Trinity-Pawling School Class of 1974

Honor Guard Reception
Friday, September 27, 4:00 – 5:00 PM
Trinity-Pawling Campus, 2024 Homecoming and Reunion Weekend

The Honor Guard stands as a timeless symbol of our cherished traditions at Trinity-Pawling. Its members have epitomized loyalty and dedication, embodying the very spirit that keeps our beloved School alive and thriving.

As alumni reach the milestone of their 50th reunion, they join the esteemed ranks of our alumni who have faithfully preserved our School’s legacy. The leadership of Trinity-Pawling bestows upon them a profound trust: to guard the honor and heritage of our institution for generations to come.
As members of the Honor Guard, they serve as custodians of our past and architects of our future. Their commitment bridges the gap between tradition and progress, ensuring that the essence of Trinity-Pawling endures, vibrant and strong, into the years ahead.

Classes from 1942-1974 are invited to join Head of School Bill Taylor, trustees, faculty, staff, and fellow alumni, at or beyond their 50th reunion, to kick off an unforgettable Homecoming and Reunion Weekend of camaraderie, reminiscing, and forging new connections at our special Honor Guard Reception on September 27, in the newly renovated Gardiner Library and Learning Commons.

This exclusive gathering welcomes the Class of 1974 into the esteemed ranks of loyal Trinity-Pawling alumni who, for over 50 years, have kept the spirit of our beloved School alive.

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