-Pawling education.

“Strong, ethical decision making is the key to a successful, well-lived life and it is, I believe, one of the foundations of education here at Trinity-Pawling. It takes but only one individual to stand up for what is right, leading by example, giving back to their community and giving all their effort for a cause, in order to effect change,” Olstein said.

The diplomas were presented by Board President Elizabeth Peale Allen.

We congratulate the Class of 2017 and know that each of them will go on to do great things.



DIPLOMAS AWARDED MAGNA CUM LAUDE  Matthew Gaston Galarza, William Francis Estony, and Kenneth C. McDougal

DIPLOMAS AWARDED CUM LAUDE  Zhou Sun, Yijin Wang, Hitoshi Matsukage, Jeremy Alexander Wilson, and Hunter Brennan Olstein

Dunbar Award for Service

The Dunbar Award for Service is given each year by Bill and Helene Dunbar who spent more than 30 years at Trinity-Pawling as Assistant Headmaster and librarian respectively. Not long after their retirement in 1978, the Dunbar Award for Service was created to honor their service to the School and to recognize those members of the community, be it a student, a faculty member, a spouse, a staff member, or a friend who served the School with the same steadfast devotion.  Louis Sam Inghilterra

Headmaster’s Award for Excellence  Jonathan Isaiah Girard

Tennant Drama Award

The Tennant Drama Award is donated each year by Mrs. John S. Tennant whose sons graduated in 1950 and 1954. Four of her grandsons are also Trinity-Pawling graduates.  Ira Daniel Conklin IV and Hunter Brennan Olstein

Norwood L. Pinder Prize in Journalism

The Norwood L. Pinder Prize for Excellence in Journalism was established in 2006 to recognize at Commencement the outstanding contributions of a student to the journalistic enterprise on campus. Named after the first editor of The Phoenix in 1908, the original literary journal and yearbook of the Pawling School, this prize honors Pinder’s legacy of giving voice to the life of the School.  Hunter Brennan Olstein

Gatchell Sportsmanship Award

The Creighton E. Gatchell Sportsmanship Award, donated in memory of Creighton, class of 1961, by his brother Bill, a member of the class of 1963, is given to a member of the senior class who best exemplifies Creighton’s love for sports and his level of sportsmanship.  Christopher Thomas Taylor

Kenneth B. Weeman Athletic Award

The Kenneth B. Weeman Athletic Award is given by his widow and sons, members of classes in 1959 and 1961, and his grandson, a member of the class of 1991. Factors to be considered are the individual sense of sportsmanship, demonstrated leadership, personal commitment to the athletic program, and to the traditions of Trinity-Pawling School.  Jeffrey Edward Thompson

Senior Citizenship

By vote of the faculty, the Senior Citizenship Award is given to the young man in the class of 2014 who displays exemplary citizenship. Citizenship is like art; it is hard to describe but we all know it when we see it. Citizenship is that ability to be thoughtful, helpful, patient, kind, respectful, and courteous…all in the right amount, at the right time, and with the right amount of sincerity.  Louis Sam Inghilterra

McCollum Award

The McCollum Award is named for the first Head Prefect of Trinity-Pawling, Franklin McCollum, class of 1950. Mr. McCollum never forgot the lasting impact that Trinity-Pawling had on his life and that of his classmates. To be Head Prefect is even more demanding as all of this has to be done with the added burden of knowing what to say and what to do while leading the class of 2015 each day.  Jack Thomas Makris

Wells Award

The Wells Award, named for its donor, a member of the class in 1938, is presented annually to the student who combines outstanding performance and growth in all areas of life at Trinity-Pawling School. Character, a concern for and service to others, loyalty and dedication to the established traditions of the school are among the criteria for determining the award.  Jeffrey Edward Thompson

Matthew E. Dann Award for General Excellence

Dr. Matthew E. Dann was headmaster of Trinity-Pawling School 1946 to 1970. This award is given annually by his family and friends recognize the outstanding boy in the junior class.  Joseph Henry Webber

Eugene O. Colley Award for Leadership

Gene Colley has been involved with Trinity-Pawling School for more than 30 years as a parent of four graduates and since 1978 as a trustee. Long before he had an official role in school, in his typical fashion of “getting the job done”, he commandeered the necessary forces to restore electricity to the campus after the 1969 fire which nearly leveled the south end of Cluett. Without Gene’s leadership, the school would have closed for a year or perhaps longer. “It cannot be done” is not a phrase which he cares to hear.  Jeremy Alexander Wilson

Gamage Award for General Excellence

The Gamage Award, named for Frederick Luther Gamage, founder and first headmaster of the Pawling School, is awarded by vote of the faculty to a member of the senior class whose overall record is one of General Excellence. Ryan M. Winn

Complete list of 2017 Commencement award and prize recipients

Photo gallery of 2017 Commencement

Complete list of the Trinity-Pawling School Class of 2017



For JB Ferrarone, hard work is simply in his DNA. At Trinity-Pawling, he served as prefect, played soccer, wrestled and captained lacrosse. He worked construction jobs in Westchester and Fairfield counties during summers, and after graduating from Gettysburg College in 2002, Ferrarone was “chief cook and bottle washer for a developer in New Canaan. I did whatever they needed to get my foot in the door.” His next move took him to California in 2006. “I sent my resumes out and got a call from an alumnus of Canterbury. He recognized Trinity-Pawling and decided to give me a shot.”

Ferrarone joined Plath & Company, a LEED Platinum construction firm which specializes in building and renovating fine homes and historic structures in the Bay Area. He became a partner in 2011 and stepped in as President in 2014.

What is the key to his success? “I just work really, really hard.” Ferrarone attributes that persistence to his four years at Trinity-Pawling. “It became ingrained in me: show up, work hard, go the extra mile, and you’ll always come out on top.”

Ferrarone joined Trinity-Pawling’s Board of Trustees in 2015 and describes his two year term as mind-boggling. “It was such an honor to serve in this capacity. I learned so much about the running of a school as a corporation. There’s a never-ending list of what it takes to meet the needs of the students, faculty, and alumni. All the programs and facilities we need to compete with other schools can’t come from tuition dollars alone. We as alumni need to step up and do our part. Our participation is crucial for the School’s long-term success.”

Though Ferrarone commends the School’s ability to pivot and embrace new challenges with academics and facilities, he is pleased to see that traditions remain. “I love that the guys still play softball, wear coat and tie, have sit-down dinners, and maintain a strong athletic focus. Bill Taylor was my dorm parent when I was a freshman in East, and he’s done a great job picking up the reins at a critical point after Arch Smith retired.”

Like many alumni, Ferrarone acknowledges that something happens every day that makes him think of his alma mater. “I loved college, but T-P instilled in me the work ethic that made me who I am today.”

JB is pictured above with his brother James ’02.



Michael O’Keefe ‘03 knew about Trinity-Pawling from a young age having grown up in nearby Patterson. He began his Trinity-Pawling education in the Middle School and was involved in various sports, the Drama Society, and the Trinitones.

“Early in my T-P athletic career, I didn’t venture out of the lower tiered teams since I was never really the athletic type despite enjoying basketball and golf,” O’Keefe says. As a junior, O’Keefe joined the cross country team and admits that it was challenging, but rewarding. “My first year on the team was really hard but everyone was very encouraging including the coaches— Greg Carpiniello and Jim McDougal,” O’Keefe recalls. “I think that is really where my sense of brotherhood and passion for sports started. Being a member of the team, even if I was always one of the last to finish, really meant something to me and definitely drove my passion for athletics and staying fit.”

After graduating, O’Keefe attended University of Miami where he earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering and worked as a manager for the University’s football team. “Keeping involved with athletics in some fashion was something I realized I wanted to do after my time at T-P because I found myself wanting to be more involved with the School,” he says.

O’Keefe began law school in 2007, and successfully passed the Florida Bar Exam after graduating with his J.D. in 2010. He held several positions in university athletics compliance, insurance law, and is currently a patent lawyer in Fishkill, NY. He advises current Trinity-Pawling students to “go out and experience everything that the School has to offer. With all of the opportunities available, students are bound to find their passion regardless of the field in which it may be.”



To meet and speak with Leo Andreadakis ’97 gives one a deeper look into what makes New York…New York. For years Leo and his family have been building the city, both above ground and below. His business is construction and his little black book is filled with the names and the numbers of people who make the city’s heart beat.

You can’t know Leo without first knowing a little bit about his family. Family and loyalty are a part of his heritage and at the center of his personal creed. Half Italian and half Greek, his father left Greece at age six and he grew up working in the family diner: Saratoga Diner, in Saratoga Springs, New York. I know, who would think, a Greek with a diner? Later he joined Plumbers Local 1 of New York City. Leo said that his father felt somewhat confined by the structure of a Union so he tore up the rule book and left to start his own business. “People thought he was crazy,” said Leo, and that reputation actually helped him. “No one messed with him.”

As a young boy, Leo would help his dad whenever possible. Leo was no stranger to hard work. “I was a city kid. When I arrived at Trinity-Pawling, a whole new world opened up to me. I didn’t know about JV and varsity teams. I was new to the ‘structure and discipline’, but I loved it. I started working out and getting into shape and knew that I could move up in this world, if I could be disciplined about it,” Leo said. “The Effort System was great. The structure helped me see and learn how I could achieve my goals and that has remained a key factor in my success.”

“My eagerness grew, as I wanted to learn as much as I could. Mr. Kelly, Mr. Harrington, Mr. Henry, Mr. DeGrasse, Mr. Foster, and Coach Coratti taught me a lot about leadership and how important it is to lead wisely. That is a piece of advice, that has stayed with me.”

“After leaving Trinity-Pawling, I was a different man. I was prepared to take the experience and training I had gained and conquer my goals. I came home and dove right into the family business; plumbing and construction. Although, I had to earn my stripes, as the ‘kid’ or the ‘son of the great Tom Andreadakis’, I was not respected, nor given any credit, and was seen as just some college kid. I didn’t let the perceptions of who they thought I was stop me. I had to dive right into the sewers, literally, to prove that I can handle the work with the best of them. I studied hard and learned from the best plumbers and tradesmen in history, never once being afraid to ask questions. Today, I can say, that I have earned the respect of my employees and business associates, in addition to having accomplished many goals. Though, I must say, my dreams don’t stop there. There is still a long road to be traveled and I will always keep what I learned from Trinity-Pawling in the back of my mind, each step of the way.”

Today, 20 years later, he feels blessed to be busy with many projects, working with some of the most influential people in the construction industry. “Right now I’m working on a lot of different projects; The Pencil building and the Domino Sugar Factory are the most well known. My company: Copper Services LLC, is unique because we do so many different things: Plumbing & Heating; Sprinkler & Standpipe; HVAC/Duct Work; HVAC Piping; Control Wiring; Duct Fabrication; Sewer & Water Site Work and I run a HVAC 24 Hour Service business. It’s really eight companies under one roof and I employ 275 people.”

“As a result of my experience at Trinity-Pawling I’m as comfortable on a construction site as I am in a board room.” Leo said, “A lot of the important things I learned about life, I learned at T-P. In addition to my experience, it is always with pride that I tell people I am a Trinity-Pawling alum. My association with the school has benefited me, often when I least expect it, throughout my life.”




Andy Baker ’00 immediately felt a connection to the brotherhood upon his arrival at Trinity-Pawling as a student from the Midwest, and now contributes to those connections with students as a faculty member. “It was clear from the very beginning the commitment from the faculty to ensure students’ success,” Baker says. “Now, from a different perspective, I see this in action every day.” Serving as Director of the Physical Plant has allowed Baker to become involved with shaping the future of the Trinity-Pawling campus, most recently, through his role overseeing the construction of the Smith Field House.

“It is very visual and impactful,” says Baker. “In my current role, I have the unique opportunity to tackle problems facing the campus and make improvements. It’s something we try to focus most of our decision-making around. The biggest challenge is trying to connect a new building to three different buildings and make it look seamless when construction is finished. It’s all in the details.”

Some of the details include those that aid in sustainability efforts. Smith Field House is being heated and cooled with heat exchanged from a groundwater supply from the School’s front quad. “There are forty wells, 450’ deep each,” Baker explains. “We are basically transferring the heat either out of the ground and into the building (for heat) or out of the building and into the ground (for air conditioning). We decided to move forward with this system because we felt it provides a great return on invested capital.”

For Baker, he feels a deeper connection with the Smith Field House space as an alumnus. “As a student-athlete at T-P, I was competing against other schools on Wednesdays and Saturdays,” Baker explains. “Now, I’m competing with them on a daily basis—and the physical campus is a large component in maintaining a competitive position to leverage our many strengths against other schools.”

Follow progress on the Smith Field House here.



“Ryan has a prodigious intellect, one that he is constantly looking to grow,” said Headmaster Bill Taylor during his address at Commencement introducing Ryan Winn as the Class of 2017 Valedictorian. “When I gave him his grades for the last marking period of his high school career, one that boasted grades in the high 90s and effort marks of 1 in all subjects, I said that he was keeping the pedal to the metal until the very end. With a wry smile, he simply said, ‘Is there any other option?’” For those that have known Ryan over the course of his time at Trinity-Pawling, whether as teachers, coaches, or friends, many sentiments echo those of Headmaster Taylor. “As Ryan has often said, ‘I am here to make dents in the universe’,” Headmaster Taylor mentioned in his address. “We have seen the dents here at Trinity-Pawling and there is one thing I can predict for the dents he will make at Bowdoin College and beyond—they will only grow more pronounced.”

Headmaster Taylor continued his introduction, “Ryan loves learning. He was the only student in an independent study class that spent the year studying James Joyce’s Ulysses—a class that culminated with a 30 plus page thesis. When one of his teachers referenced ‘senioritis,’ Ryan remarked, ‘I just don’t get it—we are here to learn.’”

Fittingly, Ryan’s Valedictory speech related the high school experience of a teenage boy to that of his own struggles to understand Ulysses, and Joyce’s style of writing in a stream of consciousness fashion. “When things get difficult just keep going, and hopefully you will have an understanding of what it’s all about,” Ryan said in his speech.

“High school can be a tough and confusing time, but we all lucked out because we had the luxury of having that time be at Trinity-Pawling. Trinity-Pawling; a place where the teachers will continuously push every student to their greatest potential; a place where the teachers care more about students and whether they succeed or not, than anywhere else; a place where you can make some of the best friends of your life that you will never forget; a place where you are so close on the sports fields you’d be willing to die for your teammate next to you; a place that teaches you to go after what you want; and a place that teaches you to have no fears,” Ryan said.

To end his speech, Ryan charged his classmates, “Let’s go out and attack the world, because I am tired of hearing all of us talk and am excited to hear people start talking about us. Thank you, and once again, congratulations to the Class of 2017! Roll Pride.”

Watch Ryan’s story here.



Gary Gray was appointed Science Department Chair in 2007. After assuming this position, Gary Gray restructured the entire science curriculum. Mr. Gray transformed Trinity-Pawling into a Physics First School, and reorganized the course order in the department to reflect a more modern approach to the sequence. Now Trinity-Pawling students take physics, chemistry, and biology in that order if they join us in their ninth grade year. This approach has bolstered the School’s enrollment in upper level physics classes significantly.

Mr. Gray also instituted the Science Research Program – a collaborative effort with the State University at Albany. This is a three year course in which students select a topic and complete a major research project, which culminates in a presentation their senior year during a science symposium. These students earn college credit from SUNY Albany.

Mr. Gray has done an exemplary job at overseeing the Science Department in his tenure. His emphasis on hands-on, project-based learning since his arrival prepared his department and students for our recent curricular shift very well.

In 2002, former Dean of Faculty Maria Reade began a tradition to acknowledge faculty who have achieved ten years of service with the School by presenting them a service patch award—”Good and Faithful Servant”.  On May 25th, at Trinity-Pawling’s yearbook dedication ceremony at Gardiner Theater, Dean of Faculty Todd Hoffman presented the service patch to Mr. Gray. The entire student body and faculty rose with a standing ovation acknowledging Mr. Gray’s service and dedication to the School.

 We all wish Gary the best for a long and joyful retirement.


On Tuesday May 23rd, the Trinity-Pawling community gathered to honor the School’s Spring Season Varsity Athletes. The following athletes received awards for their outstanding contributions:


James K. McDougal Award: Stephen Morrissey ’17

Coaches Award: Jack Makris ’17


Jack Adams Annual Award: Hitoshi Matsukage ’17

Coaches Award: William Yau ’18


Annual Award: Chris Taylor ’17

Coaches Award: Dennis Ilmela ’17


Most Improved Player: Moey Lardy ’17

Coaches Awards: Josh Reiss ’17 and Marc Welch ’18

Offensive MVP: Chris Connolly ’17

Defensive MVP: Sam Shafer ’17

William LaBelle Award: Ethan Black-Fernandes ’17


John P. Karpoe Award: James Varian ’17

Triandifalou Award: Ryan Winn ’17

Coaches Award: Chris Polletta ’17 and Christian Layne ’17


In addition to the wins and on-field accomplishments, we are also proud of our athletes for setting high standards in the academic building, the dorms, and in our school community as a whole. Congratulations to these student-athletes for their great contributions to Trinity-Pawling School.


Annual Phil Haughey ’53 Three Varsity Sport Award

Phil Haughey is an esteemed member of Trinity-Pawling’s Class of 1953.  He was one of the first to be inducted into Trinity-Pawling’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1998.  Highlights from Haughey’s athletic career at Trinity-Pawling includes varsity football, basketball, and baseball; Captain of football and basketball; Prefect, and Vice President of the student council.  At Harvard, Haughey continued to play football, basketball, and baseball; was President of the Harvard Varsity Club; and recipient of the Harvard Club of New York Thomas Slocum Award.

Congratulations to the 16 student athletes who were honored with the 2017 Phil Haughey ’53 Three Varsity Sport Award:

Tre Fletcher ’20
Zack Conlan ’19
Jake Conlan ’19
Joe Perettine ’18
Joe Webber ’18
Joey Musa ’19
Connor Bastidas ’18
Nate Tanner ’18
Zach Mazur ’17
Hitoshi Matsukage ’17
Dennis Ilmela ’17
Stephen Morrissey ’17
Chris Taylor ’17
Will Dencker ’17
Jeff Thompson ’17
Avery Johnson ’17



“The teachers and everyone at T-P valued me and my presence, and I felt that.” – Toussaint “T.C.” Romain ’96, Trustee

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At Trinity-Pawling, we take pride in our approach to helping students find their best-fit colleges. We are proud of this matriculation list, which represents the colleges where Trinity-Pawling graduates are heading in the 2017-18 year. 

Name College
Alexis, Peter University of Missouri Columbia
Ballard, Jesse University of Hartford
Berkeley, Jason New York University
Black-Fernandes, Ethan Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Brownell, Justin Boston University
Bull, Thomas The University of Arizona
Cameron, Matthew University of Vermont
Cartagena, Luis New York Institute of Technology
Cerny, Matthew Boston College
Charron, Nicholas SUNY College at Geneseo
Chong, Man Hang Boston University
Cody, William The University of Tampa
Colombo, Nicholas Queens University of Charlotte
Conklin, Ira Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Connolly, Christopher University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Cordes, William Rhodes College
Correa, Jonas Quinnipiac University
Dailey, Robert Gettysburg College
Degenhardt, Nikolai Virginia Tech
Dencker, William Trinity College
DiMaggio, Ronald Gettysburg College
Eltigani, Ahmed University of Hartford
Estony, William Trinity College
Galarza, Matthew Gaston Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ge, Glyn University of Rochester
Gilman, Benjamin American University
Girard, Jonathan Trinity College
Gundrum, Tyler Skidmore College
Harris, Brandon Monmouth University
Harvey, Dakota Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Hayutin, Robert Purdue University
Himatsingka, Varun Trinity College
Huang, Zimo Trinity College
Imoro, Osuman Dickinson College
Inghilterra, Louis Dickinson College
Jacobowski, Louis Hofstra University
Jelinek, Charles Keene State College
Johnson, Avery Queens University of Charlotte
Jorgensen, Luke Endicott College
Kante, Ibrahim North Carolina State University
Lampert, Justin Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Lantieri, Brendan Siena College
Lardy, Michael Marquette University
Larned, MacLean Colorado College
Layne, Christian Central Connecticut State University
Linder, John Marist College
Lois, Troy The University of Northwestern Ohio
Ma, Tianyi University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ma, Zesheng University of California, Irvine
Masi, Peter Miami University, Oxford
Matsukage, Hitoshi Boston University
McCardell, Michael Hampden-Sydney College
McDougal, Kenneth Sacred Heart University
McGuire, Brennan Carleton University
Meyer, Alec United States Air Force Academy
Morley, Joseph Northumberland College
Morrissey, Stephen Rochester Institute of Technology
Nelson, David Pennsylvania State University
Norris, Ricky Je’lynd Devon Assumption College
Olstein, Hunter Hamilton College – NY
Opont, Samuel Endicott College
Park, Min Sung University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Pizzo, Joseph Elon University
Polletta, Christopher Fairfield University
Rango, Nikolaus Marist College
Reilly, Cormac Quinnipiac University
Reiss, Joshua Lehigh University
Rothman, Jake Connecticut College
Ruggiero, John Gettysburg College
Salis, Kevin Manhattan College
Sanguinetti, Michael Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Shafer, Samuel Loyola University Maryland
Shin, Seungjae Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Sun, Zhou University of Southern California
Taylor, Christopher Franklin & Marshall College
Thompson, Jeffrey Mercyhurst University
Varian, James SUNY College at Cortland
Verdesi, Jacob Rochester Institute of Technology
Vincent, Jean-Paul University of New England
Vu, Nhat Manhattan College
Wang, Yijin Emory University
Wang, Zi Dong Northeastern University
Webber, Larry McGill University
Weicker, Tyler SUNY College at Cobleskill
Williams, Sam Central Connecticut State University
Wilson, Jeremy Concordia University – Montreal
Winn, Ryan Bowdoin College
Wint, Asa Trinity College
Wu, Mianchen Syracuse University
Zhang, Zhongwen Northeastern University
Zimmerman, Raymond Iowa State University




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