Father Lennox with 2024 graduates at Trinity-Pawling School Commencement

The Dunbar Award for Service honors Bill and Helene Dunbar, who dedicated over 30 years to Trinity-Pawling as Assistant Headmaster and Librarian. Head of School Bill Taylor included these comments as he introduced this year’s recipient:

“This year’s recipient exemplifies their selflessness and magnanimity, significantly impacting the Trinity-Pawling community. The recipient is an exceptional servant leader who navigated the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially within the boarding school environment where communal interaction is integral. Despite the challenges posed by masks and social distancing, this individual worked tirelessly to maintain and revitalize communal life on campus.

Emerging from the pandemic, the community has shown impressive growth, particularly evident in chapel activities. Student engagement in chapel talks has reached unprecedented levels, reflecting the successful efforts to restore and enhance communal energy. This year’s recipient of the Dunbar Award is a vibrant, sagacious, and approachable leader of all aspects of community life at Trinity-Pawling. This year has been marked by challenges such as illness and unexpected departures. The recipient’s pastoral response has been crucial in helping the community navigate these difficulties, providing thoughtful and caring support.

This year’s Dunbar Award for Service goes to the pastoral leader of the School, The Reverend Danny Lennox. He is recognized for his wisdom, thoughtfulness, care, earnestness, and perseverance — despite his unwavering support for the Toronto Maple Leafs. It is a great honor to present the Dunbar Award for Service to Reverend Lennox.”

Photo: Father Lennox with 2024 graduates after Commencement