Trinity-Pawling Head of School Bill Taylor standing by the quad


In education, there is much to say about the importance of balance. This is especially true in a culture where there can be so many distractions. It is important for students to learn that there needs to be a balance in their lives. This is why Trinity-Pawling embraces the value of a holistic approach to education, when a student’s mind, body, and spirit can be nurtured and nourished. Such a holistic approach to education, in my opinion, not only acknowledges our access to multiple intelligences and multiple modes of learning, but it also leads to a life and love of learning. Balance is enriching.

With this said, though, I would also like to make the case for the importance of imbalance in learning and in life. As we grow, we are constantly in a state of imbalance. New, unfamiliar material is introduced. Academics grow more challenging. There are frustrations, and sometimes failures. Where answers once dominated, questions now loom. As new goals are established, there is a feeling of discomfort that comes from unfamiliarity. Mistakes are made. This, though, is all part of healthy growth. If students are always in a state of balance, they will not move forward. Rather, moving forward through growth necessitates a certain degree of imbalance.

Imbalance should neither be feared nor should it be isolated from the experience of the learner or the teacher. If we seek to protect our students, children, or ourselves from the necessary periods of imbalance, we thwart possibilities for substantive growth. Imbalance allows for vulnerability. It is precisely at these points of vulnerability that can lead to the most significant growth. Vulnerability can lead to revelation, resilience, and confidence. If we are constantly in a state of balance, however, we lose opportunities for such vulnerability and growth.

In schools, as in life, there is always a quest toward balance. But, an imbalance is a necessary ingredient in this objective and should not be feared. It is in the interplay between balance and imbalance where true growth is attained.

by William W. Taylor

Member of the Black Student Union at Trinity-Pawling School


“The Black Student Union creates a space on campus that inspires our students to work together toward equity and justice for all,” began Tarik Smith, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Self-Awareness (DEISA) and the Trinity-Pawling Head Basketball Coach. Smith also serves as the faculty advisor for the Black Student Union on campus.

The Black Student Union (BSU) was founded at the School in 1993, originally named the Minority Student Union. One of its founding members was Osei Mevs ’94, who is currently a trustee at Trinity-Pawling and chairs the DEISA Committee. Now 3 decades later, the BSU’s positive presence and unified voice on campus continues to enrich life at Trinity-Pawling for students and faculty alike.

Emeka Nwogugu ’24 serves as the BSU President this year. With the support of faculty advisor Smith, Nwogugu leads the group’s 12 members in bi-weekly meetings and helps to spearhead various DEISA programming and all-school presentations that focus on education, advocacy, and connectedness.

“Our mission in the Black Student Union is to promote unity and beneficial change on campus,” Nwogugu shared. “We want to advance political and cultural awareness of the issues that affect the Black community, which is why we encourage students of all races to attend our programs.”

In honor of Black History Month this year, for example, Nwogugu shared a presentation with the School community celebrating 10 important Black trailblazers in American history, shining a spotlight on their accomplishments, contributions, and lasting impact on the world. Earlier this month, the BSU also led discussions of the book Our PSA: A Public Service Announcement on Mastering Your Personal Evolution by Terrance ‘Munch’ Williams — an interactive guide on how young men and women, especially people of color, can navigate their everyday lives, from school and relationships to dealing with adversity. Members of the BSU also work together to organize off-campus DEISA events with neighboring independent schools. Through all of its activities and programs, the group focuses on unity and fosters an open and encouraging environment on campus.

Proud to continue the legacy of Trinity-Pawling Black Student Union and its inspiring mission, Nwogugu concluded: “My favorite aspect of leading the BSU is allowing not only my voice, but the voice of so many students to be heard.”

by Emma Quigley

Trinity-Pawling Dean of Teaching and Learning Tom Curley standing in the Gardiner Library


Meet Tom Curley, Trinity-Pawling’s new Dean of Teaching and Learning. Curley joined the School community in January 2023, bringing with him a wealth of independent school experience and the skills to lead the Academic Office into its next exciting chapter.

A graduate of Harvard University (B.A. German History and Literature) and Boston University (M.A. European History), Curley has served as an educator and administrator in independent schools across the Northeast. He started his career at his alma mater of Eaglebrook School and served as the Chair of the History Department. After graduate school, Curley was the Dean of Student Life and a history teacher at The Derryfield School; the Director of Curriculum and Technology at The Wooster School; and most recently served as the Head of School at Soundview Preparatory School.

Now at the helm of academics at Trinity-Pawling, Curley has brought with him a passion for lifelong learning, a commitment to innovation, and a profound belief in the transformative power of an independent school education.

What drew you to join the Trinity-Pawling community?
“Trinity-Pawling’s mission and strategic vision stood out to me immediately — they are focused and aspirational. I’m excited to work at an institution that values active learning and walks the walk when it comes to providing a transformative education.”

As Dean of Teaching and Learning, how do you hope to enhance the Trinity-Pawling experience for both students and faculty?
“I want students to forget that they’re in school because of our vigorous, hands-on, and student-centered curriculum. Learning can and should be energizing! I’d like to make sure our course offerings capture that and get students excited to learn. For our faculty, I want to give them the same opportunities we give to our students — to discover and pursue their unique gifts and talents. Throughout the school year, I plan to provide our faculty with interesting and invigorating experiences and professional development opportunities that allow them to feel the reward of being a dedicated educator.”

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
“Connecting with the community! I’m excited to work together to make thoughtful change and build on the wonderful institution that is Trinity-Pawling.”

With just over a month under your belt, what has been your favorite part of working at Trinity-Pawling so far?
“Since my first day on campus, I have set a goal to sit down for one hour with every educator here at the School before Spring Break. It has been wonderful to get to know each and every person in this community and understand the landscape of teaching and learning. I’m thankful for the warm welcome and looking forward to seeing what we can all accomplish together.”

by Emma Quigley


Trinity-Pawling students with their creative projects


At Trinity-Pawling, we believe that creativity should be nurtured in all areas. The School offers a variety of fine arts, music, and theater courses that allow students to explore and express their creativity, but our students also have the opportunity to go above and beyond in other areas. This past winter, our students have had many opportunities to express themselves creatively, with some amazing achievements that demonstrate their innovative spirits. Moreover, our dedicated teachers are always eager to provide students with the resources and support to foster their gifts and talents along the way.

In December, seniors Casey Sodolski and Kento Maeda were immersed in their Senior Independent Projects (SIPs). Hats off to Sodolski for his impressive SIP! The creativity and craftsmanship that went into constructing a square table top with live edge wood slabs embedded in an epoxy resin, and then fabricating a metal base for his table with Trinity-Pawling’s new welding equipment is truly amazing. This is a great example of how students at Trinity-Pawling are encouraged to think outside the box and develop skills that will benefit them in the future. Another congratulation to Maeda on his incredible SIP! His flying owl art installation was an amazing sight to behold, and we are very proud of him for putting in so much hard work and dedication to create something so unique and special. We were honored to have his installation on display in the Arts Center on campus.

In January, Maxx Miller ’25 created a beautiful plein air painting of the lake at Innisfree Gardens in Millbrook, NY. It’s an impressive work of art that showcases his creative talents and dedication to his Studio Art class. We hope that Maxx continues to create stunning pieces of art. Kudos to Mr. Garguilo for providing an opportunity for Maxx and the rest of the class to visit Innisfree Gardens and create unique pieces of art.

During Mid-Winter Break, Rain Xia ’23 and Sony Wang ’23 braved the cold weather for some exciting experimental photography on the quad. The boys captured the exact moment that a cup of boiling water hit the air in sub-zero temperatures. They experimented with various angles, exposures, and shutter speeds, with amazing results. We are in awe of the results they achieved, and the skill and dedication it must have taken to execute them. Well done!

The AP Studio Art students had a great time in New York City, taking in the Museum of Modern Art and the “Crafting Pinocchio” exhibition by Guillermo del Toro. Not only did they get to explore the museum but they were also able to experience the art of stop-motion animation production first-hand. It was a great way for them to get inspired and motivated to create their own works of art!

Another great example of collaborative creativity is The Barstow Watcher trailer — a short video based on the original series The Watcher on Netflix, which was produced by students in Ms. Rafferty’s Digital Storytelling class. Watch it until the very end — it’s not quite over when the credits roll!

Well done, all!

by Judy Redder

Trinity-Pawling staff member Tom Densford standing in front of Cuett


Tom Densford has dedicated his career to pursuing his passion — making a difference in the lives of young people. No stranger to the independent school experience, Densford dedicated the past 17 years to one independent school in particular, St. George’s in Memphis, Tennessee. Although he was in one place, Densford had many opportunities to let his gifts and talents shine — as a dean of students, head varsity baseball coach, athletic director, and associate director of advancement.

Born and raised in Millington, Tennessee into a family of teachers, Densford spent his entire 47-year life in Tennessee, until now. I sat with him during his second week at the School to find out how he’s adapting to New York — the people, the place, the food — and to his new job at Trinity-Pawling.

What was your first impression of Trinity-Pawling?
The beauty! The way the quad is surrounded by the community gives a certain flow and symmetry to the campus. I love that I can watch the sunrise every morning and the sunset, over the mountains to the west, every evening.

What are you most looking forward to in your new position as the Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations?
Meeting the community members and hearing their stories. I’ve heard Bill Taylor talk about the School for many years, I feel like I know it. I am already hearing the same stories from alumni, whether they are from the Class of ’52 or ’22, of how positively Trinity-Pawling impacted them.

Imagine three years from now, what do you hope to accomplish?
I want to touch base with every single alum once a year. I’d like to cultivate relationships with alumni across all generations — just to help them remember their youth and encourage them to be more involved with their alma mater.

Do you have a favorite place on campus yet?
Scully Hall. I love seeing the entire community all together in one location. And the dining hall staff tries to do a pretty good BBQ!

Who do you admire most and why?
Bill Taylor. We share the same philosophy of putting students first in the work we do. He hired me almost 20 years ago (at St. George’s) because he saw something in me that I didn’t know was there. He’s a leader that cares and listens … and that’s rare.

What’s one piece of advice that you share with students?
When there is a clear choice, chose right from wrong.

If you’d like to meet Tom, reach out by email at or call him at 845-855-4831. He’s looking forward to meeting you all!

by Judy Redder


Evan Ruschil goaltending for Team USA


Former Pride goaltender Evan Ruschil ’19 has had quite the run of success between the pipes, starting from his days here at Trinity-Pawling to where he is now. While a senior at Trinity-Pawling, he was on the team that won a Founders League championship. Now a four-year starter at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, Ruschil has proven that he is one of the best Division 3 goalies in the country.

Ruschil was the 2020 NESCAC Rookie of the Year and All-NESCAC second team in 2022. He has also put up incredible numbers while at Williams, another trend he started here at Trinity-Pawling. He has an average save percentage of .934 for his career at Williams, as well as a goals-against average of 2.47 — a feat that recently earned him a spot on the Team USA roster at the World University Games held in Lake Placid, New York.

Ruschil, along with two other goalies and twenty other players from Division 3 college hockey programs across the country, joined to play against teams from 12 nations, including the United States. They split into two pools with the United States, Great Britain, Hungary, Slovakia, and Kazakhstan in Pool B. In Pool A, were Canada, Japan, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Latvia.

The pool play began on January 11, 2023 at Clarkson University, with the medal round moving to Herb Brooks arena in Lake Placid. The United States made it all the way to the championship game where they, unfortunately, lost to Canada. Evan played three games in total and although he only played in the third period of the first two games, he played the full game against Hungary when they won 9-1.

“It was an amazing experience,” Ruschil said. “I can remember seeing the USA jersey with my name on it and thinking how this is something I never thought I would see. Then, to put it on and walk out of the tunnel to 7,000 fans in Herb Brooks Arena chanting ‘USA! USA!’ was one of the better experiences of my life. I even took more time to be on the ice in warm-ups in order to take it all in.”

Ruschil played with other top Division 3 players from around the country, each coming from a different school and different background. Ruschil enjoyed being with his teammates and taking in the full experience outside the rink, just as much as he enjoyed his time in the rink wearing the red, white, and blue. “It was nice that our coaches wanted us to do more than just hockey while we were there. We got to see the ski jump facility at Lake Placid, talk to the other teams, and meet players from different countries, and I also got to meet kids I played against during the year. The whole experience was once-in-a-lifetime and something I’ll never forget,” said Ruschil.

Ruschil is a senior this year at Williams and has a job in New York City waiting for him upon graduation. He will be working at Cowen Inc., an investment banking company where he interned as a junior.

by Kyle Miller ’18

Trinity-Pawling Wrestling Team 2022-2023


The Trinity-Pawling wrestling team was young this year, both in terms of wrestling experience and age, with only two seniors on the team. However, after a slow start to the season, the boys improved markedly and ended up placing 3rd out of the 17 teams competing in the Western New England tournament — an accomplishment of which they should be very proud!

Captain Christian Tacogue ’23 led the way this season by posting an undefeated dual meet record. He placed 2nd at Western New England’s and qualified for the national tournament at New England’s! Christian’s leadership, maturity, and daily approach were key to the overall success as a team, but also contributed to his individual growth as well.

Perhaps for the first time ever, all of the 14 wrestlers competing in the Western New England tournament won at least one match. Not only that, but 10 out of the 14 placed. In addition to Tacogue, Joe Tumolo ’25 placed 2nd while John Berlandi ’27 and Axel Caramico ’26 each placed 3rd. These three wrestlers, along with Christian Tacogue, are All-New England Wrestlers this season.

Some other noteworthy finishes in the Western New England tournament were Maxx Miller ’25, Angus Deely ’24, Bradford Remsburg ’26, and Kweku Arthur-Mensah ’25 who placed 5th and Asa Caramico ’24 and Grady Collins ’27 who placed 6th.

The team will have a strong nucleus returning next year, as all those who competed at Western New England’s this year return with the exception of Tacogue. Many opposing coaches noted that the team they saw compete in the WNE’s looked nothing like the one they had seen earlier in the year — a testament to their hard work and commitment this season.

Head Coach Bill Dunham said about the team: “While I have had teams that produced stronger results, the improvement these boys made over the course of the season was as significant as any I have observed.”

The wrestling team ended their season with a dual meet record of 10 – 6, and with a core group of boys returning next year, Trinity-Pawling is excited to see what that team will have in store for them. We wish the wrestlers the best of luck in the future and in their respective spring sports next season!

by Kyle Miller ’18



The Trinity-Pawling Athletic Hall of Fame honors former student-athletes, coaches, and teams for outstanding contributions to Trinity-Pawling School athletics. If you are interested in nominating a classmate, former coach, or outstanding athletic team to the Trinity-Pawling Athletic Hall of Fame for 2023, please complete this nomination form. All nominations must be submitted by March 1.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • An alumna or alumnus who participated and excelled in varsity athletic competition while pursuing a Trinity-Pawling diploma and who has completed his/her secondary school athletic career at least ten years prior to the year of election.
  • A coach or athletic administrator whose distinguished record or contribution to the Trinity-Pawling athletic program for at least ten years shall be eligible.
  • A team which has brought recognition and honor to Trinity-Pawling School by its significant achievement.

For a list of all current members, please visit the Athletic Hall of Fame on our website. We look forward to receiving your nominations!

We hope you’ll attend the Trinity-Pawling Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony at our upcoming Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, held on campus on September 22-23, 2023. Be sure to mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details!


Upcoming Events


We are excited to offer many great ways for you to connect with Trinity-Pawling this year. Whether you are a new member of the community or have been a part of Trinity-Pawling for years, we have exciting events in store for you. We can’t wait to see you there, so mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

March 3, 2023
Pride Parents’ Association (PPA) Social Gathering
10:00-11:30 AM
Cluett Lobby
For all current Trinity-Pawling parents!

March 21, 2023
Delray Beach Reception & Golf Outing
10:45 AM
Golf Outing: The Seagate Country Club • 3600 Hamlet Dr., Delray Beach, FL
Hosted by Paul Miller ’63, P’92

5:30-7:30 PM
Reception: 1202 Southways Street, Delray Beach, FL
Hosted by Andy and Paul Miller ’63, P’92
RSVP here

April 25, 2023
Washington, D.C. Reception
6:00-8:00 PM
The Metropolitan Club, 1700 H St NW, Washington, D.C.
Hosted by Kathryn and Ken Weeman ’59, P’91
RSVP here

The Metropolitan Club requires a jacket and tie for gentlemen and equal formal attire for ladies.

May 16, 2023
State of the School Webinar
7:00 PM
Hosted by Head of School Bill Taylor and Board President Erik Olstein ’86, P’11,’14,’17
Register here

Tune in to learn more about the School’s 2022-2023 academic year and the strategic goals we have been working towards.

May 17, 2023
Greenwich, CT Reception
6:00-8:00 PM
Indian Harbor Yacht Club
710 Steamboat Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830
Hosted by Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Michael Kovner ’58
RSVP here

September 22-23, 2023
Homecoming and Reunion Weekend
Trinity-Pawling School
More details coming soon!

Keep an eye out for additional information regarding the event in your mailbox and email inbox. Please ensure we have your current contact information on file.

Questions? Please contact Jenna Jonke in the Office of Advancement at or call 845-855-4886.


Trinity-Pawling campus aerial view


Trinity-Pawling is a leading independent boys’ school, with a close-knit community of 100 employees and 275 students. We’re a community that values and inspires leaders, friends, athletes, artists, and global citizens. Our students and faculty hail from across the nation and the world. To make a transformational difference in the lives of our students, our faculty and staff work to ensure that each student has a sense of belonging to the community that values him as a distinctive individual, respects his potential and his promise, inspires the discovery of his own gifts and talents, and mentors him as he navigates life’s challenges and triumphs.

From a working farm to maker spaces, mountain bike trails to a pond house classroom, our students embrace the natural world and learn from hands-on experience. As members of the Founders League, which is nationally recognized as one of the country’s most competitive and respected secondary school athletic leagues, students and faculty also have the opportunity to shine in the athletic arena.

We are committed to the School’s mission to provide an educational experience that makes a transformational difference in the lives of its students by enabling them to discover and pursue their distinctive gifts and talents. Our work environment is one that values character traits such as perseverance, effort, zest, resiliency, global awareness, a growth mindset, and learned optimism. With a holistic, student-centered focus, the Trinity-Pawling community is committed to preparing students for the 21st century and lifelong learning — we invite you to join us!

Currently, we are seeking candidates for staff and faculty positions. Please visit our website for more details about the opportunities available at Trinity-Pawling.

Trinity-Pawling School Varsity Basketball Team


It was a busy season for our winter student-athletes — the schedule here moves at a fast pace after Christmas Break. Here’s a recap of the past few months:

The varsity basketball team shattered any preseason expectations and won the Founders League Championship! They have been led by Vincent Chaudhri ’25 and Iverson Plaza ’23 who both played large minutes and contributed on and off the ball all year. Justin Umunakwe ’23  also had an important role in the success of the Pride basketball team this season, putting up impressive numbers in multiple games. Varsity basketball was perfect at home during this championship season, but the team was defeated in all five games on the road. They are now playoff bound — on Wednesday, March 1, when they face off against Williston North Hampton.

The varsity hockey team had a slow start to the season, losing a tough stretch of games before and during the Avon Christmas Classic. However, they picked it up upon returning from Christmas break, when they beat Lawrenceville Academy. After this, the team went on a good stretch where they won four out of their next six games. It was a tough end of the year for the boys, as they lost a heartbreaker in overtime to Millbrook.

The varsity squash team struggled at the beginning of the year but enjoyed some late-season success. Their sole win came against Canterbury, but it was at Nationals where the team and some individual players reached their potential. The team came away with victories against Dupont High School and Briarcliff High School while losing in close, hard-fought matches against King School and Shady Side School. In particular, Travis Dang ’23 competed all season at #5, yet won against Dupont in a straightforward match and again in an excellent match against Briarcliff.

Roll Pride!

by Kyle Miller ’18

Hubbard Hoops logo


Calling all Trinity-Pawling alumni — Hubbard Hoops is back for 2023!

Our tournament-style bracket challenge will run through the March NCAA basketball playoffs: March 12 – April 3

More details are coming soon, so keep an eye on your email inbox!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to Jenna Jonke at or call 845-855-4886.