Middle School Stepping Up 2024 at Trinity-Pawling School

On the evening of Tuesday, May 28, 2024, the Trinity-Pawling community, parents, families, and friends gathered in All Saints’ Chapel to celebrate Middle School Stepping Up — a ceremony in which the Middle School class celebrates the past year and ‘steps up’ into their new roles at the School. Let’s hear a round of applause for all students, award recipients, faculty, and Middle School Coordinator Todd Hoffman for a great year. Congratulations to all!

History Award: Cooper Nagel ’28
History Award: David Prince ’29
Science Award: Mac Hendrix ’29
Math Award: Ebo Arthur Mensah ’29
English Award: Anthony Gonzalez ’28
Foreign Language Award: Mac Hendrix ’29
Instrumental Music Award: AJ Greier ’28
Fine Arts Award: Sam Overman ’29
Performing Arts Award: Charlie Bocompani ’28
Choral Award: Charlie Bocompani ’28
Most Improved Middle School Student: Peter Savino ’29
Middle School Phoenix Writer of Distinction: AJ Greier ’28
Middle School Athletic Distinction Award: Teddy Murphy ’28
Middle School Athletic Distinction Award: Jackson Connors ’28
7th Grade Citizenship Award: Jack Fugelsang
8th Grade Citizenship Award: Alex Blake
Maurice Jackson Hoover Jr. General Excellence Award: Prokup Hrubec ’28