Trinity-Pawling School Dorm Proctors

Establishing trust. Setting a positive example. Building friendships. Doing the right thing. Helping others. It’s all in a day’s work for a dorm proctor at Trinity-Pawling!

Proctors are upperclassmen leaders who help to oversee the day-to-day operation of a dorm. Appointed by the dorm parents and the Faculty Senior Leadership Committee each spring, students selected as proctors play an important role in Trinity-Pawling’s residential life program. As leaders both in and out of the dorms, they set the tone for evening study hall and dorm responsibilities, offer extra help to younger students, facilitate weekly dorm clean-ups, and foster a fun and inclusive atmosphere across the nine dorms on campus.

“Proctors also provide important peer-to-peer support,” added Dean of Residential Life Dutch Keel. “From homework to homesickness, they are a great resource for all students. Proctors help to plan different activities and outings for the residents, and build strong connections within the dorm. It’s a meaningful and significant role on campus.”

This year, there are nearly 45 students serving as dorm proctors at Trinity-Pawling — a role they are honored to have.

“The role of proctor is so important to the functionality of campus,” shared Sean Wyman ’24, a junior proctor in Starr. “The best part about being a proctor is when other students see me as someone they can trust and turn to when they need help.”

Luc Buchanan ’23, a Cluett II proctor, also enjoys the mentorship aspect of the role. “I find the most rewarding part of being a proctor is helping new students, whether it’s a question about certain T-P traditions or how to tie a tie. I enjoy helping others, with the intention and hope that those who I have helped in the School community will pay it forward and help others in the future,” Buchanan explained. “It’s all about setting a good example and showing the underclassmen what it means to hold a leadership position on campus.”

“The most rewarding part of being a proctor would have to be the respect you earn when you do the right thing, the right way, right on time,” echoed Max Camaj ’23, a proctor in East. “Making sure that the dorm is taken care of and that the boys are all staying motivated to take care of the dorms is so important.”

“We are the leaders of our dorm and students look up to us. It’s a great feeling to have that trust,” shared Raphael Denis ’23, a prefect and proctor in Cluett III. His best advice for rising student-leaders? That’s an easy one. “Be an example to your peers, be kind to your brothers, and be an active part of this great community.”

As proctors, students like Sean, Luc, Max, and Raphael help provide a safe, fun, and supportive home away from home for boarders at Trinity-Pawling. “Dorm proctors contribute a great deal to the School community,” concluded Keel. “They help us provide every opportunity for students to succeed and feel supported during their time in the Pride.”

To all dorm proctors at Trinity-Pawling this year, we thank you for your continued leadership on campus!

by Emma Quigley