Trinity-Pawling alumni Paul Sturz ’69

In the 1969 Trinnitanus yearbook, Paul Sturz ’69 is dubbed “the powerhouse of the senior class.” The title seems fitting, as Sturz was a hard-working student, a captain of the varsity football team, and a member of the illustrious 1969 lacrosse team. He went on to study business and finance at Lehigh University, where he continued to excel while playing football, hockey, and co-captaining the varsity lacrosse team. Shortly after college, Sturz brought his expertise to the family business: the delicious Linden Cookies, Inc.

“My father bought Linden Cookies from the Lindens in 1960. They were close family friends. In the early seventies, my brother and I saw an opportunity to improve our efficiency with automated, industrial-sized ovens. It not only increased our profitability, but also widened our distribution,” Sturz explained.

Throughout these major changes, however, the cookie recipe remained the same — featuring the company’s hallmark chocolate and butter crunch candy combination.

As the family business continues to thrive (now in its 60th year!), Sturz credits Trinity-Pawling with giving him the foundation and work ethic he needed to find success. “My time at T-P helped me build better working habits. The School taught me discipline and focus, in both academics and athletics.” Sturz also notes that the weekend privileges at Trinity-Pawling in the sixties were quite different from those of today. “We only had one 24-hour leave every 10 weeks! And we had to earn it. You better believe we put in every ounce of effort to reach that privilege.”

In October 2019, Sturz returned to campus to celebrate his 50th Reunion. While the Class of 1969 has remained close over the years, after Reunion Weekend, Sturz gained an extra appreciation for his classmates, their collective successes, and the experiences that shaped each of them.

“We didn’t know it at the time, but we matriculated with future leaders, professionals, and even celebrities, like Steve Hannock! In 1969, we were not fully aware of our potential and what we would achieve,” Sturz concluded. “T-P gave us all the chance to have a success story. And for that, I am so grateful.”

by Emma Christiantelli