Remote teaching begins at Trinity-Pawling

At Trinity-Pawling, we have always believed that learning takes place in a community. When we gather together in the classroom, in the Chapel, in the dorms, in the dining hall, and on the playing fields and courts, the relationships we build with one another promote growth and a sense of belonging. We know that our close-knit community is one of our greatest assets, which makes the idea of keeping distance very strange to us at the School.

Nevertheless, on Wednesday, April 1, Trinity-Pawling students and faculty embraced a new form of community — a virtual community — for the Spring Term. While it may be an entirely new experience for all involved, we are confident that our technology will allow us to stay connected as we teach, learn, create, mentor, and interact remotely.

“It is our goal to be able to bring the community together virtually in ways that are creative, dynamic, and personal,” shared Headmaster Bill Taylor. “The Trinity-Pawling brotherhood is a human connection like no other — and we are determined to keep our connection as a community intact, in spite of the distance.”

Amy Foster, one of the dedicated faculty members at the helm of the remote learning planning process, echoes these sentiments. “We are all in this together,” she shared. “Not just at Trinity-Pawling, but worldwide! Learning from each other has been a blessing.” Foster, along with many other faculty and staff at the School, have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks to implement the best remote learning experience possible for our students. “It’s uncharted territory for us, but I am confident that we will still be able to provide a meaningful, engaging, and distinctly Trinity-Pawling education for our boys.”

After all, Trinity-Pawling is a school that celebrates giving your all to everything. Whether in a traditional classroom or in a virtual class meeting, the School’s focus on effort, character, and community does not waver — paving the way for life-changing learning.

For more information on the remote learning plan for the Spring Term, please visit the Remote Learning page on our website.

by Emma Christiantelli