Trinity-Pawling seniors Henry Whitlow and Tyler Manning

Three distinct projects show the talent and passion of Trinity-Pawling seniors Jack Kucharski, Henry Whitlow, and Tyler Manning as the final Senior Independent Project presentations loom at the end of the month.

As a two-year tour guide for Key Club, Kucharski took on a unique creative project by developing a virtual tour of the Trinity-Pawling campus. On the first round of presentations, Kucharski used a video of empty spaces to highlight facilities but decided to do a second take that included the vivacity of these spaces when students are present. With help from Video Production teacher Connie Rafferty, Kucharski’s final project will leave the Admissions Department with a working tool to show off an intimate view of a day in the life of a Trinity-Pawling student.

Whitlow took a more tactile approach to his independent project. After doing research on materials, tools, and building plans for a homemade longboard, he constructed a deck out of plywood at his house over the summer. He then pasted grip tape to the top and mounted a truck and wheels to the base after some balance testing. His finished work shows the success of a completely self-directed project!

Manning used a website to share his message in the most personal take of the three. His website outlines early trauma as the son of a 9/11 survivor and subsequent PTSD diagnosis as a teenager. The organization – S.O.S. Teen PTSD – aims to educate and orient teens with PTSD towards help for their commonly undiagnosed symptoms. Those who don’t know much about the disorder can also find valuable information and a succinct compendium of research on Manning’s website:

by Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris

Photo by Andrew Zhang ’20 (Left, Henry Whitlow, right, Tyler Manning, Jack Kucharski was not available for the photo)