This is Trinity-Pawling School's Headmaster, Bill Taylor


As we approach the start of classes for the Fall Term, I am excited for another year’s journey of learning and growth at Trinity-Pawling. For educators, summers provide time for restoration, planning, and eagerness. Schools, especially boarding schools, can be haunting places during the summer. Our campuses are built for the noise and vigor that comes from the energy of young people, as well as those who have chosen professions that help them grow and learn on their journey of becoming.

On a personal note, I marked the end of the last school year with a significant impact on my life; I celebrated the Commencement of the Class of 2023 with my old hip and led the final faculty meeting of the year, ten days later, with a new one. Accordingly, my summer was largely defined by this new transition. On the upside, I was almost immediately pain-free after the surgery. On the downside, my usual active summer pursuits were significantly limited by my recovery, my doctor, and my physical therapist. On the whole, though, the value and the impact of the upside have made the downside seem insignificant in the larger picture.

One of the unexpected benefits of my surgical recovery has been a deeper awareness of my vulnerability. While coping with the pain of a failing joint over the past two years, this vulnerability was frustrating — it seemed like a weakness to me. During my recovery, the need for a walker to get out of bed underscored my vulnerability. Walking up stairs slowly in the midst of the hustle and bustle of New York City underscored my vulnerability. Having never had any surgical procedure before (other than some minor oral surgery as a 12-year-old), this type of vulnerability was new to me. Yet, I quickly embraced this vulnerability as a strength, rather than a weakness. Coping with the vulnerability was a part of getting stronger and a necessary part of the self-realization process of being able to return to a more fulfilling life. I’m happy to report a full recovery and I’m feeling better than ever.

In his book, Better Boys, Better Men, which was the faculty reading assignment this summer, Andrew Reiner argues for the need to allow boys and men to feel more confident accessing their full range of human emotions, including finding safe spaces to explore and understand their vulnerabilities in positive ways, without having this exploration be seen or experienced as a challenge to their perceptions of their masculinity. In other words, according to Reiner, boys and men need to discover that vulnerability is not a weakness and this discovery is the gateway to embracing their full range of human emotions and a different understanding of their masculinity.

The statistics about boys and men in today’s culture are not encouraging. Whether measured by academic achievement in high school, matriculation and graduation from college, employment longevity, and mental health, boys and men are not faring well as compared to girls and women. While there are many reasons for why this gap between boys/men and girls/women has been widening for the past forty years, there is no disagreement that it exists.

Having led a coeducational independent day school and now an all-boys independent boarding school, I have seen boys grapple with their own vulnerability during the challenging and formative years of adolescence. I have also seen that boys at Trinity-Pawling have a longer runway to pursue this exploration than boys in my former coed school, one that was also highly student-centered. There was always a point beyond which a boy dared not travel on this exploration in a coed school because of a fear of how this exploration might be perceived by others, both girls and other boys.

Our students and their families have chosen Trinity-Pawling School as a place where they will learn and grow on their journey toward becoming independent adults. Not insignificantly, they have decided that this journey will take place, in part, in an all-boys school. They have chosen a school filled with experts on how boys learn best — educators who possess a wealth of experience in helping boys gain a deeper understanding of themselves as learners and young men.

While there are many opportunities for boys to learn and grow at Trinity-Pawling, one of the most important areas of their growth will be in their own self-awareness. They will have many opportunities to explore and nurture their distinctive gifts and talents in a community that values respect and mutuality. They will also be faced with many situations where they will be vulnerable. Rather than seeing such opportunities as challenges, it is our objective at Trinity-Pawling to help them continue to discover that such opportunities are really ones of strength and growth and that this discovery is critical to their own awareness of themselves as young men.

Adolescence is a journey of becoming and part of this journey is learning how to find comfort from discomfort. It is a process where one can discover that challenges and times of vulnerability are not seen as situations to be avoided but embraced as opportunities for strength, learning, and self-awareness.


by William W. Taylor

2023-2024 Prefects of Trinity-Pawling School


Each spring at Trinity-Pawling’s beloved Stepping Up ceremony in All Saints’ Chapel, a small group of rising seniors are elected to be the Prefects for the upcoming school year. Derived from the Latin word for ‘leader’, Prefects are voted in by the student body and faculty. They serve as student leaders in all areas of campus life and model the School’s ideals of honor, respect, and hard work.

On May 28, 2023, eight Trinity-Pawling Prefects were elected for the 2023-2024 school year, earning the honor by demonstrating their commitment to the School and most importantly, to their peers.

Now as the new school year begins, enjoy this snapshot of the Class of 2024 Prefects and their vision for the year ahead.

Brayden Lahey, Head Prefect

Hometown: Granger, IN
How many years have you been at Trinity-Pawling? 4 years
Interests/Hobbies: Playing lacrosse, guitar, video games, and watching college football
If you could have a theme song, what would it be? Drive by Incubus
What are you most looking forward to for your senior year? I’m most excited to meet all the first-year members of our community and create new bonds with them.

“To me, being a Prefect means leading by example, and being a role model, not only to underclassmen, but to seniors as well. It means being a leader that your peers can always rely on.”

Ethan Fehrenbaker, Junior Prefect

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
How many years have you been at Trinity-Pawling? 4 years
Interests/Hobbies: Playing hockey, guitar, spending time with my friends, and working out
If you could have a theme song, what would it be? Working Man by Rush
What are you most looking forward to for your senior year? I’m most looking forward to meeting new students and showing them how great the School is.

“Being a Prefect means to be a great role model and set the right example for students at the School to follow.”

Trey Boula

Hometown: Pawling, NY
How many years have you been at Trinity-Pawling? 4 years
Interests/Hobbies: Wrestling, watching movies with my friends, playing video games, working out, and playing pickleball with the boys
If you could have a theme song, what would it be? Glorious by Macklemore
What are you most looking forward to for your senior year? Hanging out with all my friends for the last year before we leave for college.

“To me, a Prefect is someone who leads by example and is always there to encourage and lead others in every way he possibly can.”

Harry Clark

Hometown: Newark, NJ
How many years have you been at Trinity-Pawling? 5 years
Interests/Hobbies: Playing lacrosse, spending time with my mom and dogs, Martial Arts, running, theater, playing the violin, and collecting baseball cards
If you could have a theme song, what would it be? Jammin’ by Bob Marley
What are you most looking forward to for your senior year? Enjoying my fifth and final ride with the lads.

“Making sure you’re available to help and encourage other people and be a reliable leader — that’s what being a Prefect is all about.”

Sean Wyman

Hometown: Fayetteville, NY
How many years have you been at Trinity-Pawling? This will be my third year.
Interests/Hobbies: Lacrosse, hockey, and videography
If you could have a theme song, what would it be? Can’t Get Away From a Good Time by Logan Mize
What are you most looking forward to for your senior year? Being with the boys!

“Being a Prefect means being someone on campus who new and younger students can view as not only a friend, but also a role model.”

Maddox Rivera

Hometown: Montgomery, NY
How many years have you been at Trinity-Pawling? This will be my second year.
Interests/Hobbies: Sports, chess, snowboarding, Martial Arts, and playing guitar
If you could have a theme song, what would it be? Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
What are you most looking forward to for your senior year? I look forward to spending time with my friends and trying new things this year.

“For me, being a Prefect means welcoming new kids into the School community and being a role model to all students.”

Aidan Grahn

Hometown: Pawling, NY
How many years have you been at Trinity-Pawling? I am going into my third year.
Interests/Hobbies: Lacrosse, pickleball, snowboarding, hanging out with friends and family, and going to the movies
If you could have a theme song, what would it be? Glorious by Macklemore
What are you most looking forward to for your senior year? I am looking forward to having the opportunity to be a Prefect and to be an anchor on TPSN!

“What does being a prefect mean to me? Being a person that people can rely on and trust and be a role model on campus.”

Asa Caramico

Hometown: Pawling, NY
How many years have you been at Trinity-Pawling? 4 years
Interests/Hobbies: Soccer, wrestling, singing in the Trinitones, working out, reading, and eating sushi
If you could have a theme song, what would it be? I Wish by Stevie Wonder
What are you most looking forward to for your senior year? I am looking forward to spending one last year with my friends at T-P and having a successful year, both on the field and in the classroom.

“As a Prefect, I have a big role to play in making this year a great one at Trinity-Pawling…setting a good example around campus and making people feel included.”

by Emma Quigley

2023 New Faculty Members at Trinity-Pawling School


Join us as we welcome the newest teachers of the Trinity-Pawling community!

Maggie Li • French Teacher

Before joining the Trinity-Pawling community, Maggie Li taught French at the MacDuffie School in Granby, Massachusetts. She earned both a B.A. in French Studies and an M.A. in French literature and linguistics from Central South University. Maggie enjoys hiking, cooking, and hanging out with friends.

What about working at Trinity-Pawling excites you the most?
“Being a part of a vibrant and diverse community, consisting of dedicated faculty, motivated students, and supportive parents.”

Jennifer Lopez • Library Assistant

Jen Lopez is joining the Gardiner Library and Learning Commons as a Library Assistant this year! Previously, she worked for a virtual exterior design company and a digital signage company. She enjoys running, gardening, and watching her children participate in sports.

What about working at Trinity-Pawling excites you the most?
“I am most excited to be a part of the Trinity-Pawling community and supporting its students.”

Finnegan McGovern • Math Teacher

A recent graduate of Trinity College, Finn McGovern joins the Trinity-Pawling community this year as a Math Teacher and wrestling coach. When he isn’t teaching or coaching, he enjoys playing guitar, reading, watching movies, and spending time with his family.

What about working at Trinity-Pawling excites you the most?
“I am excited about working at a school with a different approach to teaching than I ever really experienced in my time as a student. I am also excited to make connections with my students and help them find success!”

James O’Connell • Math Teacher

Before arriving at Trinity-Pawling as a Math Teacher, Jim O’Connell taught at Brunswick Middle School. He is an avid disc golfer and Ultimate Frisbee player — he played three seasons of professional Ultimate Frisbee in the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) in 2015, 2018, and 2021. He also enjoys skiing and snowboarding.

What about working at Trinity-Pawling excites you the most?
“Working with high school students — sharing my love of math, frisbee, and wrestling with the young men of Trinity-Pawling.”

Ricky Oliver • Director of Theater Arts

Ricky Oliver joins the Trinity-Pawling community this year as the Director of Theater Arts and theater teacher. Previously, he served as the Coordinator of Actor Training at the University of Hartford. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting Cape Cod, attending theater productions in New York City, or spending time with his family in Baltimore.

What about working at Trinity-Pawling excites you the most?
“I’m excited to work with and engage a new generation of students.”

Melissa Soler • Associate Director of the Gardiner Learning Commons

Melissa is a familiar face in the Trinity-Pawling community, as her husband Jesus is a math teacher and coach on campus! Formerly an English teacher in Tampa, Florida, Melissa is bringing her talents to the Learning Commons as the Associate Director this year. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

What about working at Trinity-Pawling excites you the most?
“I’m looking forward to getting to know the students and being part of the T-P community!”

Alex Steele • Economics Teacher

A recent graduate from Trinity College, Alex Steele joins the History Department this year as an Economics Teacher. At Trinity, he wrestled and played baseball. He also likes to golf, ski, fish, read, and watch sports and movies.

What about working at Trinity-Pawling excites you the most?
“I’m excited to be a part of and help to build a thriving community on campus.”

by Emma Quigley

2023 Distinguished Alumni Awards


In just two short weeks at Trinity-Pawling’s 2023 Homecoming and Reunion Weekend celebration, the Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented during a special ceremony in Gardiner Theater. The award was first established in 2001 to begin recognizing alumni’s outstanding lifetime service to Trinity-Pawling. Recipients of the award are members of the alumni community who have an exceptional record of service to the School and who have also demonstrated significant achievement in his or her chosen profession.

This year, we look forward to honoring Tom Ahrensfeld ’73, Chris Roux ’73, and Chris Wren ’53 with the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award — for their illustrious careers in finance, law, and journalism, respectively; their generous and steadfast philanthropy to the School; and their dedication to Trinity-Pawling as Trustees (Ahrensfeld and Roux), a Senior Independent Project mentor (Wren), and proud, engaged alumni.

Trinity-Pawling alumni and friends, we hope to see you in Gardiner Theater on Saturday, September 23 at 9:30 AM, for the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Ceremony during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend. Join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to Tom, Chris, and Chris for their extraordinary commitment to Trinity-Pawling and all they have done, and continue to do, for their beloved alma mater.

For all event details and to register for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, please visit

by Emma Quigley

Arts Hall of Fame Inductee Ned Reade


Homecoming and Reunion Weekend is one of Trinity-Pawling’s most honored traditions and ways to celebrate our cherished alumni. On September 22-23, 2023, many members of the School community will gather on campus to reconnect, reminisce, and revel in their shared Trinity-Pawling experiences. In addition to the usual festivities, this year’s reunion event will also feature an exciting, first-ever induction into the new Arts Hall of Fame.

Established in the spring of 2023, the Arts Hall of Fame recognizes former student-artists and teachers who have “brought honor upon Trinity-Pawling School by virtue of outstanding creativity in visual arts, performing arts, art history, multimedia, literature, architecture, and/or other art forms, as well as exemplary contributions to their alma mater, community, and/or chosen profession.” The criteria continues: “The inductees reflect the School’s values of excellence, character, community, and curiosity. They inspire creative thinking, collaboration, and bold expression through their example.”

In honor of his 45 years as a devoted art teacher, coach, and mentor at Trinity-Pawling and his ongoing work as an artist, gallery owner, and faithful supporter of the arts, Ned Reade will be inducted into the Arts Hall of Fame in a special ceremony in Gardiner Learning Commons on Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 2:15 PM. We hope you will join us as we honor and celebrate Ned and his transformational service to the School.

For all event details and to register for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, please visit

by Emma Quigley

2023 Trinity-Pawling Athletic HOF Inductees


Each year, the Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony is a highlight of Trinity-Pawling’s Homecoming and Reunion Weekend celebrations. Since its establishment in 1998, the Athletic Hall of Fame has recognized former student-athletes, teams, and coaches who bring great pride to the School by virtue of outstanding performance and exemplary contributions to their alma mater, community, and profession. Spanning the decades, the inductees reflect the ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, and excellence — on and off the athletic field, court, or rink.

This year, we look forward to celebrating three new inductees into the Trinity-Pawling Athletic Hall of Fame:

  • David C. Lott ’68
  • Charles Sticka ’52
  • 2008 Lacrosse Team

The induction ceremony will take place on Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 2:15 PM in Gardiner Library and Learning Commons. We invite alumni from all class years to join us in celebrating David, Charles, and the 2008 Lacrosse Team for this extraordinary achievement!

For all event details and to register for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, please visit

by Emma Quigley

Dormitory Stories at Trinity-Pawling School


Join us on our Dormitory Stories “tour” — highlighting the history and beauty of the eight dorm buildings on Trinity-Pawling’s campus!

Our current students know Barstow as a dorm here on campus — but it was originally built in the 1930s as the School’s Science Center! Situated on the southwest corner of the quad, it is named for Frederic Duclos Barstow from the Class of 1915. When the three-story brick building was dedicated in May of 1937, it was described as “the most modern preparatory school science building in the country”. In 1977, it was converted to a dormitory. Known for its spacious rooms, tall ceilings, and large windows, it now houses juniors and seniors.

Officially named the Alfonzo Rockwell Cluett Foundation, Cluett was built in 1909 and remains the oldest dormitory and most iconic building on campus. It is named for Alfonzo Cluett, the son of George B. Cluett, who had been a student of Trinity-Pawling’s fearless founder and first headmaster, Dr. Gamage.

Today, Cluett looks from the outside much like it did when it was built over 114 years ago; although from 1969-1995, it did not have any turrets or a fourth floor, due to the tragic fire of 1969. Cluett currently houses the School’s administrative offices, Gardiner Library and Learning Commons, the MakerSpace, and The Cave, a student lounge. The building is also home to two floors of dorm rooms (typically for juniors and seniors) and faculty apartments, on both the north and sound ends. It’s known for its stunning views of both the quad and the western hillside.

Dunbar Hall was constructed on campus in 1966. It is named in honor of longtime and beloved faculty members Bill and Helene Dunbar, who dedicated more than 30 years of service to Trinity-Pawling. Situated at the northeast corner of the quad, Dunbar is divided into two distinct units of dorms — Dunbar North and Dunbar South — and is connected by a student lounge. It currently houses a mix of freshmen and sophomores, with a small group of upperclassmen who serve as dorm proctors.

East was constructed in 1963 during a frenzy of building projects on campus that began to keep pace with the growing number of enrolled students. Overlooking the beloved quad, East is one of Trinity-Pawling’s smallest dorms and is currently home to a small group of underclassmen and typically a pair of senior proctors.

HASTINGS (originally Colonnade)
The groundbreaking ceremony and construction for Colonnade began in 1964 and was completed in 1965. The building was renamed Hastings Hall in 1992 in honor of alumnus and longtime trustee William Bradford Turner Hastings ’37. With East and Owen constructed just before (in 1963 and 1960 respectively), Colonnade/Hastings filled out the far side of the quad on campus.

Similar to Dunbar, Hastings is divided into two distinct dorm units — Hastings North and Hastings South — and is connected by a student lounge. The dorm is home to a mix of underclassmen residents with a small group of upperclassmen proctors.

Johnson was built in 1957 to house an ever-growing student body at Trinity-Pawling. Its construction represented the first significant expansion on campus, as it was the first dormitory built to supplement student housing in Cluett.

Named for Glover Johnson, a former trustee, the dorm is conveniently located close to the Dann Academic Building and All Saints’ Chapel. Earlier this year, the construction of Johnson’s new roof was completed and gave it a stunning new look. The two-story dorm is typically home to juniors and seniors on campus.

OWEN (originally West House)
Originally named West House, Owen was built in 1960. At Trinity-Pawling’s 1985 graduation ceremony, the dorm was renamed and dedicated to John and Lois Lloyd Owen in honor of their longtime service to the School (over 3 decades!). Situated next to East Dorm on the far side of the quad, Owen is one of Trinity-Pawling’s smallest dorms and typically houses a mix of juniors and seniors.

Starr Hall was built in 1984 and is named in honor of the Starr Foundation, whose generosity made the construction possible. In 1989, a wing was added to the east of Starr overlooking the pond on campus, which added 10 new student rooms and a faculty apartment. Known for its beautiful views of the quad and the campus pond, Starr is currently home to a mix of underclassmen, with a small group of upperclassmen proctors.

Be sure to check out our Virtual Campus Tour to see the rest of our beautiful campus, or better yet, schedule a visit! Whether you are an alumnus or future member of the Pride, we can’t wait to welcome you — visit to get started.

by Emma Quigley

2023 Reunion and Homecoming Weekend


Celebrating our alumni is at the heart of Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, one of our most cherished traditions! This event holds immense significance for the entire Trinity-Pawling community and we are eagerly looking forward to your return!

ALL ALUMNI are invited back to campus to celebrate Reunion Weekend 2023!  Here are the weekend highlights:

Friday, September 22, 2023
Honor Guard Reception
All-Class Welcome Reception in Gamage Gardens
Student Experience Panel with Head of School William Taylor
Student-led Campus Tours

Saturday, September 23, 2023
Student and Alumni Jam Session
Alumni Memorial Service, All Saints’ Chapel
Distinguished Alumni Awards & Career Panel, moderated by Head of School William Taylor
Inaugural Arts Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Athletics Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Historical retrospective honoring the Class of 1973
Homecoming Football Game vs. Hotchkiss
JV Soccer vs. Frederick Gunn
Cross Country vs. Avon and Salisbury
All-Class Farewell Reception
50th Reunion Dinner for the Class of 1973

View the full weekend schedule here. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to REGISTER TODAY!

Reminder: Book your hotel soon! Fall is a very busy time for hotels in the area, so we highly recommend booking your accommodations now.

Questions? Visit or please reach out to Thank you!

2023 Pride Soccer Team London England


This summer, the soccer team embarked on an unforgettable pre-season adventure, traveling across the Atlantic to the soccer heartland of England. Following the success of last year’s trip to Costa Rica, the team, led by Coach Sal Zani, was determined to create another enriching experience for the players. During their 10-day stay in London, England, the team took part in a training regimen that included 15 sessions and participated in five highly competitive matches against top-tier English academy teams. However, this trip was more than just soccer; it was a holistic experience that blended athletic development, cultural exploration, and team bonding.

The primary focus of the trip was, of course, soccer. The boys honed their skills through intense training sessions and vigorous matches which served as a valuable learning experience, fostering the team’s growth and development. The players unanimously praised the competitive spirit and the professional treatment they received throughout the tour.

Beyond the soccer pitch, the team had the opportunity to immerse themselves in English culture. Their exploration included iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and a visit to Olympic Stadium for a Premier League game. These cultural experiences added depth to their journey and offered a well-rounded perspective on life in England.

One of the most significant outcomes of the trip was the strengthened camaraderie among the players. Away from campus, the team had the chance to bond on a deeper level. Senior player Gabe Auringer ’24 emphasized the newfound sense of unity, stating that “the trip really helped bring everyone together, making it feel more like a family.” Trust and comfort among teammates grew, enhancing the team’s chemistry, which is invaluable on the soccer field. Sophomore Dom Zani fondly recalled team dinners as moments when he got to know his new teammates better, a sentiment echoed by many.

The highlight for most players was the electrifying experience of attending a Premier League match in person. On the final day of their trip, they witnessed Chelsea take on West Ham United at the iconic London stadium. The atmosphere and passion of English soccer fans left the players in awe. Dom Zani described the game as “truly outstanding” and emphasized the sheer intensity of the atmosphere.

Coach Sal Zani believes that the trip’s benefits extend beyond the tour itself. He views it as an opportunity for the team to adopt new playing styles and skills while fostering stronger individual relationships. He is optimistic about the impact of the trip on the upcoming season, noting, “This trip is going to help our team tremendously as we start our season back on campus. All the team training and bonding will make this group much stronger as they start our season.”

The soccer team’s journey to England was a huge success! The team extends many thanks to Conquest Academy for hosting them in London. Now back on campus, they carry with them not only the skills acquired on the field but also the invaluable experiences and memories forged during their time in England. We wish them the best of luck in their upcoming season, confident that this adventure has laid the foundation for a remarkable year ahead.

The Pride Athetics Fall 2023


Hello Pride fans — welcome back to another school year and another season!

We hope the boys enjoyed their summers, and we’re happy they are back on campus. Student-athletes participating in fall varsity sports arrived on September 2, prior to the rest of the student body, for Early Sports pre-season training and team building. Though this past week has been a hot one, the teams have kept up their energy and excitement for the upcoming year.

Mountain biking Head Coach Gabe Avis is excited about this fall season. Coach Avis is looking forward to working with individual riders on their specific goals and aspirations. He has found that when individual athletes perform their best, the team as a whole grows stronger. This year’s team will be led by some strong riders in Henry Beimler ’24 and Nick Caruso ’24, both captains are primed for a strong season. “It is great to coach in this atmosphere because kids are willing to push themselves to achieve their goals that ultimately help the team, so it is rewarding for them but also for us,” said Coach Avis.

This week, Coach McDougal and the cross country team have been focused on building a team culture with strong camaraderie. “It will be important for the boys to return to a sense of urgency regarding our meets on Saturday,” he said. “We have a good team this year and are looking forward to being competitive again.” Coach McDougal is hoping the combination of younger runners who now have experience, the older 5-year veterans, and captains Harry Clark ’24 and Tyler Olsen ’24 will provide great energy this season.

The football team has returned hungry to improve on last year — they are looking bigger and stronger, proving they have put in the work over the summer. Coach Davenport is excited to welcome our new recruits as well as the returning players from last year. “We’ve had a great training camp and the boys were able to develop chemistry quickly. I’m proud of their work ethic and I think we’re all excited to get our first couple of games underway,” says Davenport. Coach Davenport is also excited to work with his senior captains, Lucas Hunter ’24 and Trey Boula ’24 — both did well last year and are primed for good seasons this year. The team looks to improve from last year and will lean on their seasoned players to ignite the momentum.

Coach Zani is looking forward to the soccer season and competing in league games here at Trinity-Pawling. The team is older as a whole this year — Zani is focused on building their skills and honing in on the aspects of what it takes to be a successful team. “I’m excited to build on last season and really take Trinity-Pawling soccer to the next level,” he said. “We were able to recruit some good players and have some of our older veterans and captains, Gabe Auringer ’24, Maddox Rivera ’24, and Sal Zani ’24 coming back — I’m excited about this year and building the Trinity-Pawling soccer program.”

We would like to wish all of our teams and athletes the best of luck in their competitions this fall!

by Kyle Miller ’18

Trinity-Pawling Open House


Do you know a boy who’s curious about life at Trinity-Pawling? From academics to athletics to the arts — this is their chance to find out about the School first-hand!

We’ll be opening the campus to prospective students and their families, where they can enjoy a student-led tour of our beautiful campus, meet our teachers and coaches, and learn about the active, hands-on academic programs that can only be experienced at Trinity-Pawling.

If you know a boy who would benefit from a Trinity-Pawling education, we hope you’ll pass on this invitation to join us on campus for our Admissions Open House on October 28, 2023 at 9:00 AM.

We look forward to sharing the Trinity-Pawling experience!