Trinity-Pawling Coffee and Tea Club

With nearly 50 clubs and co-curricular activities offered on campus, there’s something for everyone at Trinity-Pawling. From Jazz Band to the Coffee and Tea Club, Model United Nations to the Woodworking Club, students have the opportunity to challenge themselves, learn new skills, and build lasting connections in the School community.

“Our wide array of clubs allows students to find something they love outside of the classroom,” began Dutch Keel, Dean of Residential Life. “Whether it’s a hobby they already enjoy and wish to share with others, or a new curiosity or interest, they have the freedom to explore it here on campus.” Better yet, if a student has a passion or interest that is not reflected in the existing selection of clubs, he can start his own — all he needs is a topic and a faculty advisor. “About half of the clubs we offer now were started at some point by a student. It’s a great reflection of our boys’ wide variety of talents and interests, and their leadership and community-building skills.”

The 30 for 30 Club, for example, emerged from a student’s specific interest in watching and discussing topics covered by 30 for 30 documentaries; the Future Health Professionals Club was created by a student interested in pursuing a career in the medical field; and the Chess Club was recently revived by a student wishing to develop his skills for the game and join in some friendly competition. The same goes for the Pottery Club, Futsal Club, Entrepreneurship Club, and Dog Walking Club. The list goes on!

“High school is a time for students to try new things. Particularly here at Trinity-Pawling, it’s a great time for them to safely explore different interests and hobbies, discover what they love (and don’t love), and meet others who share a common interest,” concluded Keel. “I believe that participating in different clubs and activities helps a student become more well-rounded, learn to manage his time, relate to others, and perhaps most importantly, become a better global citizen.”

Whatever students wish to explore or create, they’ll find the inspiration to do it here at Trinity-Pawling. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about our robust offering of clubs and activities.

by Emma Quigley

Photo: Members of the Coffee and Tea Club with advisor Frank Fritts