Current students speak to Class of 1969

October has been a wonderful month of celebrating connectivity with our extended Trinity-Pawling community  — welcoming alumni back to campus during Reunion Weekend and our students’ families for Parents’ Weekend.

“Schools play a vital role in our society — they are dynamic, healthy places where connectivity is fostered and nurtured. They are not only the places where young people learn to be successful and productive citizens, but they are the places where they learn how to navigate the waters of socialization. They develop social skills with the help of their peers, but adults, especially teachers, play a pivotal role in this process as well,” says Headmaster Bill Taylor.

Trinity-Pawling strives to create a school culture where the relationships between students and teachers are strong, healthy, and long-lasting. “Creating an environment where mutuality and respect are highly regarded allows students to explore who they are in a safe and supportive setting,” says Taylor.

Through its commitment to holistic education, the School creates connections between all venues of learning: the classroom, the athletic field, the dorms, and the chapel. This approach allows teachers to know each boy individually and guide them on a journey of self-discovery — finding their gifts and talents and laying a foundation for future success.

“As we begin our 2020 strategic planning process this year, at the forefront is our goal of fostering a culture of connectivity, which will always be an operative force at Trinity-Pawling,” concludes Taylor.