On Saturday, May 25, 2019, Trinity-Pawling School held its 112th Commencement exercises and celebrated the graduation of 73 students.

The Commencement speaker was Mrs. Elizabeth P. Allen (Liz), President of the Board of Trustees. Student speakers included Valedictorian Yin Jiang, of Lexington, MA and Head Prefect John M. Garvey of Hamden, CT.
Headmaster William W. Taylor awarded prizes. The diplomas were presented by Board President Mrs. Elizabeth P. Allen and members of the Board of Trustees.


Yin Jiang

Zixian Jia
Yunpeng Li
Evan U. Ruschil
Ziqing Wang

Nolan Sebastian Laplante
Ryan W. McBeth
Robert Frederick Phillips
William Robert Rickert
Zewen Zhao

Marcus Armand Beato
Ibrahim Ihab Bekhiet
Theodore Berner
Hongru Bi
Gabriel Blanchard
Jackson A. Breton
Jake Louis Conlan
John H. Dencker
Matthew Richard Dow
John Duane
Marcus Eldredge
Peter R. Gaillard
Victor Manuel Garcia
John M. Garvey
Dean Joseph Gillette
Brett Ginac
Joao Eduardo Gonzalez
Nicholas Grande
John H. Haims
Connor Stephen Harris
Kareem Holloway
Youngcheon Steven Hong
Yunhan Jiao
Christian J. Keyes
Yoonjae Kim
Michael Koch
Richie LaCalandra
Charles Devoy Langdon
Junyi Lin
Caldwell Davidson Lowrance III
Mitchell John Lukas
Daniel F. Manning
Timothy J. Manning
Tyler J. Marma
Douglas M. McHale
Conor J. McKay
Cole McKenzie
William McLaughlin
Chengzhen Meng
Patrick Metzger
Griffin Moore
Nicklas Konrad Morgan
Shane M. Murphy
Peter Will Murray
Joseph Musa
Bryce Barrington Nash
Aron O’Buck
Aleksi Olavuo
Stephen A. Perez
Andrew D. Poynton
Quran Rahman
Cameron Shepheard
Benjamin Osgood Sleeper
Sandy Sossoadouno
Jesnel Soto
Scott Stensrud
Samuel V. Stone
Mark E. Trainor
Philip S. Waugh
Shjon Patrick Whitehead
Ziqin Zhang
Maxwell F. Zheng*
Hongyi Zhu

The following were presented with Commencement Awards:

McCollum Award to the Head Prefect John M. Garvey
Valedictorian for the Class of 2019 Yin “Leo” Jiang
Dunbar Award for Service Dutch Keel, Dean of Residential Life
Art Zixian “Jason” Jia
Instrumental Music Award Douglas McHale and William Rickert
Vocal Music Award Yin “Leo” Jiang
Excellence in Theater Christian Keyes
Henderson Prize in English Robert Phillips
Norwood L. Pinder Prize in Journalism Robert Phillips
Excellence in History (Senior) Timothy Manning
French Sandy Sossoadouno
Spanish Yin “Leo” Jiang
Anderson Prize in Latin Robert Phillips
Elliot Prize in Senior Mathematics Ziqing “Tim” Wang
Environmental Science Award Ziqing “Tim” Wang
Ernest J. Reiter Award for Physical Science Yunpeng “Bob” Li
Outstanding Achievement in Senior Independent Project Yin “Leo” Jiang
Honor Student (Grade Twelve) Yin “Leo” Jiang
Headmaster’s Award for Excellence Nicklas Morgan
Elizabeth Peale Allen Community Service Award Robert Phillips
Colley Award for Leadership William Rickert
Creighton E. Gatchell, Jr. Sportsmanship Award Evan Ruschil
Weeman Athletic Award Joseph Musa
Senior Citizenship Prize Robert Phillips
Kevin Neal Acrish Award Robert Phillips
Gamage Award for General Excellence Nolan Laplante

View a complete description of awards and watch speeches here.



“Right now, I am overwhelmed with mixed, but utterly strong emotions,” began Yin “Leo” Jiang ’19 in his valedictory address at Trinity-Pawling’s 112th Commencement Ceremony. “Nervousness, uncertainty, nostalgia, and yet excitement and optimism all at the same time.”

Honored and humbled to be Valedictorian of the Class of 2019, Jiang expressed gratitude to his classmates for all that they taught him over his years at Trinity-Pawling. From the classrooms to the dorms and everywhere in between, Jiang acknowledged that he learned just as much from his brothers as he did from his teachers.

“As one of the greatest philosophers in China, Confucius, once said: ‘There must be one out of three who can be your teacher.’ I learned from you guys to become a better version of myself, to embrace the idea of brotherhood, and to become a true brother to my younger sibling,” shared Jiang. As he and his fellow graduates leave Trinity-Pawling and embark on their individual journeys, Jiang challenged them to be lifelong learners, change-makers, and friends.

“Class of 2019, I ask you to learn not only from your teachers but also from your peers,” he concluded. “I challenge you to treat everyone you meet in the future as sincerely as you would your brothers here and I charge you to expand your brotherhood until it has no bounds.”

In addition to his Valedictorian honors, Jiang was also presented with the Vocal Music Award, Spanish Award, Outstanding Achievement in the Senior Independent Project, and the Senior Honor Student Award during the Commencement ceremony. In the fall, he will attend the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to study Statistics and Economics.

“It goes without saying that Leo excels in his academic work,” shared Headmaster Taylor. “What needs to be said, however, is the deep impact that his depth of character and caring has had on those fortunate enough to teach him and study alongside him. While he moves on from this relatively small learning community, we know that he will make his mark on the much larger UCLA community and beyond.”

Congratulations, Leo! We are eager to see what you will accomplish next!

Watch Leo’s full speech here.

by Emma Christiantelli



As a top college prep school in the Northeast, the Trinity-Pawling community works together each year to provide students with the guidance and support they need to find success in college and beyond. The dedicated college counseling team has an individualized, student-centered approach as they thoughtfully guide each student through the college selection process — from researching and visiting to applying and interviewing. As the recent graduates from the Class of 2019 can certainly confirm, Co-Directors of College Counseling Slade Mead, Scott Harff, and their team work tirelessly to keep the college application experience efficient, focused, and rewarding.

The Class of 2019 applied to 319 different colleges this year. A total of 866 applications were submitted, with 32 Early Decision applications and 248 Early Action applications. Now with graduation behind us, and all college commitments finalized, the College Counseling team has a chance to reflect on the year.

“I’d like to thank the Class of 2019 for sharing their stories with Mr. Mead and me throughout the year,” shared Harff. “The college process is a very vulnerable and intimidating experience. Each and every student opened up and took healthy risks; in doing so they made their college search and application process that much more rewarding.”

Mead and Harff also acknowledged the efforts put into the Senior Independent Projects this year — an important component of every college application. “Each year, the curriculum builds upon itself,” explained Harff. “This year was no exception and I truly believe that the students in the class of 2019 had the most formative experiences yet!”

On Saturday, May 25, 2019, 73 members of the Class of 2019 received their diplomas from Trinity-Pawling School and will go on to higher education, including Dartmouth College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Syracuse University, Williams College, and many more. View the full matriculation list on our website.

On behalf of the College Counseling team and all faculty, staff, and students at Trinity-Pawling, we’d like to congratulate the Class of 2019 and wish you continued success in the future!

by Emma Christiantelli



In May 2019, Elizabeth P. Allen retired as President of the Board of Trustees; she held this leadership position for 16 years.

“Serving as the Board President has been the best opportunity I’ve had for volunteer and nonprofit service, because of the people I’ve worked with on the board and in the administration. I’ve been buoyed by the excitement of education and the ability to help develop policies that make Trinity-Pawling so vibrant. Serving as a trustee has been a great gift to me.”

When asked to reflect on the growth of the School over the past four decades, Liz Allen first laughed in amazement. “I never dreamed I’d be involved this long! But this work is so meaningful to me.” She then shared observations that reveal the depth of her institutional knowledge. “Anyone who lived through the 1960s and 70s knows it was a tumultuous time. Phil Smith P’79 came to Trinity-Pawling in 1970 and worked diligently to make the School a fine educational institution. At the time, Trinity-Pawling and Trinity School Manhattan were governed by the same board of trustees, called the Trinity Episcopal Schools Corporation. That board was New York-oriented, so Phil and a few friends of Trinity-Pawling put together an advisory group in 1975 to offer counsel to the Manhattan board on matters that pertained specifically to Trinity-Pawling. Phil invited me to serve on that advisory group, along with then-president Dick Colhoun P’70, P’72 and others. In 1978, Trinity-Pawling separated officially from Trinity School, and we formed our own distinct board. I’ve been on that board ever since. That’s 44 years!”

What has kept her inspired and engaged? “My incredible colleagues over the years, the vitality of the School, and the dedication of the leadership.” Allen has served as a trustee under three headmasters: Phil Smith, Arch Smith, and Bill Taylor, each of whom advanced the School to new heights. “Phil Smith developed programs that made Trinity-Pawling an attractive place for families to send their kids. Under his leadership came the language retraining program and coeducation from the mid 1970s to mid 1980s. Phil also was instrumental in helping to create the Founders League in 1984. Joining that conference put our athletics into a larger, more competitive arena.”

“Arch Smith came in as a science teacher, with a gift for detail and data,” Allen continued. “However, he was also an excellent writer and brought a broad spectrum of skills that served the school well in his 25 years as head, in particular his financial acumen and skill at building out the campus. Now at the helm, Bill Taylor is an innovator and strong moral leader, with deep experience in the Episcopal church. Bill understands how to create curriculum that will serve the needs of today’s population while also training them for the future.”

Allen is pleased to see the same spirit of excitement and commitment in today’s trustees that infused the newly formed board of trustees in 1978. “We discuss and disagree and have different ideas, but in the end we all come together in the service of the School. There’s an unusual synergy among the trustees, more so than on other boards on which I have served. We have 25-year-old young alumni working alongside trustees with 20-plus years of experience. They feel the camaraderie and see the respect we all have for one another. I encourage all the trustees to apply their various gifts and skills to support the mission of the School.”

Allen praises the mentors who preceded her as a president. “Dick Colhoun was a do-er, an entrepreneur. Back in the early 1980s, he and I took several day trips to schools like ours around the New England area to see how they were serving their constituencies. Of course, we were casing the joints and seeing what we could learn! And Stretch Gardiner ’40 was an amazing influence on my life. He was such a kind human being and a dear friend, with enormous persuasive skills and a commanding presence, yet a gracious style of leadership. Other mentors include Millie Berendsen and Tip Kenyon P’77, both perceptive leaders and incredibly wise friends who would offer sound advice. I miss them to this day.”

Strategic planning every ten years has been crucial to Trinity-Pawling’s growth since 1990, according to Allen. “The School’s willingness to engage in these long range planning committees, comprised of trustees and members of the faculty and staff, allows the School to dream for the future. I was honored to chair the Long Range Planning Committee 2000. Serving on those planning committees provides amazing groundwork for developing leadership.”

In 2002, then-President Stretch Gardiner and Headmaster Arch Smith invited Liz Allen to lunch. “During the meal, they asked if I would be willing to succeed Stretch as President of the Board. I didn’t see that coming at all! After my chin hit the floor, I agreed and stepped into the role in 2003. I had no idea how I was going to follow this giant of a man, but everyone supported me. I realized I could do the job if I got myself out of the way, did what I thought was the right thing, and consulted with the head and others.”

Over the past 16 years, Allen says her leadership has evolved greatly. “I had to prepare well, be a perceptive listener, and keep the board focused on upholding the mission of the School. But above all, I strove to support the headmaster and ensure that he has sufficient time to rejuvenate.”

Throughout its 112-year history, Trinity-Pawling has remained grounded in its Episcopal values. Every Long Range Planning Committee since 1990 examines the School’s core values, and All Saints Chapel remains the heart of the community. However, Allen notes that society changes and schools must evolve as well to meet the emerging needs of the population. “Trinity-Pawling has always discerned ways to flourish while remaining grounded in its mission. This School does a superb job educating young men, supporting their families, and encouraging the development of the faculty and staff. I feel enormously proud of my deep connection to this School and grateful for this opportunity. And I would be honored to stay on as a trustee if they’ll have me.”

Rest assured, Liz. A seat at the boardroom table awaits your return in September. The Trinity-Pawling community remains indebted to you for your sagacious leadership and steady presence for 44 years, and counting.

by Maria Buteux Reade



On Saturday, May 11, 2019, the trustees of Trinity-Pawling School elected Erik Olstein as Board President, effective July 1, 2019.

Olstein, of Wilton, CT, is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of Olstein Capital Management, L.P. in Purchase, NY. He oversees the daily operations of the firm’s investment research, portfolio management, trading, client development, and relationship management functions. He also oversees development and execution of the firm’s growth strategy. Prior to the founding of Olstein Capital Management, L.P., he worked as a securities trader for Lehman Brothers. Before entering the financial industry, Olstein served as an aviator in the United States Navy.

As a trustee of Trinity-Pawling School since 2006, Olstein has chaired both the Trustee Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee, served on the 2010 Long Range Planning Committee, and co-chaired the 2015 Headmaster Search Committee.

Olstein also serves as a trustee and President of The American Friends of the National Museum of the Royal Navy (UK). He is a former trustee and Treasurer of the U.S. Naval Service Personal Educational Assistance Fund Inc., and is a former trustee of the National Maritime Historical Society. In addition, Olstein formerly served as a Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from George Washington University, Class of 1990.

A graduate of Trinity-Pawling School Class of 1986, Olstein, and his wife Kathleen are the parents of three Trinity-Pawling graduates: Ryan Olstein ’11, Kevon Olstein ’14, and Hunter Olstein ’17.

Like his predecessor Elizabeth P. Allen, who has been the Board President since 2003, Olstein is a gifted leader and will continue to lead the School, with wisdom, courage, and dedication, into the School’s next great phase of development. “I am honored to be the President of the Board of Trustees of Trinity-Pawling School. I have the opportunity to give back to an institution which has had such an impact in my life, and be a part of contributing to Trinity-Pawling’s future growth and success in educating young men for the future,” says Olstein.

by Judy Redder



On Friday, May 24, 2019, during the annual Yearbook Dedication and Awards Ceremony, the Trinity-Pawling community honored Miles H. Hubbard, Jr. ’57, P’82 for his 50+ years of service to the School.

Mr. Hubbard grew up in Connecticut. He entered Trinity-Pawling as a sophomore in the fall of 1954. As a senior, he served as a prefect and over his three years at the School, he did not miss an athletic season. He earned nine varsity letters: three for varsity basketball; three for varsity football; two for varsity baseball; and one for varsity track and field.

Following his graduation from Trinity-Pawling, Hubbard attended Middlebury College where he played four years of varsity football and two years of varsity basketball. He graduated in 1961 and entered the U.S. Army for a short period of time.

In 1964, Hubbard returned to Trinity-Pawling as a faculty member, teaching in the History Department and serving as a dorm parent in Cluett, Johnson, and Dunbar. In addition to his teaching and dorm duties, Hubbard also coached football, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, and eventually became Athletic Director. Most notably, he led the undefeated 1993-1994 Varsity Basketball Team in its most successful season — capturing the Tri-State and Founders League Championships, as well as the Class B New England Championship! As both a coach and administrator, Hubbard was instrumental in getting Trinity-Pawling School into the Founders League.

In 2001, Hubbard retired from Trinity-Pawling after 37 years of service to the School — yet he couldn’t stay away for long. He returned in 2008 and has worked in the equipment room ever since, totaling 51 years at Trinity-Pawling…and counting!

During the dedication ceremony, Athletic Director Brian Foster ’79 shared the following remarks celebrating Mr. Hubbard: “When I came back to Trinity-Pawling to teach and coach in 1987, I quickly became friends with the other young teachers on campus. I also got to know the seasoned coaches and teachers — like Mr. Coratti, Mr. Reade, and of course, Mr. Hubbard. These gentlemen all coached three seasons, took care of their families, dorms, classes, advisees, and so much more. They taught me how to go about my business here.

I enjoyed watching Mr. Hubbard coach and work with the students and faculty. As a young coach, I marveled at his ability to hold his players accountable in every aspect of their lives — which drove them crazy! But they still loved him. I strived to create that with my players but was never as successful as Mr. Hubbard.

Over the years, young faculty and coaches would come into the equipment room and usually get some advice or encouragement from Mr. Hubbard. He would also let you know if he thought something was not ‘just right’. You always know where you stand with Mr. Hubbard, because whether you like it or not, he will be honest with you. He loves this School and everything it stands for. Mr. Hubbard has mentored hundreds of students and faculty in his 50+ years at the School, and we are all better for knowing him. This has been his home for 50 years and we are truly fortunate that he chose this place.”

We extend a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Hubbard for his ongoing dedication to Trinity-Pawling — as a student, athlete, prefect, teacher, administrator, mentor, coach, and friend. He continues to have a profound impact on this community. Thank you, Mr. Hubbard!

by Emma Christiantelli



When James ’02 and JB Ferrarone ’98 attended Trinity-Pawling, the wrestling program was at the top of its game. “We were Western New England champs in both 1998 and 2002,” shared JB. “Coach Coratti and Coach Dunham were incredible. It was such a great time to be a part of the team.”

Since graduating, both James and JB happily recall their time at the School — in the classroom, on the mats, and everywhere in between. “Trinity-Pawling taught me to be organized, independent, and accountable,” shared James. “Success requires consistent hard work. I learned early on that if I invested enough time and effort, I’d find success.” JB echoed the same sentiments, reflecting on both the Effort System and the lessons they learned in the wrestling program. “It truly all comes down to hard work. It’s that simple.” And the brothers continue draw on this work ethic in their professional lives running Plath & Co., a custom residential construction company in the San Francisco Bay area.

Though the Ferrarone’s wrestling careers may have ended, the brothers are still very much connected to the School’s wrestling program. In the fall of 2017, James returned to campus for his 15th reunion and he had the chance to meet with Pride Wrestling Coach and fellow alumnus Ralph Fedele ’04. “I learned from Ralph that the mats in McGraw Pavilion were the same mats we used when I was wrestling back in 2002,” James explained. “That was it — I knew JB and I could help.”

Following this visit, James and JB generously donated a new multi-section wrestling mat to McGraw Pavilion. “We wanted to make sure the boys have as great of an experience as we had at T-P,” James stated. “Not having the second set of mats also precluded the School from hosting any tournaments,” added JB. “They have the space with the beautiful field house…and now enough mats to make it all happen.” In fact, Trinity-Pawling hosted the 2019 Western New England Wrestling Championships for the first time in early February.

Looking back on their time at the School, both James and JB are grateful for their experiences and remind the young members of the Pride to cherish their time as students. “Enjoy the years you have at T-P because they go fast,” said JB. James agreed, “Embrace every opportunity the School throws at you…you’ll be so glad you did. I know we are.”

Trinity-Pawling School would like to extend our gratitude to James and JB for their generous donation to the Pride wrestling program. With new mats in the pavilion, eight All-New England wrestlers, and one All-American wrestler returning to the team in 2020, the Pride’s upcoming season looks bright. Roll Pride!

by Emma Christiantelli



Surmounting a 12-foot wall. Steadying a dangerous balance board. Traversing metal tightropes woven through a maze of ‘safe’ trees. With symbolic parallels to the challenges young men will face in their academic, athletic, and professional careers, Ralph Fedele ’04 and Josh Collins ’95, P’23 expose every Trinity-Pawling junior to elements of team-bonding and leadership at the Indian Mountain School Outdoor Program.

Members of the rising senior class are taken out of their comfort zones by approaching team-based elements in the low ropes area, and then pushing themselves to climb a shaky ladder 30 feet into the trees during the high ropes session. The group camps overnight, sleeping in a wooden lean-to without the comfort of Wi-Fi or running water.

Collins says the most effective part of the ropes course comes through “conversations, telling stories, and watching students learn more about themselves.” He has led the ropes course trips for 17 years, spurned by his affinity for the outdoors after growing up hiking, hunting, and fishing. As Dean of Students, he enjoys the opportunity to connect with the boys in a new setting, saying that “many boys have never been on a hike through the woods, let alone spent the night in the woods or sat around a campfire.”

Fedele’s passion for the outdoors and his service as a U.S. Marine with deployments to Afghanistan in 2010 and 2012 make him an ideal guide for the boys. In his third year as a ropes course leader he pushes students with a delicate balance of empathy and expectation. On campus, Fedele teaches English and coaches varsity wrestling and varsity baseball, alongside Collins. As alumni, the two embody and impart characteristics essential for each student at Trinity-Pawling School to take into their senior year, and onward for the rest of their lives.

by Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris



Here’s a look back on Pride success in varsity athletics this spring. As always, there were great highs and lows on the court, diamond, track, and field.

The Pride lacrosse team finished the 2019 campaign with a come from behind, 11-10 victory over Taft to finish the season with a 9-5 record. CK Giancola ’20 tallied the game-tying and go-ahead goals inside the last two minutes of play, final scores that cemented a huge season for the junior who found the back of the net 26 times on an incredible 61% shooting percentage. Albany-bound attackman Richie LaCalandra ’19 completed his final high school season with a whopping 53 points, and fellow senior attackman Cole McKenzie ended with 35. Kyle Playsted ’20 will return next year looking to add to an impressive junior season with 17 goals and 17 assists, alongside rising junior Stuart Phillips ’21.

The bulk of the Pride’s defensive unit graduated in May, but strong goalie play from Jake Giannone ’20 (10 games played, 89 saves) and Eric Suits ’20 (5 games played, 14 saves) promises a strong base for next season’s defense.

Richie LaCalandra ’19, Scott Stensrud ’19, and Nick Morgan ’19 received All New England West honors, and CK Giancola ’20 and Jake Giannone ’20 were recognized by the Founder’s League for their stellar play this year.

With a schedule full of postponements and cancellations during our wet spring, the Pride struggled to find consistency as a team. However, this did not slow down a number of standout performances. PG pitcher Connor Harris completed a strong season with 38 innings pitched, giving up just 24 earned runs and fanning 45 batters. His effort, leadership, and team spirit earned him the Coaches Award for this season. Junior arms Jonathan Link and Nick Selden combined to pitch over 40 innings, and will anchor the starting rotation next year.

Julian Uejima ’20 led the team with a .511 batting average and a perfect 12/12 on stolen base attempts. Luke Shliger ’20 hit a home run every 15 at bats this year, and ended with an average of .489 and a .766 slugging percentage. Connor Bradshaw ’20 had a strong campaign with only 1 strikeout on the year while hitting .387. This strong group of rising seniors will step up as leaders for the 2020 season.

The Triandafilou Award is given to a member of the Trinity-Pawling baseball team for career contribution and sportsmanship in the varsity program. Senior Will Rickert earned this award for the 2019 season after earning an incredible 6 varsity letters for Pride baseball. Since 7th grade, Rickert has started at least one game each year, and has elicited positivity and hard work from his teammates again and again. In his final baseball season, Rickert played in all 15 games and hit for a .333 average while making just 1 error at first base. Congratulations on a great career!

The Pride tennis team finished a difficult season by finding a great team win against Gunnery in early May. Eduardo Ancona ’21 and Jack Long ’21 led the team this year with the most winning games. Despite losing a few seniors, a number of returners look towards a promising 2020 season.

The Pride athletes competed at two major events in May. Results from each follow:

Founders Meet at Hotchkiss

Bryce Nash ’19 had an excellent day establishing season bests in the triple jump (41’7″), long jump (20’3″), and high jump (5’8″). Nash finished 3rd in the long jump and triple jump and 4th in the high jump earning a total of 16 points.

Quran Rahman ’19 finished 6th in the shot put with a season best. (42′) Liam Dietrich ’21 placed 7th with a throw of 41’10.

The 4×100 relay team of Taylor Ewing ’20, Jude Buchanan ’22, Matt Carroll ’20 and Chris Gleaton ’20 finished 6th. This finish coupled with Rahman’s 6th in the shot put rounded out the scoring for the Pride who earned a total of 18 team points.

Other strong performances were turned in by Ben Yoon ’20 in the 800 and 1500 with his season best time. Taylor Ewing also competed in the 100 and 200, and Matt Carroll ran a strong 200 as well. Chris Gleaton competed in both the triple jump and high jump and recorded marks which allowed him to qualify for the New England Championships a week later. John Garvey ’19 recorded a season best in the Javelin.

New England’s at Loomis

A small group competed with great determination at their final meet of the 2019 season. Bryce Nash scored the only points for the team with a 5th place finish in the triple jump (41’5″). Nash also competed in the long jump and high jump and just finished outside of the points in the high jump as he brushed the bar at 5’10”. Chris Gleaton recorded a season best in the high jump and did a good job in a highly competitive triple jump field, where the winning jump was almost 48′.

Rahman and Dietrich, again, did a good job in the shot put with Liam throwing a season best 42′. Jude Buchanan competed in the disc, and Joey Musa ’19 threw the javelin and improved his season best toss by 23′ with a 7th place toss of 140′. On the track the 4×100 team of Taylor Ewing, Joey Musa, Jude Buchanan, and Chris Gleaton ran a season best time. Musa and Ewing also competed in the 100 and 200, both turning in solid times and representing the Pride with honor.

The students of Broadcast Journalism produced a final episode of T-P Sports Nation, highlighting the college athletic commitments of the recent graduates from the Class of 2019. Watch here!

Congratulations, gentlemen! We wish you continued success in the future.

by Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris

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