Trinity-Pawling student Hayden Desmond ’23

Hayden Desmond flew his first drone at the age of ten, and since then, his talent for drone photography has soared. “I’ve always been interested in drones, and ever since I received my first drone with a camera when I turned ten, it’s been an obsession,” Hayden began. “I now have two camera drones that take really high-quality photos and videos. I am also starting to expand into first-person view flying in the range of racing and acrobatic drones.”

Flying a drone takes a great deal of skill and precision, and capturing the perfect photo or video while in flight certainly adds to the challenge. It’s this challenging nature of his hobby that Hayden enjoys most. “My favorite part of flying a drone is the different view it can give you on the world. It’s so far above what we see from the ground…a new perspective,” he explained. For Hayden, the most rewarding aspects of drone photography are the “close calls, say with a tree or building, that still reward you with a beautiful shot.” The acrobatic shots, like following a moving car or an animal, are also among his favorite experiences.

At just seventeen years old, Hayden already has an impressive portfolio of drone photography. The photo he is most proud of to date is a beautiful shot he captured off the coast of Thailand, featuring a colorful boat sailing in the vivid blue ocean. You will also see Hayden’s work showcased at the centerfold of Trinity-Pawling’s Fall 2021 magazine — the stunning aerial photo of the new quad walkway on campus.

When he’s not flying his drone, Hayden enjoys taking computer programming classes, mountain biking, and playing hockey. As a junior, he is also eager to take on more leadership roles on campus and is grateful for the wide range of opportunities that Trinity-Pawling offers. Perhaps most importantly, this year, Hayden hopes to share his love for drone photography with his classmates — helping them to reach new heights and experience the beauty of a new perspective.

by Emma Christiantelli