Trinity-Pawling School Mountain Bike Riders

Sports have taken on a new format this fall without interscholastic competition, allowing boys new athletic pursuits while also affording training in a focus sport.

Mr. Bresler and Mr. Avis are leading the new Mountain Biking team to ride on and off campus, while Mr. Frost ’04 continues to grow Varsity Farming in the greenhouse and on the upper property. A young talented group leads the way for soccer, PG football players set the example on Wednesday 7-on-7’s, and Robby Accomando ’22 and Harry Clark ’23 mark a fast pace for cross country’s Saturday Race Day challenges. Mr. Gillman ’05 and Mr. Pirie have also opened a robust strength and conditioning program, offering hour-long slots in the weight room and field house for all in and out-of-season teams.

After three days of training in their fall sport, students can then elect to switch activities for Thursday and Friday after school. While serious footballers stay on the pitch or with the pigskin, some athletes play lacrosse, hockey, basketball, or baseball. Others elect to go fishing or play disc golf on the new campus-wide course. The boys are as active as ever — and for now, just on campus.

Roll Pride!

by Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris