Scene from Welcome to the Pride video

“Welcome to the Pride!” Earlier this month, 124 young men learned that they were accepted to Trinity-Pawling for the upcoming school year. Director of Admissions JP Burlington ’95 and his team were thrilled to share the exciting news and welcome the newest members of the Pride to our school community.

In each acceptance email, students had the chance to watch a celebratory video about the Trinity-Pawling experience — produced entirely by current students! Peter Claro ’21 and Jack Kalin ’21 took the lead on the project. “Our goal was to capture the many different aspects of T-P and what the School is all about,” Claro explained. “From the classrooms, to the fields, to the dorms, and across campus, we wanted to show the true T-P experience.”

Claro and Kalin, both members of Ms. Rafferty’s Video Production class, tapped into their creativity and resourcefulness throughout the production process. “The weather wasn’t great for shooting new footage, but we had lots of great drone shots from other projects that we were able to incorporate,” Claro explained. “We specifically picked out shots that made the School pop. We really wanted to showcase what makes Trinity-Pawling so great and unique.”

For both Claro and Kalin, working on the video with guidance from Ms. Rafferty was most rewarding. “We’re so grateful to Ms. Rafferty, who was our mentor throughout the entire process. She gave us great ideas and suggestions to make the video even better.” The duo would also like to thank classmates Jonathan Link ’21 and Tyler Woods ’21 for their contributions to the project.

“The video that the boys produced was everything that we wanted and more,” shared Director of Admissions JP Burlington ’95. “It truly captured the essence of who we are as a school, community and brotherhood.”

And a growing brotherhood, at that! To all of our newly-accepted students and families, we’d like to officially welcome you to the Pride. There’s no greater experience than learning, living, and growing alongside 300 brothers. “The connections you make here…” concluded Claro. “…they are bonds that will last a lifetime.”

Enjoy the full acceptance video here.