Bill Taylor Trinity-Pawling


As a parent, Headmaster Bill Taylor always looked forward to parent-teacher conferences. The conferences allowed him to see a different side of his children’s growth. “A significant aspect of those occasions was the fact that this was their “turf” — not mine,” reflects Taylor. “Even when I ran the school that they were attending, their learning journey was a personal one for each of them,” he continues.

Taylor understands that learning is a personal experience — one that is facilitated by thoughtful mentors and dedicated teachers. “At the end of the day, however, learning is a journey of self-awareness,” says Taylor. The process of self-discovery is reinforced when parents are able to observe their child’s journey. “This is the beauty of Parents’ Weekend,” asserts Taylor.

Research is clear that the more autonomy students have in their education, the more impactful it will be. This does not mean teachers are irrelevant in the learning process. “Such research helps to guide teachers in creating opportunities where students can be more actively engaged in their own learning, rather than being passive recipients of instruction,” says Taylor.

At Trinity-Pawling, students take an active role in leading our parent-teacher conferences. This gives students the opportunity to express, in their own words, what they are learning, how they are growing, and to discuss their personal goals. Teachers take a facilitator role in the conferences, contributing to the conversations as appropriate. “Our students are charged with leading the meetings,” says Taylor. “Student-led conferences are a meaningful way to deepen engagement within a class and strengthen a student’s grasp on the learning objectives.”

Trinity-Pawling looks forward to welcoming parents to campus for Parents’ Weekend on October 18-19, 2019!

Trinity-Pawling teacher Trevor Anderson-Salo teaching class


Trevor Anderson-Salo is no stranger to the boarding school world. “I grew up at Deerfield Academy, where my parents taught. I loved the community on campus,” he shared. “When I became a teacher, I knew I wanted to find a similar environment.” Anderson-Salo joined Trinity-Pawling’s Modern Language Department in 2018 as a Mandarin teacher. It’s his connection to Chinese culture and his love for the language, he says, that inspired him to teach.

“My sisters are adopted from China. Growing up, my parents encouraged us to learn about Chinese culture,” Anderson-Salo explained. As a student at Deerfield, he started out studying French, but picked up Chinese in his junior year. “I just loved the language!” In his gap year between high school and college, Anderson-Salo taught English while living in Huairou, China, a small suburb north of Beijing. “By the end of that program, my interest in the language really solidified,” he shared.

Shortly thereafter, Anderson-Salo enrolled at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) — a teacher’s college — where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in education and Chinese. “While studying at NTNU, I tried out a few different part-time jobs, translating and tutoring,” he shared. “But teaching was where I felt most at home.”

Now in his second year at Trinity-Pawling, Anderson-Salo’s love for the language and teaching continues to grow. “The most rewarding part of teaching a foreign language is watching the interactions between my students,” he explained. “I limit English in my classroom, so they have to find ways to share their humor and stories in Chinese. I love seeing their progress and enthusiasm as they genuinely enjoy using the language.”

In addition to his teaching responsibilities on campus, Anderson-Salo also serves as the International Student Coordinator, facilitating communication with families overseas. “I really enjoy the role. It allows me to build a support system for both the parents and the students. They can express their concerns and questions to me without worrying about a language barrier.” Outside of the classroom, Anderson-Salo certainly stays busy — coaching Third Soccer and advising four clubs (International Student Club, Anime Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, and Chess Club). “And yes, we play Chinese chess too!”

With the new school year underway, Anderson-Salo is especially grateful to be a part the Trinity-Pawling community. “The students are great…inquisitive and eager to learn. My fellow faculty members are supportive and collaborative,” he concluded. “It’s just a fantastic place to live and work.”

by Emma Christiantelli

Photo by Andrew Zhang ’20 (student photographer)

Rainbow over Coratti Field during Pride Football



Trinity-Pawling is a close-knit community where students, faculty, and staff live and work together. The School attracts dedicated teachers who are devoted to the education of young men. 90% of the faculty live on campus, where they serve as teachers, coaches, advisors, and dorm parents. All members of the community are committed to one goal: creating a supportive, caring, and engaged environment where boys can grow into confident, well-rounded young men.


Trinity-Pawling’s campus beautifully blends together old and new — combining 112 years of history and tradition with a progressive learning environment for teaching boys 21st century skills. Boys find a home away from home on Trinity-Pawling’s active 245-acre campus. The campus boasts a contemporary arts center with a 400-seat theater, a historic chapel, 20,000 square foot field house, a pond house, a seasonal garden with greenhouse, exceptional athletic facilities, and much more. There’s something about the green of the quad that can’t be put into words!


Our three-part Practicum for Civic Leadership fosters problem-solving skills, promotes interdisciplinary exploration, and builds authentic communication skills. Through the Winter Project, Global Collaborative Challenge, and Senior Independent Project, we place students at the center of the learning process. They become active participants and co-creators — in and out of the classroom.

The Effort System prepares students to be in charge of their own learning and their future accomplishments. The School’s focus on effort fosters the self-awareness that allows students to recognize the areas where they need to grow — while at the same time, opening their eyes to the talents and potential they never thought possible.

The School’s Center for Learning Achievement recognizes the potential in each and every student. For over 45 years, our LEAD program has been providing individualized academic support in an environment where students are transformed — achieving their academic goals in ways they never expected, finding their confidence and preparing for their futures.


Our dedicated college counseling team has an individualized, student-centered approach as they help each student navigate the college selection process. From researching and visiting to applying and interviewing, our Office of College Counseling strives to make the experience efficient, focused, and rewarding.


They’re proud of each other and the goals they’re all working toward, independently and together. There’s no greater experience than living, learning, and growing alongside 300 brothers. Our campus life experience is designed to enrich each student’s academic journey while helping them develop 21st century skills, discover new passions and talents, and build a supportive network of friends and mentors — connections that will last a lifetime. We’re more than a school community — we’re a family.

Our Admissions Open House is October 14, 2019. Refer a boy, or register today at

2019-2020 Trinity-Pawling Prefects


Each spring at Trinity-Pawling’s time-honored Stepping Up ceremony, a small group of rising seniors are elected as prefects for the upcoming year. Derived from the Latin word for leader, prefects are voted in by the student body and faculty, serving as student leaders and modeling the School’s ideals of honor, respect, and hard work. Eight prefects were elected for the 2019-2020 school year, earning the honor by demonstrating their commitment to the School and most importantly, to their peers. At the beginning of each school year, Headmaster Bill Taylor assigns each prefect a specific area of oversight as part of that young man’s leadership responsibilities. Here’s a snapshot into the Class of 2020 Prefects and their plans for the year ahead:

Solomon Hess ’20, Head Prefect

“When I was a new freshman, the prefects were the guys that I looked up to the most. Filling that role now, I’m excited to carry the torch and I know it’s up to me to not let my classmates down. My plan for the year is to do what I’ve always done: be there for the entirety of the student body, stay as involved in the community as possible, and do everything I can to improve the community for all its members. It helps to have an outstanding group alongside me!”

Ben Yoon ’20, Junior Prefect

“Headmaster Taylor appointed me as the prefect of academics. I plan to keep an ear out for any concerns from students regarding their academic work, seeing what I can do to help them manage their workload. As a prefect, I think it’s important to set a standard for the boys at T-P to live by, and to help anyone who needs it as much as I can.”

Richard Bolding ’20

“I am the prefect of student life. My goal for this year is to have people of all different backgrounds come together and really get to know one another. To me, being a prefect means being a voice for my peers. It means doing things to make everyone’s time here memorable and fun while setting a good example and showing leadership.”

Trevor Cole ’20

“I am the prefect of the arts and music. I hope to coordinate with Mr. Kelsey and Mr. Reade to put arts events together throughout the year — like the Jazz Band playing during half-time at the homecoming football game. I also want to encourage new students (who don’t participate in the arts) to try something new!”

Daniel Csaszar ’20

“Mr. Taylor appointed me the prefect of service, which goes along well with my position as the President of National Honor Society. I want to help students find joy in helping others and giving back to both the T-P and local communities. To me, being a prefect means putting your best foot forward, looking out for your brothers, and taking time out of your day to do the right thing. I really want everyone to feel like they have a home at T-P. We may have different views and backgrounds, but at the end of the day, we’re all one big family.”

Henry Daniel ’20

“I am the prefect of honor. Throughout the year, I want to emphasize the importance of honor and integrity at T-P, both academically and as a community. Being a prefect is very important to me. It’s our duty to make this special place even greater!”

Lucas Hughes ’20

“Mr. Taylor has put me in charge of zeal. I am responsible for creating and keeping school spirit on campus. I organize events to bring the brotherhood together and support one another — like bonfires, pep rallies, and more. I want to encourage my peers to be involved in as much as they can…go to the games, cheer on the teams, and be engaged!”

Stephen Willey ’20

“I am the prefect of victuals…which means food. My main focus this year will be to keep in touch with the dining hall and Cave staff, sharing the fan favorites that we all enjoy and giving them feedback to help prepare for future meals. I’m proud to be a prefect this year. Being a role model and being there for my brothers means a lot to me.”

by Emma Christiantelli

Trinity-Pawling alum Austrian Robinson ’15


Austrian Robinson ’15 arrived at Trinity-Pawling School in the fall of 2012 intending to pursue a basketball career. Two years later, a litany of Division 1 recruiters were visiting Pawling to see Robinson play basketball — but at the next level they had him inked in for the gridiron. “Division 1 schools love linemen who play basketball,” Dave Coratti explains, “It shows that they have quick feet.” In his last fall as head varsity football coach, Coratti remembers seeing Robinson’s 6-foot-5 frame in line for the JV football sign-ups, and immediately grabbed him to join the varsity squad. By his senior year, Robinson had offers from top football programs around the country, finally settling on The University of Mississippi.

Every spring at Ole Miss, one upperclassman defensive player gains the honor of wearing number 38 in remembrance of the late Chucky Mullins. Mullins was paralyzed in his second year as a standout Ole Miss defender, and died of complications after returning to complete his degree. The award signifies the outstanding courage, leadership, perseverance, and determination that Mullins embodied both on and off the field. Last spring, Robinson was surprised to receive the Chucky Mullins Courage Award as a New York import, but he earned the honor for good reason: his diligent and consistent energy, camaraderie, and effort in practice every day.

After redshirting his first year at The University of Mississippi, Robinson wasted no time getting on the field. At defensive end and defensive tackle, he made 4 stops his freshman year, before making 29 takedowns as a sophomore. Last year, he was in on 19 tackles, and this fall he’s already had a huge impact on the Rebels’ 2-2 start.

Ole Miss takes on SEC juggernaut Alabama this Saturday at 2:30. You can catch the game on CBS, and watch out for our own number 38, Austrian Robinson ’15, storming the backfield.

Southward Ho Country Club


I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Joe Alex ’96, Director of Client Relations and Quality Control at American Maintenance, to learn more about the upcoming 15th Annual Golf Outing that he is generously underwriting. Alex is an avid golfer and has attended our outings in the past. Last fall, he approached the Alumni Office with an idea — he wanted to combine his love of golf and appreciation for Trinity-Pawling into a benefit for the School. He would cover all costs, allowing Trinity-Pawling to retain the revenue and put it toward the School’s needs and scholarships. What a gift! Read on to learn more:

KV: Joe, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for what you are doing! Why did you want to sponsor this outing at your club, Southward Ho?

JA: I see it as a great way to give back. Just like I did over 20 years ago, there are many kids today who need Trinity-Pawling but unfortunately can’t attend because the cost of private school is out of reach for them. I love that the money raised through this outing will go both to the School to cover immediate needs, and also to the Miles Hubbard ’57, P’82 Scholarship Fund, which will give a boy a chance at this amazing opportunity. Miles was a special guy and we all miss him. I remember seeing and catching up with him at a past golf outing. It’s great that we can honor his memory in this way.

KV: You have such a big heart, Joe. Thank you.

JA: It’s my pleasure. I want to be a part of the School even more. It was such a great experience for me and I learned a lot of important lessons. I grew up at Trinity-Pawling and the School means a lot to me.

KV: Joe, can you give our readers and attendees a sense of the course and what they have to look forward to?

JA: Sure! Southward Ho is a classic country club course. It’s challenging and forgiving at the same time — the rough is rough and the bunkers are deep. We get a fair amount of wind (the Club is only a ¼ mile from Great South Bay) so that adds another element of fun! Interestingly, like all Tillinghast courses, it has a 19th hole that is only accessible through the men’s locker room (totally not acceptable today, right, but that is the way they were designed back in the day!). The course is “gettable” and really a lot of fun!

KV: Thanks again, Joe! We can’t wait to see you on October 7th.

JA: Come on out for a great day of golf — we’re going to have a blast!

by Kate Vengrove

Trinity-Pawling Cross Country team


Pride Football

Head Coach: Nick LaFontaine (8th year at Trinity-Pawling)

Returners: Seniors — JJ Flaccavento (OL), David Bancroft (WR/CB), Richard Bolding (OL/DL), Tim Moran (WR/CB), Blake Shao (OL/DL); Juniors — Liam Dietrich (OL/DL), Tyler Gmyr (OL/DL), Stuart Phillips (QB/WR/S), Matt Bologna (WR/LB), Peter Claro (WR/S), Desmond Sampson (OL/DL), Marquese Ward-Morning (RB/LB); Sophomore — Kyle Lee (WR/S)

New Faces: PGs — Kyle Bicho (QB/LB), Jaden Clark (WR/CB), Dougie Simmons (OL/DL), Nick Slofkiss (OL/DL); Juniors — Jaden Dawkins (RB/LB), Kam Katsch (RB/LB), Peter Lundstrom (WR/S), Jeff Miller (OL/LB), Eddie Torres (RB/S); Sophomores — Cebastian Searight (OL/DL), Mason Clark (OL/DL), Raphael Komeyli-Birjandi (RB/CB); Freshman — Braden Root (RB/LB) Garrett Backus (WR/S) Deandre Williams (WR/S)

The varsity football team looks to build on the 2018 campaign with a host of new talent across the board. PG quarterback Kyle Bicho takes the reigns of an exciting new Pride offense, flanked by 2018 scoring leader Donte’ Williams ’20 and returning starter Marquese Ward-Morning ’21. New threats Eddie Torres ’21, Kam Katsch ’21, and Raphael Komeyli-Birjani ’22 will share touches while Bicho looks wide to connect with receivers Jayden Clark ’20, Peter Lundstrom ’21, Kyle Lee ’22, and Tim Moran ’20. The offensive line returns four starters. Senior center JJ Flaccavento leads the charge with returning linemates Tyler Gmyr ’21, Liam Dietrich ’21, and Desmond Sampson ’21.

On the defensive side of the ball, PGs Dougie Simmons and Nick Slofkiss will anchor the line with contributions from sophomores Cebastian Searight and Mason Clark. Jeff Miller ’21, Jaden Dawkins ’21, and Matt Bologna ’21 highlight a quick, well-studied linebacker group, while versatile returner Stuart Phillips ’21 takes the controls in the secondary.

Pride Soccer

Head Coach: Sam Clougher (3rd year at Trinity-Pawling)

Returners: Seniors — Bailey Monteiro (GK), Trevor Cole (DEF), Solomon Hess (GK), CK Giancola (ST), Nick Szymanski (MID); Junior — Sebastian Padilla-Ortega (MID); Sophomore — Andrew Belcher (MID)

New Faces: PGs — James Salvatore (MID), Cooper Mehlhorn (ST); Juniors — Angelo DeLango (DEF), Lukas Dorta (DEF), Sam Renaud (DEF); Sophomores — Cooper Vengrove (MID), Chase Newbold (MID)

The varsity soccer team returns some valuable pieces and adds significant talent to a team that struggled through the 2018 season. Captain Bailey Monteiro ’20 returns to full health and looks primed to have an excellent season in goal while sophomore Andrew Belcher, fresh off a position change, looks far more comfortable in his second year with the program.

Among the newcomers The Pride welcomes a mix of old and young. Farhaan Rashid is a promising young freshman with exceptional dribbling ability, while James Salvatore, a PG from Sutton, Massachusetts brings years of experience and unending competitiveness. The team looks forward to a 16-game season against top New England competitors.

Trinity-Pawling Cross Country

Head Coach: Jim McDougal (5th year at Trinity-Pawling)*

Returners: Seniors — Ben Yoon, Henry Daniel, Rodger Ecker, Danny Csaszar; Juniors — Jimmy Nolan, Toby Berner, Tommy Li, Ryan Kane; Sophomore — Brian Poulos Freshman — Tucker Kellogg

New Faces: Seniors — Lucas Hughes Sophomores — Robbie Accomando, Chris Pellitteri, Mike Pellitteri; Freshmen — Harry Clark, Alex Kozin, Dylan Harrer

The Pride competed in the Choate Pre-Season invitational on September 14, providing a preview for the year. This young group of runners — with only 2 seniors in the top 10 — has the potential to be successful on a weekly basis. The returning runners are fit and newcomers are doing very well as they adjust to the expectations of New England Prep School Cross Country. The seniors and returning runners have set the tone for the season: inclusion, kindness, and effort — qualities that were on full display at the first meet as the runners supported each other and reveled in each other’s success. 

*Coach McDougal is now serving his fifth season as head coach, but 26th with the program!

Follow the teams! Fall Schedule

by Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris

PlaySight at Trinity-Pawling


As quickly as you split the check or pay the dog sitter, you can support the School in a big way! Donate to the Trinity-Pawling Fund via Venmo and help provide for all of the great initiatives on campus: academic programming, athletics, faculty professional development, scholarships, and more!

On Venmo, you can find us by searching @TrinityPawlingSchool

Calling all young alums (Class years 2005-2019)! Did you know that there are Leadership Societies just for you? We get it that you’re starting out in your life and career and want to give you a shout-out for your generosity.

Young Alumni Leadership at Trinity-Pawling:

Pride Society (1-5 years out) $100 donation

Blue and Gold Society (6-15 years out) $500 donation

What’s the benefit? The feel-good that you’re doing something important for the Trinity-Pawling community, of course, but we also invite our Leadership donors to special events and receptions. It’s a win-win!

Your gift today has an immediate impact. Thank you!

Trinity-Pawling Class of 1969


There’s something very special about reunions and the Class of 1969’s 50th is no exception. In fact, we think it’s fantastic that 23 alums and 11 of their guests will be in attendance on October 4-7.

The 50th Reunion Committee, Emlen Drayton, Bill Kelly, Ken Knowles, Bill Shannon, and Steve Schmid, spent an entire year gearing up for this gathering. With regular conference calls and individual outreach to classmates, they have helped to put together a big weekend.

Highlights will include special programming organized by Ken Knowles. On Friday, the School will see Rick’s Dream, a short film by Knowles, and on Saturday there will be a presentation “From the T-P Rink to the Met Museum” with renowned artist, Steve Hannock, a graduate of ’69 and our own Ned Reade.

We can’t wait to welcome you to campus, Class of 1969!!



If you haven’t registered for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend 2019 — now is the time!

All alumni are invited back to campus October 4-6, 2019. Highlights include Homecoming games, Athletic Hall of Fame Induction, Reunion dinners, and more. Register today to join the celebration! For more information and to register visit

Visit the Reunion Classes page for details about your reunion chairs, accommodations, classmates planning to attend, and more.

EXTEND YOUR WEEKEND! Join us for Trinity-Pawling’s 15th Annual Golf Outing on Monday, October 7, 2019 at Southward Ho Country Club in Bay Shore, NY. All proceeds will benefit Trinity-Pawling School and the Miles H. Hubbard, Jr. ’57 P’82 Scholarship Fund.

This event is graciously underwritten by Joe Alex ’96.

Register at

Use the Trinity-Pawling Alumni App


The Trinity-Pawling Alumni App has been refreshed and is now ready for download. This new and improved alumni network and directory provides a dedicated space for you to connect with each other!

The new Alumni App can be downloaded on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. To sign up now, please follow the instructions and links below:

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Once you have downloaded the new Trinity-Pawling Alumni app and successfully signed in, you will be able to:

Connect: Find and connect with your classmates and fellow graduates. See what they have been up to, reminisce, and stay in touch.

Expand: Leverage the shared history you have with thousands of alumni to expand your professional networks. Meet new people and open new doors – for yourself and others.

The previous Trinity-Pawling Alumni app will be inaccessible. Please feel free to remove it from your device. For continued service, please be sure to download the new app. We’re excited to launch this updated platform and hope that you will find it both useful and fun as you connect with your classmates and alumni across the globe.

Questions? Reach out! For questions or more information, contact Peter Lockwood ’10 at 845-855-4881 or