2019-2020 Trinity-Pawling Prefects

Each spring at Trinity-Pawling’s time-honored Stepping Up ceremony, a small group of rising seniors are elected as prefects for the upcoming year. Derived from the Latin word for leader, prefects are voted in by the student body and faculty, serving as student leaders and modeling the School’s ideals of honor, respect, and hard work. Eight prefects were elected for the 2019-2020 school year, earning the honor by demonstrating their commitment to the School and most importantly, to their peers. At the beginning of each school year, Headmaster Bill Taylor assigns each prefect a specific area of oversight as part of that young man’s leadership responsibilities. Here’s a snapshot into the Class of 2020 Prefects and their plans for the year ahead:

Solomon Hess ’20, Head Prefect

“When I was a new freshman, the prefects were the guys that I looked up to the most. Filling that role now, I’m excited to carry the torch and I know it’s up to me to not let my classmates down. My plan for the year is to do what I’ve always done: be there for the entirety of the student body, stay as involved in the community as possible, and do everything I can to improve the community for all its members. It helps to have an outstanding group alongside me!”

Ben Yoon ’20, Junior Prefect

“Headmaster Taylor appointed me as the prefect of academics. I plan to keep an ear out for any concerns from students regarding their academic work, seeing what I can do to help them manage their workload. As a prefect, I think it’s important to set a standard for the boys at T-P to live by, and to help anyone who needs it as much as I can.”

Richard Bolding ’20

“I am the prefect of student life. My goal for this year is to have people of all different backgrounds come together and really get to know one another. To me, being a prefect means being a voice for my peers. It means doing things to make everyone’s time here memorable and fun while setting a good example and showing leadership.”

Trevor Cole ’20

“I am the prefect of the arts and music. I hope to coordinate with Mr. Kelsey and Mr. Reade to put arts events together throughout the year — like the Jazz Band playing during half-time at the homecoming football game. I also want to encourage new students (who don’t participate in the arts) to try something new!”

Daniel Csaszar ’20

“Mr. Taylor appointed me the prefect of service, which goes along well with my position as the President of National Honor Society. I want to help students find joy in helping others and giving back to both the T-P and local communities. To me, being a prefect means putting your best foot forward, looking out for your brothers, and taking time out of your day to do the right thing. I really want everyone to feel like they have a home at T-P. We may have different views and backgrounds, but at the end of the day, we’re all one big family.”

Henry Daniel ’20

“I am the prefect of honor. Throughout the year, I want to emphasize the importance of honor and integrity at T-P, both academically and as a community. Being a prefect is very important to me. It’s our duty to make this special place even greater!”

Lucas Hughes ’20

“Mr. Taylor has put me in charge of zeal. I am responsible for creating and keeping school spirit on campus. I organize events to bring the brotherhood together and support one another — like bonfires, pep rallies, and more. I want to encourage my peers to be involved in as much as they can…go to the games, cheer on the teams, and be engaged!”

Stephen Willey ’20

“I am the prefect of victuals…which means food. My main focus this year will be to keep in touch with the dining hall and Cave staff, sharing the fan favorites that we all enjoy and giving them feedback to help prepare for future meals. I’m proud to be a prefect this year. Being a role model and being there for my brothers means a lot to me.”

by Emma Christiantelli