Trinity-Pawling alum Daryl Rubenstein ’94

Squeezing every opportunity out of every opportunity. This describes Daryl Rubinstein ’94 to a tee! From his days at Trinity-Pawling, to each of his work endeavors, he takes full advantage of the experiences presented to him in order to learn, grow, and succeed.

Currently the Executive Vice President at Consolidated Bearings Company in Cedar Knolls, NJ, Rubinstein spends his days as the company’s primary marketing and sales contact, a role that takes him all over the world. Recent business travels have included trips to Romania, Poland, Korea, and India, just to name a few.

“Consolidated Bearings is an awesome company with great brand equity. We are a wholesaler of bearings and have nine locations in the United States. In my current function, I visit global suppliers and am constantly working to expand the business,” reports Rubinstein.

The bearings industry is not at all new to him. His family owns Berliss Bearing Company, an industry-leading bearing manufacturer with over 75 years of experience. He brings a wealth of background knowledge and contacts to the table!

His career trajectory hasn’t been solely in the bearings arena, however, for three years, Rubinstein spent a little time in a completely different industry — the car business. He worked for Flemington Car & Truck Country as the Director of Business Development.

“I developed a true appreciation for how hard work can lead to success at Flemington. It was a high-stakes retail environment with a true grind at month’s end. Making deals, negotiations, and solidifying relationships were part of the daily workload, and the skill set I gained from that experience has served me ever since,” Rubinstein comments.

The first Young Alumnus member of the Board of Trustees (from 2002-2004) and then a committee member for a number of years, Rubinstein has a soft spot in his heart for Trinity-Pawling. “I was a ‘rebel without a cause’ when I came to T-P. I saw the opportunity presented to me (in the School) and worked hard to get ready for college. Trinity-Pawling transformed me into a responsible adult.”

He has fond memories of his times here as well. “I’ll never forget chatting with Ned Reade as we listened to NPR trying to stay awake on our way home from Squash matches over those 4 years. Ned and Maria are the best!!” Rubinstein effuses.

Rock on rebel (now ‘with a cause’) Rubinstein — much success to you as you keep moving up that career ladder!

by Kate Vengrove