Trinity-Pawling Jazz Band 2019-20

From the Italian serenades and balcony concerts to remote musical collaborations around the world, people are taking music to a whole new level while we cope with these uncertain times. In the spirit of celebrating the power of music, Headmaster Bill Taylor set out to put together a Spotify playlist of the top songs that the Trinity-Pawling faculty members are listening to while we rise to the challenges currently facing our world. Earlier this month, Taylor asked the faculty to share the songs that have inspired them recently so that we could share a playlist with the rest of our School community.

When Bill was asked for his own list of inspiring songs, he shared, “A few tunes come quickly to my mind. As I Zoom in and out of various remote locations, I am reminded that I actually can be in Two Places at One Time. Like all of us, my schedule is fairly hectic with various meetings and a staggering increase of emails. If we don’t take time to listen to music we could easily get buried under The Weight of it all. It’s important to take breaks when we can and get outside when we can. When I do venture out, I try to be quick about being in and out of places. This is no time to be getting Lost in the Supermarket. Yet, sometimes I worry about how this whole crisis is being handled. I remind myself, however, that this worry can quickly be unproductive. So, I try to be disciplined and remind myself “Don’t Worry About The Government.” At the end of the day, we are in charge of our attitudes and we can decide each day to avoid worry and try to be Happy and enjoy the seemingly small stuff, like those three little birds outside the window.”

So, Let The Good Times Roll, and enjoy these Trinity-Pawling Faculty Tunes on Spotify!

Photo:  2019-2020 Trinity-Pawling Jazz Band