Trinity-Pawling Director of Student Activities Suzanne Najman

“I genuinely love being a part of a community,” began Suzanne Najman, reflecting on her first few months of working at Trinity-Pawling. Najman joined the Science Department over the summer as a chemistry teacher. With over 20 years of private school experience under her belt, she did not hesitate to dive right into the school community. Outside of the classroom, Najman serves as the Student Activities Director on campus and coaches Middle School soccer. “I’m certainly never bored!” she shared with a laugh.

In the chemistry lab, Najman enjoys witnessing the students’ “a-ha” moments each week. “When the boys realize that they understand what’s going on, they’re able to relate what we’ve just learned in the classroom to their interests outside of school,” she shared. “I love seeing that progress.”

And speaking of interests outside of school. “I’m trying my best to learn the boys’ interests so I can provide fun off-campus options each weekend,” Najman shared about her role as Director of Student Activities. “It’s so important for them to get out of the dorms and have engaging experiences — whether that’s a trip to the mall, a local restaurant, or something a bit more exciting, like going to a Yankees Game, hiking, or go-karting.”

Now two months into the fall term, Najman has noticed that many students have become more interested in the weekend activities planning process. “Students are starting to get involved. It’s great! They’re starting to suggest more ideas and voice their opinions,” she shared. It allows her to provide the best options each weekend.

Most recently, Najman worked with Prefect of Zeal Lucas Hughes ’20 to organize a Spirit Week on campus, leading up to the Pride’s home football game under the lights. From October 22-25, the boys had the opportunity to participate in themed dress-down days, a spikeball tournament, free throw contest, dodgeball tournament, bonfire, and more. “It’s a great way to get the boys excited and switch up their daily routines,” she shared. “I think everyone had a blast!”

As a boarding school campus, Trinity-Pawling strives to be a home-away-from-home for all students — a place where, especially on the weekends, they have a chance to unwind, explore their interests, and have new experiences off campus. Thanks to Najman and her ongoing efforts, the boys at Trinity-Pawling get to do just that!

by Emma Christiantelli