Southward Ho Country Club

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Joe Alex ’96, Director of Client Relations and Quality Control at American Maintenance, to learn more about the upcoming 15th Annual Golf Outing that he is generously underwriting. Alex is an avid golfer and has attended our outings in the past. Last fall, he approached the Alumni Office with an idea — he wanted to combine his love of golf and appreciation for Trinity-Pawling into a benefit for the School. He would cover all costs, allowing Trinity-Pawling to retain the revenue and put it toward the School’s needs and scholarships. What a gift! Read on to learn more:

KV: Joe, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for what you are doing! Why did you want to sponsor this outing at your club, Southward Ho?

JA: I see it as a great way to give back. Just like I did over 20 years ago, there are many kids today who need Trinity-Pawling but unfortunately can’t attend because the cost of private school is out of reach for them. I love that the money raised through this outing will go both to the School to cover immediate needs, and also to the Miles Hubbard ’57, P’82 Scholarship Fund, which will give a boy a chance at this amazing opportunity. Miles was a special guy and we all miss him. I remember seeing and catching up with him at a past golf outing. It’s great that we can honor his memory in this way.

KV: You have such a big heart, Joe. Thank you.

JA: It’s my pleasure. I want to be a part of the School even more. It was such a great experience for me and I learned a lot of important lessons. I grew up at Trinity-Pawling and the School means a lot to me.

KV: Joe, can you give our readers and attendees a sense of the course and what they have to look forward to?

JA: Sure! Southward Ho is a classic country club course. It’s challenging and forgiving at the same time — the rough is rough and the bunkers are deep. We get a fair amount of wind (the Club is only a ¼ mile from Great South Bay) so that adds another element of fun! Interestingly, like all Tillinghast courses, it has a 19th hole that is only accessible through the men’s locker room (totally not acceptable today, right, but that is the way they were designed back in the day!). The course is “gettable” and really a lot of fun!

KV: Thanks again, Joe! We can’t wait to see you on October 7th.

JA: Come on out for a great day of golf — we’re going to have a blast!

by Kate Vengrove