Yearbook Faculty Advisor Bob Reilly with Bill Dunham

On the evening of Thursday, May 23, 2024, the Trinity-Pawling community gathered in Gardiner Theater for the annual yearbook dedication ceremony and presentation of other academic awards.

The 2024 Trinitannus was dedicated to Mr. Bill Dunham! In the 30 years that Mr. Dunham has been with Trinity-Pawling, he has made an incredible impression on students and faculty. Here are a few comments from the Class of 2024:

“Very good teacher, inspiration to many.”
“He’s the G.O.A.T!”
“He has been my person to lean on for 4 years.”
“Mr. Dunham is always approachable and helpful to any student that needs help.”
“Legendary figure within the school.”
“Inspired me to start enjoying English for the first time in my high school career and also happens to be my English teacher.”
“Mr. Dunham, because he helped me get into college and he was there for any questions I had.”
“From my start at Trinity-Pawling, Mr. Dunham has always been a great help.”
“He’s always looking out for people and is a great coach. He always jokes with us on the golf course and we know he likes to be included.”

Following the ceremony, students and faculty enjoyed a cookout on the quad while reading their new yearbooks. What a fantastic way to end the school year!

The following awards and honors were presented during the dedication ceremony:

Drama Officers, 2024-2025: Robert Edwards ’25 and Justin Fugelsang ’25
The Phoenix Article of the Year: Mark Wang ’25
The Phoenix Writers of Distinction: Leo Liu ’24; AJ Greier ’28; Nick McAvoy ’25; Mark Wang ’25; Kai Wilson ’26; Maxx Miller ’25
The Phoenix Editor: Jack Lashlee ’25
The Phoenix Associate Editors: Nick McAvoy ’25 and Sam Jaffe ’25
Head Tour Guides for the Office of Admission, 2024-2025: Braydon Sturino ’25 and Hunter Baran ’25
Junior Tour Guide for the Office of Admission, 2024-2025: Nolan Watts ’26
Model U.N. Student Leaders, 2024-2025: Justin Fugelsang ’25 and Fisher Winslow ’25

John Lloyd Owen Creative Writing Award: Fisher Winslow ’25
10-year Faculty Service Award: Josh Frost; Annie Keel; Bob Reilly and Arlene Toscano
Robert H. Yunich ’61 Award: Justin Fugelsang ’25
Phil Haughey ’53 Athletic Award: Mikey Malachi ’26; Asa Caramico ’24; Joe Tumolo ’25; Brandyn Hackett ’25 and AJ Turner ’25

Congratulations everyone!

Photo: Bob Reilly, Yearbook Advisor with Bill Dunham, Associate Director of College Counseling, English Department Chair, English Teacher