Trinity-Pawling Head of School Bill Taylor


In the spirit of the holiday season, I have been contemplating the reasons for which I am grateful:

  • The unending commitment and dedication of the Trinity-Pawling School faculty and staff
  • For students and faculty who are willing to try new things in order to learn and to grow
  • For the “scrappiness” of the Trinity-Pawling School community
  • For the spirit of kindness that provides hope for the future
  • For bad puns at family-style lunch that bring laughter and joy to the afternoon
  • For better coffee and hot chocolate at the Pride Perch in the newly refurbished Gardiner Library and Learning Commons
  • For the restoration of All Saints’ Chapel
  • For the opportunities to learn and grow from misguided decisions
  • For the transformational difference that happens all the time at Trinity-Pawling School when students discover their gifts and talents
  • For the dedication and hard work of the Maintenance and Housekeeping Teams that bring beauty to the Trinity-Pawling School campus
  • For the opportunity to create synergy between tradition and innovation to advance student learning and growth
  • For the opportunities to help boys learn and grow amidst times of challenges for boys and men
  • For the countless alumni and friends of the School that help steward the School’s growth into the future
  • For the trust, support, and partnerships of parents and families
  • For bright, inquisitive students who want to learn and grow
  • For coaches and players who bring pride to our athletic program
  • For the power of the arts to unlock the creativity in each boy

By Bill Taylor

Trinity-Pawling Junior Prefect Ethan Fehrenbaker ’24


With the Fall Term behind us and Wintersession underway, Junior Prefect Ethan Fehrenbaker ’24 is making the most of his senior year at Trinity-Pawling. In addition to being the Prefect of Zeal, he is also a captain and goalie for varsity hockey; an admissions tour guide; and a member of seven clubs on campus, including Model UN, Spirit Club, Futsal Club, Ball Hockey Club, Key Club, Relay for Life, and Sign Language Club.

We caught up with Ethan this week to learn more about his leadership roles, the hockey season, his Senior Independent Project, and his goals for the rest of the year.

What does your role as Prefect of Zeal entail?
EF: Being the Prefect of Zeal involves energizing and rallying the student body for activities, and encouraging everyone at the School to attend games and cheer loudly. So far this year, with the help of many, I have organized the Fall Dorm Olympics, which I plan to do for every term this year.

Tell us about the hockey season ahead. What are you most excited about?
EF: I am incredibly excited for the hockey season. This year, our team is one of the closest teams I have been a part of, and I look forward to seeing our growth over the next few months. I’m most excited about the Avon Old Farms Christmas Classic this month. It’s a fantastic tournament and a great way to spend time with my teammates before Christmas break.

How is your Senior Independent Project going?
EF: For my Senior Independent Project this year, I am collecting student, faculty, and coach data regarding the current locker rooms in the Smith Field House. I have been creating surveys and will generate survey groups from the information I learn. My goal for the end of this is to have a plan for the School — so when the time comes for that area to be renovated, there will be input from the community on what specifically could be improved.

You are involved in so many clubs on campus! Do you have a favorite?
EF: My favorite club would have to be the Futsal Club. I was never great at soccer, nor did I have a chance to play it. Futsal Club has allowed me to gather once a week at a convenient time to play soccer with kids from all grades, and it has also allowed me to interact with and get to know new people.

What are 3 things on your Senior Bucket List?
EF: Before graduating this spring, I’d like to:
1. Get to know as many people as possible on a personal level.
2. Lead the hockey team to a successful season.
3. Help strengthen the brotherhood in a way that will carry on when my time at Trinity-Pawling is over, by stressing the importance of leading by example and involvement in the community.

What is your favorite meal in Scully Hall?
EF: The chicken tostada bowls!

What 3 words would you use to describe your Trinity-Pawling experience?
EF: Transforming, Growth, Brotherhood

How has being a Prefect enhanced your senior year so far?
EF: Being a Prefect allows me to be involved in all aspects of the School community. It has given me the opportunity to give a Chapel Talk and share my advice for taking advantage of all that Trinity-Pawling has to offer.

by Emma Quigley

2023 Annual Broomball teams at Trinity-Pawling


The annual faculty broomball game took place on Friday, November 17 at Tirrell Rink, and as always, there were plenty of laughs. The game began shortly after 9:30 with the over-30s taking on the under-30s (age). The teams were about even this year which made for an exciting game! In net for the under-30s was former goaltender Cody Doyle, while the over-30s netminder was Keith Tucci.

The first period was a low-scoring affair. Teams were sizing each other up while also assessing the traction of their shoes on the ice. The game is played after several Pawling youth hockey practices, so there is plenty of snow to help. With that said, the flat soles of most Adidas and Nike shoes don’t offer much. The first goal was scored by the over-30s in a battle in front of the net. Doyle was doing his best to see in front of a sea of bodies but in the end, the ball found the back of the net.

The second period saw the under-30s tie the game at 1. On what turned out to be the only costly error by Keith Tucci, the under-30s were able to cause a turnover close to the net and cash it in for a goal. Going into the third period, the game was locked at 1-1, with no clear winner in sight.

The third period was where a hero was found, and the game was won. A cross-crease shot from over-30 team member Josh Frost ’04, beat Doyle just above the stretched-out leg; a great shot no doubt. With his game-winning goal, Josh Frost was named the MVP of the 2023 Faculty Broomball Game. Better luck next year to the under-30s!

by Kyle Miller ’18

U-30 VS. O-30
Trinity-Pawling Classes of '63 and '64 at their annual golf outing


In Basking Ridge, New Jersey, during the second week of October 2023, a cherished tradition, cultivated over the years, unfolded in the brisk autumn atmosphere. A group of Trinity-Pawling alumni, hailing primarily from the Classes of 1963 and 1964, converged for their annual golf outing, hosted over two days by Kim Foley ’64 at Somerset Hills and Paul Miller ’63, P’92 at Hamilton Farms.

The outing, which has been a steadfast occurrence for over a decade, originally focused on just a few individuals, has grown to a heartening reunion of 8 to 12 classmates. This annual golf tournament started as a small game between friends but now spans two days of spirited competition, camaraderie, and shared memories. With the regular tournament happening in the fall, the group has occasionally added a winter gathering in Florida to which they invite their wives for an even more lively grand event.

To add to the revelries and entertainment, various trophies are awarded to the participants. This year’s winners were:
● Winning Team: Class of 1964
● Low Gross: Tag Demment ’64
● High Gross: Hayes Miller (Son of Paul Miller ’63, P’92)
● Low Net: David Jollin ’64

While it is hard to top the days of golf on two of the most beautiful courses around, “For me, the gathering is more about connecting with our long-time, close friends than it is about the actual golf, although the competition is a lot of fun. Being able to gather each night after golf and catch up on each of our friends’ lives is the most rewarding aspect of the event,” shared Dave Jollin ’64  about the real reason for the event.

Despite the decades since their graduation, Dave notes, “After all these years, it is just like we were back in school together again. We absolutely do joke around and tease each other just like we used to,” adding that their camaraderie has grown along with the respect they all have for each other.

Alumni often talk about how Trinity-Pawling creates friendships for life. This gathering is an example of just that. With a grin, Paul Miller ’63, P’92 adds, “Believe it or not, we actually enjoy the Class of ’64 … and of course, it’s great seeing brother Kenper! But seeing Fritz Weeman ’63 and Steve Lewis ’63 is a real bonus! I appreciate their golf games even more! Thanks for driving down to New Jersey!”

This get-together has seen some expansion over the years, with invitations extended to others, and occasional guests joining for dinner and to enjoy the nostalgia of the Trinity-Pawling brotherhood. As the years have passed, this annual reunion has become more than a golf outing. It’s a collective effort and they have been able to leverage outreach from this core group to reach even more of their fellow classmates for reunions and other important milestones, such as their discussions this year to start the planning of the Class of 1964’s 60th reunion!

The group advises any other alumni looking to start their own yearly outings like this to start things small and keep the planning manageable. The key is fostering meaningful relationships and slowly growing the event to include more people as it organically expands. The core activity around which they gather, in this case golf, serves as a unifying force.

The gatherings also provide a deeper bond to the Trinity-Pawling of today. Updates from the School’s trustees like Doug Ebert ’64 and Jim Bellis ’72 shed light on the school’s current state, keeping the alumni connected to their alma mater.

As the sun set on another successful outing, the bonds forged over decades remained unbroken. Golf might be the reason they gather, but it’s the shared stories, laughter, and genuine friendship that make this Trinity-Pawling alumni outing a tradition worth preserving for years to come.

To join this gathering in the future, Dave and Paul encourage their classmates to reach out to them directly.

Special Note to the Class of 1964:
Your Trinity-Pawling brothers, Doug Ebert ’64, Tag Demment ’64, Kenper Miller ’64, and Dave Jollin ’64, are excited to see you again at your 60th reunion, September 27-28, 2024! To join in the planning and help spread the word, please email Dave at

by Tom Javery

Yoga class at Trinity-Pawling School


It was 2010 when Annie Keel first joined the Trinity-Pawling community alongside her husband, Dutch, and their two young daughters. In 2014, she returned to the classroom as a teacher in the LEAD Program, and soon after, joined the Science Department as a biology teacher. Beyond the science wing, she currently serves as an academic advisor; heads up the Baking Club, Animal Shelter Club, and Chess Club; and also leads an inspiring Kripalu Yoga practice on campus, with a focus on balance and holistic wellness. “Kripalu Yoga is a compassionate, loving, non-judgmental practice,” she began. “It includes centering, breathwork, warm-ups, asana (the poses), and a closing and relaxation (Shavasana).”

Keel earned her yoga instructor certification in 2022 following a 200-hour intensive yoga teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellness in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Now a certified instructor, she is proud to share the practice with her students and fellow faculty at Trinity-Pawling. “Last year, I worked with some of our athletes in the off-season and offered practice occasionally for some psychology classes, as well,” Keel shared. This past summer, she also offered weekly community yoga classes for faculty and staff on campus, and throughout the fall, she worked with both the varsity soccer and cross country teams. Her hope is to continue to expand the yoga program each year and bring joy to all who join in.

“I hope the practice is spreading a little bit of good energy, self-compassion, and the ability to carry some of that goodness throughout one’s day or week — both for ourselves and for others.” Keel also noted the benefits of yoga for student-athletes specifically, as they develop their flexibility, balance, and overall wellness. “At the very least, I think that taking 45 minutes or an hour to just be, breathe, stretch, focus, center, and relax, without the constant input of data from phones and social media, is healthy for all of us.”

The powerful benefits of Kripalu Yoga, Keel added, extend well beyond the yoga mat. Her students can take the valuable lessons in breathing, mindfulness, meditation, and flexibility and apply them throughout their daily lives — in the classroom, during athletics, and everywhere in between. “We talk about the power of your breath as something that you always have, no matter where you are. It’s something that can help you calm and center,” she shared. “We also practice focusing on our own body and being present during practice, which is important in all parts of our lives.”

When reflecting on her journey with Kripalu Yoga, one word comes up over and over again for Keel: gratitude. “I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to complete my yoga teacher training and share my practice with our community. My family and my colleagues have been so supportive; I had inspiring teachers; and I’ve made connections with my fellow students that are incredible,” she concluded. “Kripalu is like home to me. It is a blessing to get to practice and offer yoga here on campus for our community.”

by Emma Quigley

Phil Smith memorial plaque in All Sanits' Chapel at Trinity-Pawling School


On Saturday, November 11, the Trinity-Pawling community gathered in the newly restored All Saints’ Chapel to pay tribute to Phillips Smith P’79, the fifth Headmaster, whose indelible impact can still be felt in the success of our institution.

Our School was honored to have Phil’s widow, Holly, and his son Mark ’79, along with other family members in attendance. Mark Smith led the ceremony with a heartfelt address, illuminating his father’s profound love for the School community and how it fueled his achievements as Headmaster. Board of Trustees President Erik Olstein ’86, P’11, ’14, ’17 followed, sharing valuable lessons he learned from Phil. He emphasized that to know Trinity-Pawling is to know Phil Smith, as his legacy echoes in the people he brought to the School, the foundations he laid, the programs he nurtured, and the students he mentored. Alumnus and Director of Athletics Brian Foster ’79 spoke eloquently about Phil’s passion for sports, unwavering dedication to scholar-athletes, and his expectation of excellence from the entire Trinity-Pawling community.

Head of School Bill Taylor spoke of Phil’s tremendous influence on his life. Bill recounted how Phil Smith provided him the opportunity to pursue his dream of teaching as a form of ministry, setting him on the path to achieve success as an educator. The focal point of this poignant ceremony was the unveiling of a memorial plaque in tribute to Phillips Smith, in an honored space at the front of our chapel — a tangible testament to Phil’s enduring legacy at Trinity-Pawling. The all-school service of reverence and reflection was enhanced by the resonant voices of the Trinitones. Surrounded by our students in their traditional chapel Blues and Grays, the attendees felt the warmth of the School’s history, embodying the continuity that defines Trinity-Pawling.

As the plaque stands proudly in All Saints’ Chapel, it serves as an eternal reminder of the transformative difference made by Phillips Smith on the heart and history of our community.

You can watch the full ceremony here.

by Tom Javery

Winter Projects during Wintersession at Trinity-Pawling School


Wintersession 2023 is in full swing on campus! From November 28-December 13, 2023, the Trinity-Pawling community is immersed in two weeks of student-centered, experiential learning. This signature program, held between Thanksgiving and Winter Break, is in its fourth year at the School and has quickly become an academic highlight for students and faculty alike.

Over the next two weeks of Wintersession, students will participate in a variety of hands-on projects based on their grade levels, including a multi-disciplined project of their choosing with a Winter Project (7th-10th grade); a dynamic, immersive study of real-world problems with the Global Collaborative Challenge (11th grade and postgraduates); or an in-depth exploration of a personal interest with the Senior Independent Project (12th grade). Guided by faculty and staff advisors, Wintersession makes for an enriching deep-dive or master class for students — one that fosters collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Join us as we catch up with the faculty member at the helm of it all: Gabe Avis, Director of Wintersession.

As the Director of Wintersession, what is your favorite aspect of this signature program?
GA: Seeing students discover their distinct gifts and talents. Wintersession is one of many mission-driven programs we offer at Trinity-Pawling. We have the Wintersession scaffold so that students can pursue their interests, while also allowing them to learn new skills they otherwise would not have known.

If we were to step into a student’s shoes during Wintersession 2023, what kind of projects and topics would we encounter?
GA: This year we offer an eclectic array of Winter Projects ranging from maple sugar tapping, Rube Goldberg machine building, and filming a Twilight Zone-inspired episode. The juniors and postgraduates have a diverse range of questions for this year’s Global Collaborative Challenge. Questions range from climate change and college sports to peaceful resolutions to certain geopolitical issues. All questions also involve one or more of the Institutes for Active Learning. The Senior Independent Project topics I have seen so far are incredibly robust and diverse. Students want to pursue ambitious and bold projects, like developing a sustainable clothing brand, creating mindfulness content, and teaching basic car maintenance to the broader Trinity-Pawling community.

What are 3 words you would use to describe Wintersession at Trinity-Pawling?
GA: Active, Engaging, Distinctive

What would you say is the most important takeaway from Wintersession, for students and faculty?
GA: It is a moment in the busy school calendar where students and faculty delve into topics, discussions, projects, and field trips that they are passionate about. We invest a significant amount of time and energy into Wintersession because we know this is an important program and makes Trinity-Pawling students ready for real-world applications. Like any class at the School, I encourage students and faculty to dive deep into these areas of study because it truly makes the community richer.

by Emma Quigley

Trinity-Pawling travels the world


Head of School Bill Taylor and Director of Admissions Jeff Beck will be traveling to Asia in the new year and would welcome the opportunity to visit with parents, alumni, and friends to connect and share our goals for the School’s future. If you are interested in scheduling a time to meet, please reach out to Mr. Matt Soper in the School’s Advancement Office at

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
Beijing, China

Thursday, January 11, 2024
Hong Kong, China

Friday, January 12, 2024
Shenzhen, China

Sunday, January 14, 2024
Shanghai, China

Tuesday, January 16, 2024
Seoul, South Korea

Trinity-Pawling Fund theme, show your love


Trinity-Pawling transforms lives — through brotherhood, devoted mentors, innovative programming, the opportunity to take healthy risks, and so much more. The words most echoed by our alumni are: “I would not be where I am today were it not for Trinity-Pawling.”

By the same token, the School would not be where it is today if it were not for you, our alumni, parents, and friends of the School. This holiday season we invite you to show your philanthropic spirit by giving in honor of what you love best about Trinity-Pawling.

Please make a gift today in support of all that makes our transformative difference possible!

Ways to Contribute:

● Online:
● Phone: 845-855-4833
● Venmo: @TrinityPawlingSchool
● Check: Trinity-Pawling School, Office of Advancement, 700 Route 22, Pawling, NY 12564

When you make your gift, remember to tell us what you love best about Trinity-Pawling School!

The Pride Athetics Fall 2023


The varsity teams for all fall sports celebrated the end of the season at the annual awards dinner on November 13. It was a great opportunity for the players and coaches to be together one last time as a team before the winter season officially began. All teams put in a great deal of hard work and effort throughout the season and we couldn’t be more proud of their achievements. The awards distributed during this event are detailed in the following sports recaps.

The football team persevered throughout the year and concluded on a high note. Wyoming Seminary, a small prep school in Pennsylvania, traveled to Pawling for the final game of the year. The Pride emerged victorious with a 20-9 win, showcasing a robust defensive performance. The coaches expressed satisfaction with the boys’ gameplay and commended the seniors for their consistent hard work throughout the year.

The soccer team also ended their season positively with a couple of wins in their last few games. After facing challenging losses to Hotchkiss (0-4) and Millbrook (3-6), the team finished the year with a 2-0-1 record in their final three games. They secured a draw against Salisbury (0-0) and achieved victories against Kent (3-2) and Canterbury (4-0). At the Awards Banquet, three players received recognition: Tommy Koziak ’24 received the Ned Reade Award, Hunter Baran ’25 received the Coaches Award, and Arthur Figuerido ’26 was honored as the Most Improved Player.

The mountain biking team maintained their strong performance this year, securing several 2nd place finishes, including a race at Hotchkiss on October 4 and their home race on October 18, 2023. Ultimately, the Pride riders secured second place in the Housatonic Mountain Biking League, marking an impressive year.

The cross-country team concluded with a 3-6 record, representing a commendable year for the Pride runners. The team secured 6th place at the Founders League meet on November 4, 20203, and despite finishing 15th at the NEPSTA Championship Meet, many runners achieved their personal best times of the season. With only two seniors, captains Harry Clark and Tyler Olsen, the team provided a platform for younger runners to challenge themselves against more experienced opponents. Harry Clark ’24 and Tyler Olson ’24 excelled as captains, winning the Annual Award and McCabe Award for leadership and service, respectively. The title of Most Improved Runner was bestowed upon Jude Halpy ’27.

by Kyle Miller ’18

Holiday Events Announcement


Trinity-Pawling’s upcoming events promise a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with old friends, beloved mentors, and the extended Trinity-Pawling community.

As we gear up for the festivities, mark your calendar for our highly anticipated holiday celebrations this month. Embrace the spirit of the season with us as we come together for these joyful occasions. Save the dates for our Spring 2024 events too!

December 4, 2023
Boston Holiday Reception
6:00-8:00 PM
Harvard Club of Boston • 374 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA
Hosted by Peggy and Phil Haughey ’53

December 10, 2023
Candlelight Service for Parents and Community
5:00 PM
Service at All Saints’ Chapel followed by Reception at Scully Hall
Hosted by Head of School Bill Taylor and Jennifer Taylor

December 11, 2023
New York City Holiday Reception
6:00-8:00 PM
Union Club of New York City • 101 East 69th Street, New York, NY
Hosted by Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Michael Kovner ’58

Receptions in 2024
Save the date for these exciting events happening in 2024.
More details and registration coming soon!

March 19, 2024
Palm Beach, FL Reception and Golf Outing
10:45 AM Golf Outing: Old Palm Golf Club
5:30-7:30 PM Reception: Palm Beach, FL
Hosted by Dick Bauer ’70

April 11, 2024
New York City Spring Reception
6:30-8:30 PM
New York, NY
Hosted by Polly and Mike Brandmeyer P’25

May 16, 2024
Washington, D.C. Reception
6:00-8:00 PM
The Metropolitan Club, 1700 H Street NW, Washington, D.C.
Hosted by Kathryn and Ken Weeman ’59, P’91