Recently, I had the wonderful surprise of spending time with some of my closest friends from high school. It was a terrific reunion and it made me wonder how the years have gone by so quickly! In reflecting on those years, it dawned on me that the music that I was listening to in high school still resonates with me, although today’s teenagers would probably not even recognize the artists. So, in an effort toward cultural edification, I submit my top ten albums* from my high school years:

10. Fleetwood Mac: Tusk

9. Led Zeppelin: In Through the Out Door

8. Dire Straits: Making Movies

7. The Police: Regatta de Blanc

6. The J. Geils Band: Love Stinks

5. Pink Floyd: The Wall

4. The Clash: Sandanista!

3. Talking Heads: Remain in Light

2. Bruce Springsteen: The River

1. The Clash: London Calling

*Yes, once you bought music on vinyl plates

Wishing everyone a rockin’ New Year!

Matt Dealy ’92 with his family at Trinity-Pawling School


If the only thing constant is change, Matt Deely ’92 is ok with it, even if that statement applies to his, and now his son Jack’s experience at Trinity-Pawling. Certainly, the School that Jack is attending now is markedly different from the Trinity-Pawling of 30 years ago. The Chapel schedule has changed, there are now sit-down lunches instead of dinners, the dress code is updated based on the season, and the buildings have been transformed! And yet, there is a common thread that remains, and for Deely, that’s what is most important.

“Everything has evolved at T-P — it really seems like a different school today. And yet, the end game is the same. The core values, the faculty, and what they can bring out of you — those are all still there. Jack and I are two very different people and what I needed from T-P as a 15-year-old is certainly not the same as what Jack does. But I know, because the important things remain, that he will grow and discover his passions and experience those sparks of self-realization just like I did,” Deely reflects.

Private schools weren’t even on Deely and wife Libby’s radar for their children. Deely brought Jack to a couple of School events over the years — reunion, Candlelight Service, etc. — and the decision to apply truly came from Jack. “He loved the atmosphere on campus. Jack felt there was a true community vibe and great camaraderie,” Deely mentioned. “He’s the oldest of four siblings, so the fact that there is a real family-feel at the School made a big difference for him.”

One thing that Deely has stressed to Jack is that this needs to be his experience. “The ball is in his court. I don’t want him to be the ‘son of Matt Deely’ — it’s his responsibility to take initiative and make his time at the School his own.” Deely remarks. Of course, there are parallels that they’re seeing already, and Deely is thrilled about that! “One of the best experiences for me came in my senior year English class. My teacher, Mr. Britton, was a stickler for grammar and pronunciation. I learned so much from him, and it has served me all my life! Similarly, Jack is having a great experience in Ralph Fedele’s English class this year. Mr. Fedele’s classroom provides an important forum for discussion of ideas and themes – Jack really loves it!” Deely comments.

Deely credits the School with teaching him critical communication skills, how to manage his time, and how to promote and advocate for ideas and projects. “Don’t tell my college this, but I learned more about life from T-P than I did during my four years in higher ed!” Deely jokes. As for what he’d like Jack to gain from his time at the School, Deely says, “Jack’s experience will be different but the same. One of the best things about being a legacy parent is that I know Trinity-Pawling will get my son where he needs to be, because it did the same for me!”

by Kate Vengrove

Trinity-Pawling School alum Phil Haughey ’53


Phil Haughey ’53 went to Trinity-Pawling at age 15, the first time he had left the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. What inspired the young man to leave his beloved Framingham?

“Dick Clasby … he was a standout athlete at Natick High School, our rival, and broke every record in football, hockey, baseball, and track. Every kid growing up in greater Boston idolized him.” Clasby spent a postgraduate year at Trinity-Pawling in 1950 before heading to Harvard where he continued his athletic legacy. “Our fathers were friends and Mr. Clasby asked my dad if I would consider going to Trinity-Pawling. Mr. Dann arranged a scholarship for me so off I went in 1950. I am eternally grateful to Dick; he was a terrific guy, a true role model.”

Haughey spent three formative years at Trinity-Pawling, guided by the men who revived the School. “Mr. Dann, Mr. Riddleberger, and Mr. Dunbar were getting the School up and running. Of course, we never had any sense of the administrative challenges and pressures they were under. Mr. Karpoe coached me in football, basketball, and baseball; he was also my advisor and taught me chemistry and physics. Mr. Tirrell looked out for guys from the Boston area where he came from. He was in charge of the work program and always gave me the back steps of Barstow. Well, no one used those stairs so I never had to pick up a single piece of paper!”

“T-P was the best place in America for a boy,” Haughey reflects. “I could walk out my door, shoot hoops, swim in the pool, eat, sleep, and do a little studying with friends. What could be better?” A celebrated athlete himself, Haughey played varsity basketball and captained the football and baseball teams. He was inducted into the School’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1998. Like Clasby,

Haughey continued at Harvard where he studied history and government, played three sports, and presided over the Harvard Varsity Club. Haughey has spent his career in commercial real estate and remains an ardent supporter of Trinity-Pawling. Along with his wife Peggy, Haughey has graciously hosted the Trinity-Pawling Holiday Reception at the Harvard Club of Boston on six occasions. Thank you for your continued support and generosity, Phil!

by Maria Buteux Reade

Bob Reilly working with students in the MakerSpace


Over the course of his fascinating career, Bob Reilly has worked in a variety of roles and industries — from robotics engineering and the medical field to education and history. He’s even dabbled in politics, serving as a senator representative, and in library science, working as the Director of the Pawling Library for a time. Many will also remember Reilly as the Academic Computer Coordinator here at Trinity-Pawling in the early 2000s. “I guess I haven’t quite decided what I want to be when I grow up,” he shared with a smile.

With his vast array of knowledge and expertise, Reilly was thrilled to return to Trinity-Pawling this year to serve as the MakerSpace Facilitator in the Gardiner Library and Learning Commons. Just over two years in the making, the School’s MakerSpace is a collaborative work area in Gardiner Library where faculty and students can engage in hands-on learning and discovery. The space is equipped with all the tools students need (and then some!) to design, create, prototype, and test — all within a safe learning environment.

As the MakerSpace Facilitator, Reilly doesn’t teach just one specific class. Instead, he has the opportunity to be a part of every class on campus, from history to physics. “I joke that I don’t have to go to work…I go to play,” Reilly shared. “I get to research, design, and promote interdisciplinary projects to make any class more active and hands-on. The work that the boys do here in the MakerSpace gives them a new perspective on what they’re learning in the classroom.”

Like building model ships to learn about maritime travel during the Age of Exploration in World History; or creating three dimensional models of the human digestive system in 7th Grade Science; or building radio-controlled race cars in First Year Physics. And those are just the beginning!

“Light bulb moments have to be my favorite part of this job,” Reilly shared. “When the boys actually get their race car to move or they solve a problem all on their own…when the material from class starts to click. That’s when I know I’m doing something right.”

For Reilly, the MakerSpace is an invaluable aspect of Trinity-Pawling’s academic environment. “Every student learns in a different way — this hands-on, learning by doing approach allows the students to dive in, explore with guidance, and learn a lot about themselves in the process.”

With the Winter Term well underway, Reilly looks forward to an exciting series of new projects, including building a functional telegraph, designing and constructing bridges from uncooked spaghetti to test weight, and even building a lie detector. He is also eager to be a resource for any and all Winter Projects. “The opportunities in the MakerSpace are truly endless,” Reilly concluded. “What can we build next?”

by Emma Christiantelli

Trinity-Pawling student Soloman Hess on stage


The Class of 2020 Head Prefect Solomon Hess is known for his diverse engagements as a varsity lacrosse player, actor, musician, activist, and campus leader. His Senior Independent Project is coming to life as he builds theater production into his multiplicity of talent and experiences at Trinity-Pawling. Hess says the original inspiration came in math class as a junior, with a doodle of a tall robed figure on a page divider. Almost a full year later, he has cast his musical production and is preparing for his directing debut with A Train Through The Dark.

After his hilarious starring role as spelling bee winner William Morris Barfée in the Winter 2019 production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Hess leaned into the power of humor in the writing of his own play. A background in piano lessons and 4-year music study at Trinity-Pawling where he picked up the guitar, bass, and drums equipped Hess to compose all of the numbers for his own musical.

Reflecting on the writing process, Hess acknowledged the importance of discipline as he had to set his own deadlines. He describes the first table reading of his finished script as surreal. “Hearing my own words out of someone else’s mouth, I was super critical. It was that first table read where I was able to tell myself that this could actually happen, and that people would come to see the play.”

Hess has partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to fundraise for the Hudson Valley Chapter, with donations counting as admission to the play. “I chose AFSP because their big push is the idea of hope,” he explains. “I wanted to make the show mean more than just coming to see something I created. I want people to come because they support what the play is trying to fight.”

A Train Through The Dark debuts in Gardiner Theater on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 8:00 PM, with additional playings at 8:00 PM on Saturday, February 1, and 2:00 PM on Sunday February 2. A link to buy tickets via donation to the AFSP can be located here.

by Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris



On Tuesday, December 10, over 100 Trinity-Pawling alumni, parents, faculty, students, and friends gathered at the Union Club for the annual New York City Holiday Reception. It was a wonderful evening of reconnection and holiday cheer. We are truly grateful to Michael Kovner ’58 and Jean Doyen de Montaillou for generously hosting the reception — for the seventh year in a row! It is always a delightful way to celebrate the season with the Trinity-Pawling community.

In addition to hosting the New York City holiday reception each year, Michael Kovner ’58 is also in his eighth year of serving on the Trinity-Pawling Board of Trustees. He is a committed trustee, a connected alumnus, and a steadfast supporter of the School.

“Much of who I am today is due to my years at T-P,” shared Kovner. “Though more than half a century has gone by, it seems like just yesterday to me. The School today makes me proud to be an alumnus and honored to serve on the Board.”

After graduating from Trinity-Pawling, Kovner went on to Lafayette College to study government, followed by Georgetown’s School of Foreign Affairs for graduate school. He also spent time at the University of Dijon in France. Not long after, Kovner was drafted into the United States Army, serving in the Vietnam War. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers, and eventually promoted to First Lieutenant. Following his service, Kovner spent his career in residential sales, all the while staying connected to Trinity-Pawling.

During this season of celebration and reflection, we express our gratitude to you, Michael, for your ongoing dedication to the School!

by Emma Christiantelli

Trinity-Pawling Varsity Hockey Coach Robert Ferraris with the team


Coach: Robert Ferraris (5 years)
Last year’s record: 10-13-2
Returners: Seniors — Christian Colantonio (RD), Taylor Ewing (RF), John Gelatt (LF), Jack Kucharski (LF), Stephen Willey (RF); Juniors — Jake Aloi (LF), Cal Hade (LF), Davvid O’Keefe (G), Kyle Stober (LF); Sophomore — Jack Musa (LF)
New Faces: PGs — Francesco Santaniello (RF); Seniors — Frank Djurasevic (RD), Rory McLaughlin (RD), Spencer Ryall (LF); Juniors — Jaden Boreanaz (RF), Cam Carroll (G), Michael Fritz (RD), Jack Gorton (RF), Jack Kircher (LD), Sam Nichols (RD), Dean Rocco (RD); Sophomores — Tyler Fogu (LF), Adam Franasiak (LF), Jared Mangan (LF), Mateo Picozzi (RD)

Expectations are high for this team of proven returners and many talented newcomers. Forwards Taylor Ewing, John Gelatt, Jack Musa, and Stephen Willey showed last season that they could control the play on both sides of the puck. There will be some high-powered players donning the Trinity-Pawling sweater for the first time; that, combined with the impressive off-season development of returning juniors Jake Aloi and Kyle Stober will give essential depth up-front. Backend veterans Christian Colantonio and goaltender Davvid O’Keefe both played critical roles in the team’s strong finish last season. Many of the new skaters should fill top roles in the lineup. Through December, the Pride saw wins against Albany Academy and Hoosac School in Pawling and then Loomis Chaffee at Trinity College, followed by an 8-1 destruction of Tabor Academy to round out the Avon Holiday Tournament. Captains Ewing and Willey lead the way as Pride point-getters thus far.

Coach: Bill Casson (15 years)
Returners: Seniors — Truth Harris (G), Tim Moran (G), Donte’ Williams (G), Chris Gleaton (G), Josiah Turner (F), Tadhg Crowley (C), Sam Fechner (G); Juniors — Zach Wolkoff (F)
New Faces: PGs — Justin Archer (F), Noah Martin (G), Ronald Toole (G); Freshman — Deandre Williams (G)

The Trinity-Pawling varsity basketball team has many returning players from the 2018-19 campaign. Senior captain Truth Harris will be counted on to lead this team. He is a major talent and one of the most exciting players to watch in the NEPSAC. Fellow senior Chris Gleaton has returned with a more aggressive approach to his game. He is fast, athletic, and shoots the ball well. Tadhg Crowley ’20 will be asked to anchor our defense; at 6’9″ he is a rim defender and ferocious rebounder. PG Justin Archer, from Edison, NJ is a 6’7″ versatile player who can score from anywhere on the court. Fellow PG Ronnie Toole is a solid combo guard from Morgantown, PA. Other returners will be counted on this year to contribute a lot. Senior Sam Fechner will play as a versatile wing guard from Germany, Josiah Turner as a 6’8″ forward with a nice shooting touch, and Tim Moran as a “do it all” type of player who has improved greatly from last year. Rounding out the lineup is strong, scrappy senior Donte’ Williams, junior Zach Wolkoff, DeAndre Williams, who is a rare freshman phenom, and postgraduate lacrosse star Noah Martin who was a nice surprise pick-up. Through December, the squad has picked up wins against the Hun School and Westminster, as well as rolling over tournament foes Tabor Academy and Belmont Hill before falling to Thayer in the final contest of 2019. Harris and Archer continue to electrify the gym as high scorers.

Coach: Bill Dunham (18 years)
Returners: Seniors — Austin Anderson, David Bancroft, Kyle Hammel, Lucas Hughes; Juniors — Liam Dietrich, Givanni Flaccavento, Ryan Kant, Nolan Maclear, Jimmy Nolan; Sophomores — Robbie Accomando, Seamus Balistreri, Kyle Lee
New Faces: PG — Jakob Edwards; Junior — Jeff Miller; Sophomores — Michael Pellitteri, Mason Clark; Freshmen — Harry Clark, Kai Dallimore, Joe Bento; Middle School — Hunter Baran, Justin Fugelsang

The Trinity-Pawling wrestlers return a strong upper class bolstered by new additions to the team. As a group, the Pride placed second at Western New England’s last winter, fourth at New England’s, and 20th at the National Prep Tournament. Individually, seven wrestlers were awarded place-winner status at New England’s. All-American Dietrich will begin the season healthy after a knee injury last football season, and recent Wesleyan commit Lucas Hughes and Gettysburg-bound David Bancroft lead the team in their final season with the Pride. New additions Edwards, Miller, Mason Clark, and Harry Clark will compete at a high level. Through December, the wrestlers placed second out of sixteen at the Hopkins tournament, and easily took down Marvelwood at home.

Coach: Frank Fritts (2 years*)
Returners: Seniors — Rodger Ecker (Captain); Juniors — Whit Hazlewood; Sophomores — Tjende Djibo, Heiner Badilla-Sanchez (manager)
New Faces: Seniors — Andrew Zhang, CJ Mezzatesta; Junior — Tommy Li, Kevin Li, Aidan Morgan, Tae Kwon; Sophomores — Chase Newbold; Freshmen — Charlie Friedman

The varsity squash team is looking to move forward from last year. Returning players from last year’s team are providing continuity and leadership to the new members of the team. Those who were on JV or 3rds in the past (Zhang, Mezzatesta, Li, Li, Morgan, Kwon) have worked hard on their games and are excited to break through at the varsity level. Underclassmen Newbold and Friedman are new to Trinity-Pawling but arrive with a lot of squash experience and are excited to jump in towards the top of the order to make a big impact right away.
* Coach Fritts has been with the squash program for 10 years, and this is his second season at the helm. Roll Pride!

by Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris

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Pond Hockey at Trinity-Pawling School


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Trinity-Pawling students engaged with project-based learning


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Trinity-Pawling School Hubbard Courts


Join us for the inaugural Trinity-Pawling Alumni Basketball Game in memory of Miles H. Hubbard, Jr. ’57, P’82.

When: Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 4:00 PM
Where: Trinity-Pawling School – Smith Field House – Miles H. Hubbard Court

Please join us on January 18 for some basketball and fun on the Trinity-Pawling campus! All ages and skill levels are welcome. There will be a reception following the game and Pride Varsity Basketball will take on Kent at 7:00 PM.

RSVP to or call Janet Hubbard P’07 at 845-855-4830.