Trinity-Pawling Cluett Hall

Wintersession at Trinity-Pawling is a two-week student-centered experiential learning session held between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. It gives students the opportunity to participate in a multi-disciplined project of their choosing with a Winter Project; a dynamic, immersive study of real-world problems with the Global Collaborative Challenge (GCC); or an in-depth exploration of a personal interest with the Senior Independent Project.

Beginning on November 30, students and faculty will embark on their Wintersession 2021 journeys. For two weeks, they will work in groups on their grade level-based projects — all juniors, new seniors, and postgraduates are placed in groups of five to begin the Global Collaborative Challenge; underclassmen will choose a Winter Project; and select seniors will continue developing their Senior Independent Projects.

“Our students and faculty alike appreciate the concentrated time to focus during Wintersession,” shared Roberta Lidl, Dean of Teaching and Learning. “It makes for an enriching deep-dive, a master class experience of sorts, and a series of innovative and creative collaborations.”

Held remotely last year, Trinity-Pawling’s first-ever Wintersession proved to be a great success — helping students work collaboratively, think critically, problem solve, and foster their love of learning. Now safely back in person and on campus, our faculty and students are eager to see what this year’s Wintersession will bring. It is certainly an exciting time at Trinity-Pawling.

“I am looking forward to the upcoming Wintersession,” shared Scott Harff, Director of College Counseling. “Last year was a great experience, albeit a virtual one. This year, the students have the opportunity to dive into each of their projects in a truly experiential and project-based manner.” Harff also applauds the School for adding yet another opportunity for students to stand out academically during the college process. “Each time I describe the Wintersession to the college representatives that visit campus, their reaction is the same: excitement! The collaboration and creativity that our students are exercising throughout Winter Projects, Global Collaborative Challenges, and Senior Independent Projects are exactly what colleges are looking for in their future students.”

With the Fall Term coming to a close and Thanksgiving vacation just days away, the Trinity-Pawling community looks forward to another action-packed, engaging Wintersession. As Headmaster Bill Taylor shared in a recent all-school presentation, “Wintersession is just the beginning of students discovering their interests and following their passions. Our goal is for each of them to emerge with a better sense of self-awareness, responsibility, and direction in the midst of our ever-changing world.”

To learn more about Wintersession at Trinity-Pawling, please visit our website.

by Emma Christiantelli